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  1. 14 minutes ago, Brandon said:

    I believe it was fixed.

    It signed me off some minutes ago but seems to be fixed now.

    Update: It "signs be off" whenever I click on Browse but I'm logged when I visit any other page.

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  2. 5 hours ago, Brandon said:

    As for images via URL, that has been disabled. You can either upload the image or you can post the link to the image.

    I guess it should be enabled again since lots of people use this feature.

  3. It would be good, to a certain extent. You also need to understand that some bugs are not meant to be posted here.

    It's not that hard to contact a volunteer or a forum moderator so I don't think that it's really necessary.

  4. It should be called Awards and not SubRanks. Also, it should not contain personal ranks as @Stahsaid. Having personal ranks would make it too egoistic and it would be all about having ranks in official chats, being a wiki editor and stuff.

  5. The xat volunteers will never get to you randomly and ask for your personal information, or for you to trade powers with them. That's what the users needs to comprehend.

    The xat administrators have a special indication (the xat staff thing) and there are still people who fall in the "i'm an admin, trade me your powers or i'll block your account" scam so I don't think it would be helpful at all, it would just bother the volunteers more than it already does.

  6. Yes! Let's get deep into this; what about adding a premium themes option? So artists could decide to either release their themes for free or for a certain amount of xats (reasonable values only), and xat would take a percentage of these xats for letting them release it.

  7. The trade offer system would be interesting if you were able to input the amount of xats or days that you're asking for the power, so it would put the xats or days automatically when the other user clicks on accept.

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