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  1. 4 minutes ago, Crow said:

    I never knew this title existed until 5 minutes ago!

    Exactly! I don't see why they keep making it a big deal at all. 


    3 minutes ago, TinkerDoodle said:

    No offense but I would like a definition of the title from an official, like a mod or a volunteer, nota contributor. 

    That's the official definition of the Volunteer Emeriti title. But you can wait for a Moderator or a Volunteer to reply to this topic if you wish.

  2. The Volunteer Emeriti is for ex-volunteers who left in good terms with xat.


    Not all previous volunteers will be added, it's meant for people who helped for a reasonable amount of time and again, left in good terms with xat.


    It's dealt on a case-by-case basis. There might be other factors on why people are or are not added.


    This is not confusing at all, no member of the Volunteer Emeriti group is active at the moment, so, I don't see how it would confuse people.


    I'm sorry that you feel pissed because your friend isn't on the group but I don't think that bringing this over and over will change anything.

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Christina said:

    The bots use my fairtrade still...I am almost positive.


    Negative. I can't say for other bot providers but FEXBots is using Trade's fairtrade.


    29 minutes ago, Communism said:

    Ok, I'm curious: how is the fairtrade price actually determined? Is it based on some hidden record of power transactions that xat maintains, or is it just determined by what a few people speculate the value to be? If it's the latter, It's really no surprise that there are a few issues.


    Also, while there is a somewhat complicated relationship between the two, the prices that users pay for a power should determine its fairtrade value, not the other way around.


    It's updated by a group of selected users. And yes, the price that users pay for a power determines the fairtrade value.

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  4. Trade's fair trading guide is being updated frequently. I'm pretty sure that the people who update it put a lot of effort into this.


    You may feel like it's not being updated frequently but it's a bit more complicated than you think it is. There are a lot of users trying to false up powers and most of users takes the fair trading guide as the most reliable source for power prices... so the people who update it need to be careful and it's not that easy.


    It would be a bit complicated to enforce it more. Mods already have to deal with user's questions, complaints and reports, have to watch main chat, kick and ban users and make sure that the chat is being run smoothly. We cannot require mods to know all prices for all powers... but yeah, I think it would be good if we could stop users who are clearly abusing prices.


    6 minutes ago, CLassified3 said:

    I do agree with that, but I think that users are getting to greedy on trade chat ..... 

    Everybody wants to make profit... Winner is currently "limited" because it can't be purchased from xat's store at the moment due to the quiz being broken so they'll obviously try to put the price up because there's a high demand.


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  5. Forum mods were removed from the volunteers page because this forum has its own staff list built-in.


    Wiki Editors used to be listed on the volunteers page before too, but they decided to move to their own staff list too.


    I don't think its unfair or anything, there's just no need to have them listed there when we have a staff list here, it would just be one more page that would require constant updating.


    But yeah, many of them spend a lot of time helping xat but I feel like they're being well acknowledged and having them all on this volunteers page would just confuse users.




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  6. This unfortunately cannot be made a rule. First because we cannot just force chat managers to do that. And then there's those people who keep spamming official chats staff with bots. If you need a kick, you can just ask someone else to go into the chat and ask for you to be kicked.

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  7. First of all, this is not the place to discuss bans or the lack or bans. You're supposed to use the message button to contact the chat manager instead of posting here.


    Your report makes just no sense. There's nothing wrong with posting the gay word in a xat. It's not inappropriate or obscene in any way.


    Also, there's a big difference between the gay word and the n word. Yes, you would get a day-long (or higher) ban for posting the n word in most official chats because that's a racist slur and racist behavior is not tolerated at all.

  8. Well, adding all xat smilies here doesn't sound convenient either. The most used / default ones are added. I don't think more should be added.

    Also, most of smilies suggested (xd, shifty, asif) are cool because they're moving smilies so they wouldn't look that cool since they wouldn't move here.

  9. Complete a verificação conforme solicitado para entrar no chat.

    Caso você continue recebendo isso mesmo depois de completar a verificação, siga os passos abaixo.


    Você já tentou reiniciar o seu modem? Isso pode ajudar. Limpar os cookies do seu navegador talvez ajude também.

    Caso nenhuma das duas alternativas funcione, você pode tentar utilizar outro navegador. Eu recomendo o Opera.


    Você não precisa se preocupar em relação aos seus powers, eles estarão na sua conta quando você voltar.


    8 minutes ago, luis158 said:

    bom já tentei de tudo e  ainda continua desisto mas obg pela ajuda !


    Então você provavelmente possui um endereço IP dinâmico ou está utilizando uma VPN.


    Se você possui um endereço IP dinâmico, sugiro que contate o seu provedor de internet e solicite um IP estático, e caso você esteja utilizando uma VPN, basta desativar o software e você poderá voltar a utilizar o xat.

  10. O seu banner não deve ter sido analisado ainda, ou então foi rejeitado. Se este foi o caso, você pode solicitar outra aprovação (outros 50 xats serão debitados da sua conta).


    Certifique-se de que seu banner é apropriado para a divulgação antes de enviar, você pode conferir as regras para divulgação de banner aqui: http://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Advertise/pt-br


    1 minute ago, IlustreConvidado said:

    o banner nao continha nada que fosse sugeito a reprovação daí eu estranhar a demora


    Sugiro que continue aguardando então. Talvez haja um pequeno delay nas aprovações de banner.

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  11. 11 minutes ago, khaledaldoosare said:

    I can not Send xat days nor even Power

    What does it say when you try?


    If it says System Problem (25/55), you need to create a ticket under the Account block help topic. You do not need to be a paid user for that specific department. Please note that the Subject field must contain at least five words or more.


    If it says your account is held for 7 (or less) days, then change your account password and wait it the hold out.


    In case it says Reserve limit exceeded it means your account is reserved. You can create a ticket under the Payment problems help topic and ask for it to be reduced (it will only be reduced if it's a big amount)  or ask for the amount of xats the reserve reduces by each day.

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  12. Please translate your topic to English. You can use this website if you don't speak English: http://translate.google.com


    Also, we used to have a section for posting tutorials in the old forum, which wasn't added to this one on purpose. If you'd like to post tutorials, feel free to post them on the General Discussion section.


    I don't think your idea will be implemented. Thanks for suggesting though!

  13. Please edit your post and remove the email address.


    You can just reply to your open ticket asking for them to close it, or ask for your domain to be unblocked then it'll be moved to the appropriate department.


    Please remember that Domain Unblock is for paid users' only.

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