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  1. This is a joke! Nobody should feel umconfortable for being dunced. What's next? Options to invalidate the use of Badge, Yellowcard, Redcard, etc.? If you don't feel comfortable in a chat, then let its owner know. If they don't attend your request, go chat elsewhere. It's as simple. Finally, reporting to xat should not do anything, as this is somehow protected by the "your chat, your rules" logic.
  2. Sounds fair to me. You shouldn't have pay and wait for it to be approved again if it's already been approved in the past. I'd love to see this being implemented.
  3. When you click the name of a friend that is not in the chat you are currently at from your friends list it says they are online in the chat.
  4. Message one of the Volunteers and provide them the following information: Username and ID number of the account Email address associated with the account Reason for opening a ticket Whether or not you have access to the email address associated with the account They will open up a ticket for you as soon as they get to your message. Please be patient and they'll attend your request in a timely manner! As soon as you have a ticket opened, you'll be emailed. Click the link in the email and answer the questions that you'll receive. Whenever you receive a response, click the link in the email that you'll receive. Do not reply to the email. You can keep track of the various statuses of ticket departments here.
  5. I'm personally excited as for what a Contributor-run chat may bring to the community. The xat staff has always stated that they'd like for us to become representative of the community, and now we've just got a chance to interact with them on a daily basis. This will also be a good opportunity for future applicants to get in touch with us, so we know more about the people interesteed in becoming a Contributor. I'll personally do my part and attend the chat to the best of my activity, and I suppose that the members of the community that would like to be heard should do so too. I agree that the forum is great and everything, but we've also got support sections in the forum, yet support chats haven't been discontinued. This doesn't seem to be very different to me. The same way as you'd get a faster response for your question at Help chat, you'd get a faster response for your suggestion at Feedback. For example, a user has recently posted a suggestion that contains copyrighted content, then he came to me and I explained why it wasn't likely to become a power. He wouldn't have wasted time typing such a long topic that he'd end up hiding later if he had spoken to me first. For those who have been criticizing us for the past several months, take this as a chance to join us and help us improve.
  6. Arthur

    Block Kiss Power

    The solution I proposed works fine for me. Make sure that you have set it up correctly and your browser is up-to-date. I personally find it ridiculous for users to pay to do something that can be done with a few clicks and for free, and even more to force users into buying it in order to keep EveryPower.
  7. Arthur

    Block Kiss Power

    Or you can Adblock xatech.com/images/ks/Shark.swf and save those 300-400 xats.
  8. In addition to your reply, I'd like to add that it's rather ingenous to think that Smiley Makers have a period of time to create a new power that they must comply with. It does not work that way as far I know. Plus you should know that there is a number of finished powers that have not yet been released, so even if this was a requirement, they could simply send up one or another and have another week to work on something else.
  9. The Contributor topic referred to in HelperNate's reply is different from our regular discussions. That type of topic is usually only personal feedback, meaning that we do not usually post a conclusion. So I'd like to clarify that it's not delayed, nor neglected by Contributors. Why? Because our hands are tied. Contributors and Volunteers may post suggestions and feedback, but it's ultimately up to the administrators to decide what to do with the suggestions and feedback they receive. Votes and conclusions are usually added to topics where we believe it's what the administrators are seeking for. On topic, I do think that we could benefit from new Smiley Makers, but the quality of their work needs to be reviewed carefully, as well as their history with xat (which takes time.)
  10. Arthur

    Quote Function

    I remember the old days at xat_test when there were so many people around and talking to each other in main chat simultaneously, so they'd @ each other so everybody would know who the message was directed to. The same thing always happened to me and my friends on WhatsApp groups and the "reply" option resolved this problem. You do have a point, though, and I would personally don't like the way he represented the idea - I'd personally want this to be implemented similarly to WhatsApp for Mobile and Web, rather than a "quote" icon next to each message (which causes visual polution to the chat interface, in my opinion).
  11. Arthur

    Wallet Power

    I can see where this came from, however I don't think it's a good idea. We already have Show that provides the opposite functionality, making this counter-power. I understand why someone would want to pay to hide the amount of xats/days that they have for privacy reasons - to avoid major begging or show-off in order to prove a point, e.g. I have the xats for the ID I'm buying, however I can't think of a scenario where you'd want to pay to see someone else's xats/days. That sounds creepy.
  12. I personally don't think Social is being managed adequately. I don't think it should lose its official status, though. I'm all for transferring ownership to a new user and reviving it again. One would say its glory times are gone, its legacy has been destroyed or Chat covers its purpose (which I don't agree with — I believe an English lobby is necessary), but I'd still give it another chance because of users like you, who actually care about the chat and would like to see it back to life again.
  13. Arthur

    missing xaty

    In addition to Angelo's reply, you may alternatively message @Marek privately and he will be able to help you in Polish. To do so, click on his name to be directed to his profile and click the “Message” button.
  14. I agree with Crow. If we were to divide this forum into subforums, the only idea that is actually justified would be to make use of "Implemented" or "Arquive" subforum. Other than that, this would only lead to confusion and increase the work for Moderators to ensure that each topic is in the appropriate subforum and move when necessary. I'm also not sure how this would create more space or encourage users to submit suggestions.
  15. Neste caso, você deve se tornar um usuário pago (comprando xats e dias através da página de compra). Uma vez feito isso, você será capaz de solicitar uma transferência de seu nome curto para outra conta.
  16. Happy Birthday!

  17. Become a paid user, i.e. purchase xats from the buy page, then you'll be able to submit a ticket on this matter.
  18. You can have it as long as you are a paid user and @Jean is not active. To submit a request, open up a ticket under “A General Question or Concern.”
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