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  1. Titles and vote system

    Don't see any issue with such title, as long as the volunteer left on good terms. It doesn't matter how long this user has been a vol. in my eyes. I also doubt how this would facilitate scam or phishing, it's not different than any other title, and if something like that would happen still, you could report it just like you would do for anything else.
  2. Embed Image/Gif on HTML5 chat

    I tried this and it works in html5 and it looks pretty neat. I'll put the idea forward to admins and include all the points you guys added about the restrictions and options for owners/users.
  3. Create SubForum For Suggestion!

    @Bau But even if you would add a sub-forum, it would have the same effect wouldn't it, as you still gotta look for the existance of the suggestions in the sub-forum? Also you can sort forums (and for example hide locked topics). Sort by -> Custom
  4. Create SubForum For Suggestion!

    Few tips to find suggestions that may be there already: - Visit the Suggestions forum and then use the search (so it only searches in "this forum"), search for keywords that are related to your idea, (e.g. gym=fitness, sport) - Check out the suggestions in xat's To-Do List and see if your idea may be there already (If you don't want to look trough all, open the hidden contents, then use ctrl+f to search for keywords of your suggestion) - Google your suggestion, e.g. xat forum [suggestion name/keywords] (thanks crow)
  5. New version of xat "HTML5"

    I could imagine having a second mobile app, calling it xat messenger for example and focusing on the things you mentioned and new users. It could have the smilies from xat. Maybe a simple profile you can set, like favorite chat, avatar, nickname, xat username and id (would be shown automatically after logging in). Furthermore a search to find users (search by nick, username or id), and upon clicking an user you would see the profile info and have the option to open a permanent chat with stored messages (like whatspp). But then again, there might be no time do work on this, considering the initial mobile app is not done yet, html5 is in active development and is gonna take long until it's finished. But i guess it's an idea after all, worth sharing.
  6. New version of xat "HTML5"

    Can you elaborate please? Do you expect the xat mobile app to become like a messanger? The main functionality of the xat mobile app is to offer users a possibility to join xat and allowing to communicate with your friends on xat without having to be on PC. And the html5 version is basically made for the desktop version, in order to replace flash, as flash is outdated and will not be supported anymore in a few years.
  7. New version of xat "HTML5"

    We don't know for sure yet. But it's possible it'll stay like that (alphabetic) as it's that way in mobile. What do you guys think is the better way (considering that a search might be added too)?
  8. keep losing my gold peg :(

    Ccleaner usually deletes cookies (unless you un-check that option), meaning it deletes all the login information from the websites and thus you become a guest. So in order to get your owner status of your chat again, you only need to re-login into the account you were logged in before. As for the issue with people not being able to join the chat room, try re-embedding the chat into your website.
  9. New version of xat "HTML5"

    I can understand some of your disappointment and critic, but let's really not forget it's still being worked on actively. To give you a few details: There are currently around 100 bugs in our list (they're getting fixed according to priority by the admins), including things such as bad quality of pawns and smilies in chat. There are also a bunch of CSS adjustments that need to be done still and plenty of powers that do not work at the moment (especially function powers, but also diverse smiley combinations), but also lot's of things that aren't there yet which we have in flash. Furthermore it is already planned to improve the user dialog (e.g. the buttons when you click on a user), the "edit" part which is just buggy and ugly right now, as well as things like a new all-smilies-list. Lastly, (and i already mentioned that once), we've put a bunch of suggestions forward which admins might add. As there is no need to make a secret of it, a few of the suggestions from the list: - Desktop notifications for pc/pm - Favorite groups - Better sound control (pc/main/kisses) - Social accounts linking - Organizable privat chats (drag and drop) - Ability to lock p.chat messages to one chat - Search for power list and more. I have the confidence that once the html5 chat is finalized, we will have something great. And until then, let's stay positive and patient. Let's also criticize, if necessary, but let's look it for it to be constructive - try to give more detailed info as to what you don't like in particular and how it could be done better, while also considering that the chat is being worked on.
  10. Yellow Smiley Filter Power

    New idea: Add daily smiley stories? Snapxat power? jk It's definitely a cool idea, and i'd use the filters. Few more ideas i got: - Rainbow -> Pukes rainbow from mouth - Devil -> Adds black eyes and spiky teeths - Makeup -> Adds red makeup on the cheeks
  11. 462 MARK

    (not a bug)
  12. New version of xat "HTML5"

    This is in development still and is far from finished. Don't expect too much yet. Altough we're aware of most (all) bugs, you may still report bugs to me or sloom, so we can check if we already have added that in the list which admins are working with actively.
  13. xat's Mobile Improvement To-Do List

    Can this be pinned? @muffins @Brandon
  14. Its time for a app

    The forum has a responsive theme, so it's already suited for most mobile browsers (opera/chrome/mozilla whatsoever).