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  1. I've received the price. Thank you, Bau! Happy Easter everyone! 🐰
  2. Carnaval!

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    2. Thuk


      Chama as amiguinhas 

    3. Stif


      e vc tuco, vai pular carnaval tb?

    4. Thuk


      Onde ta passando eu to pulando

  3. All status updates https://forum.xat.com/discover/50/ Your status updates https://forum.xat.com/discover/92/ Activity > My Activity Streams > Create New Stream
  4. Happy Birthday

  5. Arthur

    paid user

    You must have (log into) the account. If the account has been deleted, you are longer be considered a paid user. To be considered a paid user, you must purchase any xats package from the https://xat.com/buy page.
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Olá, Clique aqui para solicitar a abertura de um ticket. Assegure-se de selecionar a opção "Locked Out" e preencher os dados da conta de forma consistente.
  8. Arthur

    delete chat

    Usually chats are not deleted for bad language as long as they are not promoted and the group is not extremely inappropriate. "Their chat, their rules." If you don't feel comfortable, try chatting elsewhere. From what I can see, it's safe to say that it's not worth a deletion. The Forum is not intended for handling reports, so I ask that you click the "Inappropriate" button in the respective chat for any future reports. Also, whenever you report something with evidence in a language that is not English, make sure to include the translation of the messages within the evidence and explain the context, simply sending an image and asking for an action to be done will not get you anywhere. @Marya "gay" is not a bad word at all.
  9. Merry Christmas!

    1. Shizuo


      Merry Christmas ! (sman)

    2. Maxo


      merry christmas arthur  

  10. E se você pedir pra mim parar, não vou parar. :)

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    2. Matheus
    3. Bau


      @Junior - 

      I can help you, translate everything that Arthur wrote to Matheus. . .


      Arthur - I love you Matheus, I love you very much.

      Matheus - I love you very much.


      xD :D  

    4. Stif


      Não para, não para, não para não...

  11. Feliz aniversário, meu amor. 💖

  12. Happy Birthday! 😗😍

  13. Wait for a response on the ticket. Posting here won't speed up the process.
  14. Users have been complaining about this in help chats. I wouldn't classify its priority as "normal" since users find it very inconvenient that they can't browse chats in a specific language.
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