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  1. Don't think so, @ANGY. Thanks @Techy!
  2. This suggestion is specifically about adding those powers to the user interface. If you would like to suggest the ability to temporarily rank users for more than 24 hours, feel free to post a new topic.
  3. I'm suggesting for Tempmem, Tempmod and Tempown powers to be added to the user interface. Example: If you have the Tempmod power, you'll be able to make a user a temporary moderator by clicking on their name/pawn, clicking the Make Moderator button, entering the amount of time in hours that you would like to promote them for and clicking the Make Moderator button, instead of typing /mHours in a private chat.
  4. Good idea. But can we have an option to make it shuffle every time you refresh the chat rather than every x minutes?
  5. Arthur


    Arthur (82756724)
  6. Update the “Make Member/Moderator/Owner” options to bring you to a dialog where you will be able to choose the amount of time in hours that you are promoting the user for. Note: If you enter “0”, any number above “24” or simply leave it blank, it will be considered as a regular promotion.
  7. There could be an option to import/export your user data (name, picture, “profiles”, friends list etc.). It can be really annoying to have to go through all that whenever you want to switch accounts!
  8. Arthur


    Arthur (82756724)
  9. Arthur

    Everypower Hats

    Erh for blank pawn (where "h" can be anything). Erh and Ekh for weird combinations (where "h" can be anything).
  10. If you disable Everypower while using one of its hat codes, your pawn goes blank. Credit to @Odin for testing with me.
  11. Feliz Aniversário! 😘❤

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      Obrigado! <3 :$:$

  12. Happy Birthday! 😘❤

    1. Daniel
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      Happy Birthday, Staaaa (hug)

  13. How about displaying it as a popup when you open the transfer engine/trade application?
  14. This is not true at all. When Pomoc was created, Mia was really active and dedicated to the chat. She would often stay online for 12 hours a day — at Pomoc and other chats, such as Chat (during Daniela's management). Again, if there are no dedicated helpers for those languages, that's only because there's no one interested. We really can't force people into helping. If we did restore Pomoc, it would become dead again and as I've pointed out before, if you have a small chance of receiving help at Assistance, you'd have none there. Anyway, who should become the manager o
  15. Your suggestion was implemented years ago and turned out to become a failure after generating no activity or “results”. The chat existed for years, yet it was completely dead and not moderated at all. Redirecting it to Assistance makes a lot of sense if you consider that Pomoc had zero activity (meaning no users and consequently, no helpers). Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian-speaking users now have a chance with foreigners who are willing to use a translator at Assistance; they had no one before. You are right about Assistance not having dedicated helpers for those languages,
  16. Acesse https://xat.me/xat?name=NomeDeUsuário onde "NomeDeUsuário" deve ser substituído pelo seu nome de usuário registrado no xat. No meu caso, o endereço seria: https://xat.me/xat?name=Arthur.
  17. Happy Birthday! x

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      Arthur thank youuuuu (hug)

  18. Para isso, você precisa de um pedido de suporte na seção "Location Update". Se você não for capaz de abrir um novo pedido de suporte nesta seção, informe no pedido de suporte que você já possui e o voluntário irá abrir um para você.
  19. Suporte em Português não é o local apropriado para relatar bugs. Por favor, utilize o Bug Tracker (Rastreador de Bugs). Observação: Ao adicionar um novo bug, certifique-se de que a sua mensagem está em inglês.
  20. The administrators are asked to fix things, but being asked doesn't mean that they'll actually fix things — as you could tell by viewing the Suggestions section and the Bug Tracker. Ultimately, they have the final say and will perform tasks based on their own priority queue and on their time.
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