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  1. too bad (size) is disabled on the xat_test bot Also can you tell me if you must combine easter smilies only, or can you combine like one easter simlie with for example #burningheart?
  2. ok, thanks for the response. Never mind then.
  3. @Junior @Cupim @Mihay is it like that? ^^
  4. Great picture! I've started watching naruto like 10 years ago, first on television, i remember crying because we went on summer vacation and i couldn't finish it lol. thought i'd never see it again (i was like 10). Later on, i discovered the internet and continued there, watching naruto shippuuden as well. Felt really sad when i realized its really over now. I am quite happy it continues with Boruto very soon. (5th april)
  5. savage Bye Anar. Good luck for your future.
  6. Don't reply and get 1000xats from me!
  7. This is happening even more lately, just me?
  8. hello, proposing an update for the (spin) power. Or even an new power, idm. The idea is to allow different types of rotations: spinYAW spinPITCH spinROLL. This would allow much more creativity. Just in case you don't what i am talking about: What do you think?
  9. where is this boi =)
  10. (dingdongditch) = "To ring a random person's doorbell and run. Hence "ding dong" ditch." (spiderfall) = fake spider falling from top onto a smiley (jumpingmask) = a smiley jumping out (with mask perhaps), scaring another smiley
  11. Becomes distorted, the smaller it gets (at least when you decrease the browser window size). On mobile, it takes the full size of the cover photo, so its not distorted. Its just hard to get a size that fits for every screen, if chelly has a small screen, she prob won't like the 1740x264 much i'd assume. Maybe trying to avoid stuff like anime characters and stuff might help.
  12. Here you go. ----------------------
  13. Happy birthday!!







    1. Chelly


      Thank you :$ 


      Tho my birthday is kind of over now (swt)

  14. What has inapp gifs to do now? Its not like u couldn't use them without gifs until now??