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  1. In addition to Angelo's reply, you may alternatively message @Marek privately and he will be able to help you in Polish. To do so, click on his name to be directed to his profile and click the “Message” button.

  2. I agree with Crow. If we were to divide this forum into subforums, the only idea that is actually justified would be to make use of "Implemented" or "Arquive" subforum. Other than that, this would only lead to confusion and increase the work for Moderators to ensure that each topic is in the appropriate subforum and move when necessary.


    I'm also not sure how this would create more space or encourage users to submit suggestions.

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  3. 23 minutes ago, MisteR said:


    Exemple: Login shows that I am MOD on chat TOPHITS. When I get in the chat, I'm not MOD anymore.


    Would not that matter?

    If you have a rank in a chat that you were well received, you made countless friendships, I'm sure, you will never forget!

    No, that would not matter because we are expecting for an intelligent system that would automatically exclude chats that you have been demoted from or that have been reset.

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  4. I agree that it's a pointless idea and a waste of time for the admins. To start off, we use a premade software for the forums, so if we were to have an actual app, it'd have to be provided by the software creator. It doesn't make sense for the admins to work into creating app to connect to a webpage that uses a software they didn't create themselves. So if you really want an app, then you can suggest it to the software developers at https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/499-feedback-and-ideas.

  5. This definitely should be implemented. "But bots do this." Well, I don't like the idea of relying completely on bots. Furthermore, there are instances of chats that do not have a bot assigned, and there are various bot providers, meaning that you would have to visit various lists and still not get accurate information.

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  6. 22 minutes ago, xAndyx said:

    It was forgotten I think, even if you pass the link you will have to force a reset to that person. That is our idea about this idea. same I think that with to pass the link the main would have less utility would be an owner more in the

    With Manage power you can backup your chat ranks. remove the unwanted main owner from your backup file, reset the chat and immediately import your backup file that will restore all ranks, except the unwanted main owner's. Thus, resetting should not be as inconvenient as you are implying.

  7. 1 hour ago, Leandro said:

    If i'm not mistaken, you can already do that with the power Manage.

    You're right. And I don't see the need for a brand new power that provides the same function an existing one does.


    What would be a good idea, though, is making the existing Manage post more user-friendly, which is unlikely — at least for now, until Mobile and HTML5 aren't completed.

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  8. 35 minutes ago, Mohammed said:

    Hey @Laming

    I can use trade for this application?? 

    I can use Edit chat from the application?? 

    Does Hua work normally and does not sign out of chat while using Facebook or other apps?

    Can I open more chat rooms than I do in browsers ??

    Is there a description of this application?

    Does Flash Player support?

    Does this app have an xat application in it?

    This app provides an easy way to access useful tools for xat users e.g. to get a username from a id, chat information or power prices. It's not another way to access xat from mobile.

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  9. @iJuanR take this as a way to measure the staff members' activity and give a chance to new people to show their potential. I don't see it as mass demotions or a way to put the existing staff down, after all, if they're actually active and good helpers, they'll easily re-earn their ranks. I know that Sydno is a reasonable person and will take previous ranks/involvement with the chat and its activities into account when deciding ranks. He's also open to feedback as you can see by reading this topic, so you may shoot him a message to discuss any questions, suggestions or concerns that you may have regarding the chat.


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  10. 1 hour ago, Cupim said:


    Maybe it can work as a group power, similar to how bad power works.

    That is, the main owners can add the words that they don't wish to see.


    All the words added to the Namefilter power option get each of their letters changed to Q


    But what if I add names or common/popular words in order to trigger users? (wary)

  11. Como o Stifler sugeriu, logue em ambas as contas e verifique se os xats se encontram em uma delas. Se você conseguir encontrar os xats em uma das contas, nenhuma ação adicional será necessária. No entanto, se os xats não estiverem em nenhuma delas, você terá que abrir um ticket no departamento de ajuda "Report Scam" e solicitar uma análise referente ao desaparecimento dos xats.



    • O Departamento de Ajuda (Help Topic) a ser selecionado é Report Scam.
    • O campo Assunto (Subject) precisa ser preenchido com pelo menos 5 (cinco) palavras.
    • O campo Mensagem (Message) deve fornecer uma descrição detalhada do seu problema, incluindo os nomes de usuários e/ou ID das duas contas, data da transferência, etc.
  12. 1 minute ago, Mohammed said:

    And browser It also does not work

    You can try to find any mobile browsers that support Flash. But also be careful with Puffin as it is banned from xat, and any others that modify your location to display as their servers' as those may cause a transfer hold to be placed into your account.

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