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  1. Olá,


    Este canal é para dúvidas sobre o xat.com. Como o xatRadio é um site de terceiros, ou seja, não faz parte do xat.com, não podemos te auxiliar com relação a isso.


    No entanto, acho importante mencionar que provavelmente não há como assegurar que não players não serão copiados, visto que é praticamente impossível identificar quem é o criador original de cada código, portanto eles podem simplesmente optar por não remover os players. De qualquer forma, eu não represento o xatRadio, então você terá que aguardar até que o suporte responda a sua solicitação para uma resposta "oficial".

  2. 1 hour ago, Davidss1001 said:

    I think it'd be nice if there were more stickers to include male+male couples and female+female couples. Otherwise I like the stickers a lot; they're so cute!

    As well as different skin colors, ex. brown.

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  3. 9 hours ago, Maxo said:

    in an official chat there is no unban just a very little bit in a few cases, because the ban is limited by time depending the reason why that banned was made, then after the time finished a user can return to the chatroom, i'm not sure if this option can be added, i don't know

    How is this relevant? Most chats are not official.


    3 hours ago, LaFleur said:

    Is this a suggestion for bot providers?


    Or are you saying that when you click "unban", a separate window should show up where the mod/owner must add an unban reason before being able to unban?

    Both things.

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  4. Usually chats are not deleted for bad language as long as they are not promoted and the group is not extremely inappropriate. "Their chat, their rules." If you don't feel comfortable, try chatting elsewhere. From what I can see, it's safe to say that it's not worth a deletion.


    The Forum is not intended for handling reports, so I ask that you click the "Inappropriate" button in the respective chat for any future reports. Also, whenever you report something with evidence in a language that is not English, make sure to include the translation of the messages within the evidence and explain the context, simply sending an image and asking for an action to be done will not get you anywhere.


    @Marya "gay" is not a bad word at all.

  5. I've suggested this long ago and I truly hope @Admin reads this topic and implement this into the site.


    46 minutes ago, Crow said:

    The wiki page has expanded definitions to not only describe each error in more detail but to provide solutions to each error too.  This includes which ticket department to use.  Would there be enough room for that here? 


    Perhaps a link to the wiki article would be satisfactory enough - although this would be less helpful on mobile. 

    Do you really find it convenient to have to go to an external page (i.e. the Errors page) whenever you get an error message on xat? I personally don't, and I can assure you that most users would agree with me on this one.


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  6. 1 hour ago, Laming said:

    https://cubeupload.com (which is now required account) -- WIKI EDITORS NEED TO UPDATE THE XATWIKI "IMAGES"

    The Images article has been updated. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! The newest revision will go live for the translated versions of the page as soon as it's marked for translation. For any future requests, please use the edit request form or contact us privately, if you would prefer. Wiki editors do not read every single topic, meaning that there is a high chance that your request will be ignored if your post it in random topics.

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