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  1. Update! (Added new section for jinx suggestions.) General: 72 @Bau ; 73 me ; 74 @Actavus Powers - Functions: 37 @Xiggster ; 38 @ANGY & @Agustina ; 39 @Dann Powers - Smilies: 41 @Fiona ; 64 & 65 & 67 @ANGY ; 66 me Powers - Jinx: 1 @TinkerDoodle
  2. lol, i had this 10 years ago @6 idm about it
  3. Definitely a original idea. +1 I am just wondering if there should be any indication that the smiley is (masked), like a vibration of the first smiley maybe. Just to make sure its actually being noticed that there is an effect on the smiley, otherwise i am not sure if people would really click at the smilies. What do you think?
  4. danke (thanks xd) Got my prize, thanks again. Good luck to the rest.
  5. Yes, you're right about that. False trade is just about people making up prizes and selling/buying stuff, but don't do then so, or for example making up prizes to manipulate fair trade prices and then pretend they've sold it already and then hide the power.
  6. You misunderstood, i was referring to xattrade chat, since false trade is disallowed there. My concern is just that people could increase that behaviour with this option being there, but it might be not a big issue after all.
  7. Like for example, i am saying i sell purple, but i don't even have the power and claim its just disabled and hidden.
  8. The followers concept isn't a bad idea fundamentally and it certainly keeps people active and involved, see youtube and facebook. But i am afraid it would turn into another popularity contest, i am not sure if thats the road xat wants and should go, unless you make it so that you cannot see how many followers the user has.
  9. This'd rather bring up problems, than doing any good, e.g. people selling stuff they don't have, creating false trade, as angy mentioned. Though one could argue, this isn't a big issue with selling xats/days while show is enabled, i still think hiding powers could encourage this much more.
  10. Posted by Angelo; 23:37 - 1 Feb 2017 (UTC) Andre has been appointed as the manager of Chat. Vale has been appointed as the manager of Trade.
  11. Congrats Stif.
  12. Congrats mate, i am happy you've made it after all and i am sure you'll do great further.
  13. Promotion is the term that is used on xat to show that your chat is promoted. The "promo" in promotion means that your chat will appear on the homepage. This is a feature to help you gain regular users on your chat room. If your chat is nice, fun, has good staff, and abides by the Terms of Service, there is a good chance people will enjoy visiting your group.