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  1. Once upon a time there was a squirrel, hungry and lonely, running trough the abandoned woods of xat, looking for hope.. xat, a mysterious, doomsday-like planet, being haunted by frightening and furious animals and ugly creatures, the squirrely suddenly stops.. it saw something, showing courage, it starts fighting the wild animals.. staggered by its power, the animals run away and the squirrel is approaching to the thing it saw, it can hardly believe its eyes.. its.. DEEZ NUTS! seconds later.. dark clouds disappearing and a blue sky can be seen.. sunbeams and rainbows blooming the xat planet someone is coming close, its.. another squirrel! Together, they lived happily ever after.
  2. Thank you! This has been suggested by TinkerDoodle already, but its a good idea.
  3. That would be an nice addition. The more differences to away, the better. Once people stop replying on this topic (since more ideas may come), i'll update my first post and add the rest of ideas that have been gathered. I just thought red is more generic for "away", but yea sure yellow works too.
  4. Really good work Techy! Lets hope this gets implemented soon.
  5. I think, by default, it makes more sense to enable 'busy' on all chats ur on and if u want to be busy at one chat only, there could be a /busyhere function.
  6. That could work, perhaps like this: If you want to get "busy" and enable nopc and nopm at the same time (depends if you have the powers), you just type /busy+, instead of "busy", so it stays optional. Busy+ would simply be a "i don't want to be disturbed" function. Busy+ could have more thing: - Disable any sound (chat volume, sounds from kisses)
  7. Hello there, thought of a power called (busy), similarly to away. Main function and usage: - Indicate others that you're currently busy by doing /busy in chat, undo using /unbusy Compared to Away this wouldn't be automatic, also since away and busy would conflict then. Why busy? - Sometimes you're on the chat, but you're just not able to chat, doing something alongside, or you're able to chat, but you're kinda being "absent", meaning you're there but typing like once in 5min, because you're currently writing a new forum post for example ; ) - A lot of big chatting platforms allow you to set ur status as 'busy', besides 'away'. Examples: Steam, skype, discord Demo: Feel free to let me know what you think.
  8. The tought may be nice, to troll people and have some fun, but this literally begs to be abused or to cause confusion and it would be a really bad to idea to make this an actual power, regardless of indicators or event logs.
  9. @SlOom When it crashes, there is an option to report, which also sends systemprotocols, i've done that now. So the @Admin might get more info with that.
  10. @SlOom Yea probably, i have android 5.0.
  11. Yes, when you use android system for screenshots. It doesn't matter where you are on the xat app, as soon as you take the second screenshot, it says "xat stopped". I also tried this with other (non-xat) apps and they don't crash, thus its related to the xat app. Can you provide me a screenshot to see exactly the issue? As you can see the keyboard closes, after you've chosen a smiley of the box.
  12. New bugs: [CRASH!] -If you take a screenshot more than once while being on the xat app, the app will crash. In other words, if you take two screenshots it crashes (i've tested it like 5 times and it crashed every time) - After The "lock" icon, when you sent a private message, there needs to be a space to the text, same for welcome messages. (see screenshot) - If the keyboard is open and you use the Add Smilies to add smiley and you add a smiley, the keyboard closes, however the keyboard should stay open and just add the smiley to the message. - On the Private Message window, after it says "Send a private message:"($user), there should be a space before the ($user). (see screenshot) - Also on the Private Message window, if you open the keyboard, the box gets behind the keyboard, as a result you cannot see what you're typing properly. @SlOom Improvement: - On the Add Smilies box, it should be possible to change the pages by holding your finger on the screen and move the pages from left to right (More user friendly imo), the left-right icons could be kept - It should be possible to use the "Add Smilies" when private messaging, right now not possible as it only opens a pop-up window. (Perhaps adding the "Add smilies" icon on the private message box would do it) @Lemona
  13. i really appreciate this add-on, but i kinda cringe with i see this power, that you have to pay more xats to add a reason to your rapid.. (no offence though xd)
  14. As i (and @Mencee) already mentioned and explained, this isn't like fade or clear. Fade: Clear: Opacity:
  15. @Cupim alright then