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  1. 28 minutes ago, TinkerDoodle said:

    Maybe something like when did you first join xat? What was your first xat power? When did you first buy xats? Personal questions like that. 

    Most people share their join date with others, and it's also easy to ask someone when they first purchased xats.


    I kind of changed my mind on this security questions thing because lots of people would be tricked into answering their security questions by strangers. Yeah, I know that it'd be their own fault if they're sharing their private information but I don't see xat adding a feature like that.


    Back to the alternate e-mail thing, this wouldn't change much to be honest, Stah and Sydno made really good points above.


    The mobile thing would require constant updating on the user's side (people change phone numbers frequently where I live, I don't know about other countries) and we know they are lazy... It's not a bad idea at all though. 


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  2. So, you're basically suggesting all kaoani powers into one? This power wouldn't bring anything new to xat, nothing other than random kaoani type smilies. Also, there's a smiley called (cute) so they'd have to change the smiley name or the power name and I don't think they'd change the smiley name for this.


  3. A Smiley Maker is aware of the missing flags, and specially, the ones listed in this topic. I'll remind them and hope they add the new flags.

    Sidenote: The Yemen flag (flag#wye) is basically the Egypt flag without a crown on the middle. 


    1 hour ago, Zed; said:

    Nice idea Think it will be great if we add World Countries  

    We don't have users from every single country so it'd be pointless and a waste of time. We have flags for most countries currently and If there's any flag missing, a user (from the specific country) can request it to be made here.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Biondi said:

    It's in Italian language let me to translate what him has write here

    Hello: i can't enter to make login with the code to make  authentication i have this error http://prntscr.com/aw8tkd so please someone can help me to remove the tickle ?



    I speak with him i tell to change the clock on computer but the clock it's ok,and him has the last code when has make login with google authentication 

    I've already provided him with instructions on how to Sync the application time with Google servers and on how to create a ticket if necessary. Thanks though!

  5. Si prega di seguire i passi di seguito:


    1. Vai nel menù principale nell'applicazione Google Authenticator
    2. Clicca su Impostazioni o Settings
    3. Clicca su Correzione ora per i codici o Time correction for codes
    4. Clicca su Sincronizza ora o Sync now

    Alla prossima schermata, ti verrà confermato se l'ora è stata sincronizzata, ed ora dovresti essere in grado di usare il codice di verifica per loggarti. La sincronizzazione influenzerà solo l'orario del tuo Google Authenticator, non l'orario del tuo dispositivo.


    Se questo non funziona, quindi si prega di cancellare i cookie del browser e inviare un ticket. Help topic dovrebbe essere Lost auth. Campo Subject deve contenere 5 o più parole e sia il Subject e il Message deve essere in inglese.

  6. 5 hours ago, Brandon said:

    Nice idea, but I think the main goal here is to make the macro feature more consistent. It should have just worked like this from the start.

    Well, yeah. When I first discovered macros, I tested it a lot for fun and it surprised me when I figured out that it wouldn't work for kick and ban reasons.


    But I still don't like the idea of having it for the same reasons that Elie and Steven pointed in their posts.

  7. Meh, no.


    If it was to be made, the kicking / banning user should be able to pick a preset reason from a drop-down menu (the main owner would be able to manage it). The point of this suggestion is to make it more user-friendly and having it as a macro (would require each staff to set it) would make it pointless.


    It should also be a feature, not a power. And I would rather not having it to be honest.


    Agreed with Elie and Steven's posts.



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  8. 4 hours ago, Mihai said:

    Aww @Lemona ?? great think , great idea . Really i Love It . Because some time ago i know an person , sufred a Lot of harass . And That person was very afraid And very scared to report They . But Now everything is ok . So i support It . 

    They message a volunteer here on forum. There's nothing to be afraid or scared of. If they'd be willing to create a ticket, they should also be willing to message them here.

  9. I'm not sure if it'll work but I guess it's worth a try. 


    Click on the plus sign then click on Bosnia-Hergegovine and select United States of America on the dropdown menu. The PaySafe Card option will appear.


    Click on the Paysafe Card icon and try to redeem the code. Please make sure that your PaySafe Card is equivalent to the package of xats you're buying in Dollars, otherwise it'll not work as Marya said.

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  10. Yes, there are sections dedicated for Portuguese and Spanish support.


    Why? - There was a high demand of users speakers of those languages requesting assistance here, so dedicated sections were implemented.


    Yeah, 4 users (the 5th one isn't Romanian) asked Mihay for help through his profile. First of all, they should've created a topic under General Support instead of posting in his profile as 6 said, but it's fine.


    I agree that a section for Romanian support would be good but, is it really necessary, will it really be used? I'm sure that we have good helpers active, but I feel like we should wait a bit more before adding a section dedicated for Romanian.

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  11. Olá! Ocorreu uma violação de dados algum tempo atrás, você pode mais sobre isso aqui.

    Enfim, as senhas de todos os usuários do xat.com foram redefinidas por razões de segurança, por isso você recebeu o erro de senha errada.


    Como o xat.com não está reconhecendo o e-mail que você tentou utilizar para redefinir a senha de sua conta, você deve enviar um ticket de uma nova conta.


    Para gerar uma nova id você deve clicar com o botão direito em um chat, clicar em configurações, clicar no ícone de pasta e clicar em negar. Atualizar a página, clicar com o botão direito na parte da tela onde o chat deveria estar, clicar em configurações, clicar no ícone de pasta e clicar em permitir. Feito isso, clique no seu peão no topo da lista de usuários, clique em registrar e prossiga com o processo de registro. Por favor utilize um e-mail diferente do seu anterior.


    Depois de terminar o processo de registro e confirmar o registro via e-mail, faça login na sua conta e vá em xat.com/ticket, clique em open new ticket, selecione o Help topic Lost access. Digite um Subject de cinco palavras ou mais. Por favor note que os campos Subject e Message devem ambos estar em Inglês. Você pode utilizar o Tradutor do Google se você não possui conhecimento sobre a língua Inglesa.


    Este processo pode levar algum tempo, então por favor, seja paciente!

  12. 13 hours ago, Marya11211 said:

    Very interesting !!  And why   :  To avoid many scam . 


    How : Just check if they have this powers what they  are selling . (may in your mind say :  , how ?   if   in trade  he put the power ? Easy .. in trade app  you see the power but in his id they dont have this power  ) . 


    • I had many case with :   


    • ''   System problem (29): Other user is likely using third-party programs to edit the trade  ''  .    

    Because you see in trade the power. (but really is NOT ) 
    Everything seems so real as if he really is the power.
    But in his id he does not.
    How is possible ?
    I have no idea ...
    This of course! that automatically jumps the warning Error 29.
    But not everyone knows what this means ..
    And accept .. ..   Then they lost everything ..

    If we have this application to search his powers if they exist or not  , automatically, we observe whether or not the power that is selling .    

    I agree . Nice idea . One application more is ok ..  



    Yes support it . Really is good . 





    If a user is able to put a power they don't have on the trade application (people usually do it by mistake, e.g forget they sold the power), it's because they have traded the power on another chat window and haven't refreshed yet. That's not really a scam method since i'd stop the trading by showing up an error message. Even if it was implemented, users would still be able to put powers they don't have if they traded them on another chat and haven't refreshed yet; if they're able to put a power, it means that the power is also displayed on their powers list so it wouldn't prevent nor reduce scam attempts in any way.

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  13. 33 minutes ago, 6 said:

    On the other side i'd like to have this feature where as a main owner i could choose or set in g-control to which temp owners or owners only could make temps.


    The only extra abilities that temporary owners get is being able to make temporary moderators and demote, kick or ban moderators. In my opinion, it would ruin the temporary owner purpose, and the owner purpose as well. If you don't want them to be able to make temporary moderators then simply don't make them owner. 


    However, bot companies have already provided us with it. You can give specific abilities to specific users by adding them to the access list (for most bot companies), or giving them moderation level (for ARCBots) so why would admins add an option that would basically ruin the ranks purpose and is already provided by bot companies?

  14. It'd be an interesting feature and I would surely be excited to see how creative audies would be. However, we all know that people would abuse it in too many ways... it wouldn't be that popular and almost everyone has noaudies power enabled so it'd be pointless / a waste of xats unless it bypassed noaudies, which would make most users angry. This is not a bad idea at all but I don't see it working.

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  15. 1 hour ago, SlOom said:

    Before you could unassign from the powers list, but since they updated and they went to PNG images, it became impossible and so it created an issue. if you're banned from the chat and you have assigned powers, you can't unassign it.


    The solution is to be able AGAIN to unassign via powers list, or just via login page like @Sydno said.


    Being able to un-assign powers through the powers list wouldn't fix it. You cannot access your powers list while you're game-banned. The issue @Flake mentioned on this topic only happens when you're game-banned. If you get a regular ban, you can just private-chat anyone from your friends list and un-assign the power through private chat while you're on the chat.



  16. Make sure that you're entering the correct e-mail address/username or password.


    Do you know the e-mail address that is associated to your xat account? If so, then try using your e-mail to login instead of your username.


    If that doesn't work, then try resetting your account password here.


    Please create a new topic if you're still unable to login after trying all the steps above.

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  17. 25 minutes ago, Christina said:

    Is this directed at me? Because we are good friends?  

    Sorry if you felt offended or anything. I have only mentioned you because Tinker has also created a topic that was entirely about you, I'm not going to get in details because I don't want to lead to more drama. You can message me or ask him privately about the topic's content.


    You as a former Volunteer might understand that it's not nice to be pointing users out on here where everybody can see (like he did). You may not have been able to see the topic because it was removed.



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  18. 4 minutes ago, Crow said:

    I never knew this title existed until 5 minutes ago!

    Exactly! I don't see why they keep making it a big deal at all. 


    3 minutes ago, TinkerDoodle said:

    No offense but I would like a definition of the title from an official, like a mod or a volunteer, nota contributor. 

    That's the official definition of the Volunteer Emeriti title. But you can wait for a Moderator or a Volunteer to reply to this topic if you wish.

  19. The Volunteer Emeriti is for ex-volunteers who left in good terms with xat.


    Not all previous volunteers will be added, it's meant for people who helped for a reasonable amount of time and again, left in good terms with xat.


    It's dealt on a case-by-case basis. There might be other factors on why people are or are not added.


    This is not confusing at all, no member of the Volunteer Emeriti group is active at the moment, so, I don't see how it would confuse people.


    I'm sorry that you feel pissed because your friend isn't on the group but I don't think that bringing this over and over will change anything.

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