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  1. What u mean is basically the wiki entry, which is linked at the power description. The banner shouldn't have too much information in my opinion, short and precise. Also they could just make a redirect to the wiki entry, if you click on the banner in mobile. If its not possible to display the same banner for techinical reasons, then they should just make something similar like the desktop version banner. Maybe also with the possibilty to get the countdown to the status window.
  2. Hi there, was wondering if we could get the banner from the desktop version, to the mobile app. Most suitable place would be the store page. Why? 1. Possibility to see the new power and its smilies 2. Being able to see the countdown from mobile 3. Equality (desktop/mobile users) Example: (Banner should be at the top, while the power list is below on all tabs)
  3. Great idea Lys, I totally support this!
  4. It should be an in-app feature though, so the forum would open within the app, not sure if hyperlink does that xd. But i suppose the admins would know more about the implementation.
  5. Totally agree, would be more handy.
  6. @Brandon sry to say it, but it just happened again. If that screengif helps, idk..
  7. Interesting interview, keep it up Jedi
  8. @Crow Nice sequel, though the first one was more saddening and scary xd
  9. Now look, thats one great idea. Since confirming new sounds can possibly be a lot of work, most trusted users should be allowed to confirm new sounds. wiki editors / contributor / volunteers / Perhaps also translators
  10. if i recall correctly, you could login or add facebook to your account a few years ago? I suppose it was removed, because it was barely used. But i think, considering that most people like things simple today, an one click registeration with google/twitter/facebook might be good. BUT its not really necessary.and i don't really understand how it prevents 'crime'.
  11. 1:30 to get into a new world @Meow meow
  12. I don't get it. You want to have a xat chat in facebook?
  13. Gratz what about a promotion forum lol
  14. ah, that sucks