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  1. 455 SILENTBAN

    I've set it to: But i could still silentmute Moderators as main owner. And i couldn't see the message about the mute, however i should be according to gcontrol.
  2. 455 SILENTBAN

    Yes, they're not working.
  3. Power suggestion Assign

    Definitely a good idea (not power though!). With this being added, we could also avoid this issue here. Adding to login page is one of the options, especially since assigned power are shown there anyway. Made a preview of how it could be: click image to enlarge
  4. You need a group chat and need 8 Blastde powers assigned to your GROUP. To assign a power (blastde), type (blastde) in chat and click at the blastde smiley. A popup will appear, then click "assign".
  5. Ideas and Discussions

    Don't see any reason to get monthly main back here, apart of it being an interesting event, which isn't really ideal for a testing chat. The way it is now is totally fine, and there isn't actually much drama.
  6. 455 SILENTBAN

    Ok, that's right. Totally didn't consider that mute is also meant to not let the muted user know about his ban in the first place. @SJBB Right now, silentban works with mute and just like mute, only difference, no one does see any message about the mute in chat. Still limited to 1h.
  7. 455 SILENTBAN

    Testing results: Mute is silent, no one is seeing a message about it in chat. Events works with silentban. Blast is silent when having silentban, so it works as it should. Rapid works with silentban. Banpool works with silentban. Conclusion: It works properly. @Admin Another suggestion It would also be good if there is a gcontrol option to set who can mute (e.g. mod+).
  8. 455 SILENTBAN

    This was taken from a user suggestion: https://forum.xat.com/topic/3559-silentb/ Something that could be added is the possibility to adapt the mute time by gcontrol, at some point.
  9. Thanks to @Dimplez's donation, prize now is 15000xats! Also, there will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner.
  10. Thanks to @Lemona's generous donation of 8k xats, the prize now is 12000xats!
  11. 454 NIGHTMARE

    @ider If you only want to change the color of the iris, you need this code: (sleepyeye#sleepyeye#rg#F8A875) first color is the color of the iris (rg=yellow), second color code is the exact color of the eyelid, which prevents it from getting yellow
  12. Connect The Smilies.

    Received prize.
  13. Forum Updates

    What are you talking about? The forum just got a major update recently. Calling powers "plain dumb" isn't helpful at all, instead you should tell us what you like and don't like specifically, so the smiley makers can improve.