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  1. Arthur

    Ticket Help Topic

    They should create a new help topic or make the "A General Question or Concern" open for everyone. Both things shouldn't take more than a few minutes and would certainly provide everyone a better experience when opening a ticket (there is a number of things that require you to open a ticket, and it's nothing user-friendly to have to go to a help chat or the forum to be instructed to use an "alternate" help topic.) I personally find it unacceptable to provide users a report channel that is often "ignored" or "unseen". I think Volunteers and Contributors should work into a solution for this, since users will become very upset when they figure out that they're being ignored on purpose. If xat isn't willing to read these reports, then perhaps the best thing to do is to remove the button and have users stick to tickets only. I don't think it's a good idea at all. This may give users the impression that it's always an option, and overwhelm you guys with messages and even distract you from tickets (which is the priority, I believe).
  2. Arthur

    2 Mails

    Maybe you sent two requests?
  3. Olá, Este canal é para dúvidas sobre o xat.com. Como o xatRadio é um site de terceiros, ou seja, não faz parte do xat.com, não podemos te auxiliar com relação a isso. No entanto, acho importante mencionar que provavelmente não há como assegurar que não players não serão copiados, visto que é praticamente impossível identificar quem é o criador original de cada código, portanto eles podem simplesmente optar por não remover os players. De qualquer forma, eu não represento o xatRadio, então você terá que aguardar até que o suporte responda a sua solicitação para uma resposta "oficial".
  4. Thank you for the cooperation, @HelperNate & @LaFleur!
  5. As well as different skin colors, ex. brown.
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Arthur

    Unban Reason

    How is this relevant? Most chats are not official. Both things.
  8. I've received the price. Thank you, Bau! Happy Easter everyone! 🐰
  9. Carnaval!

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    2. Thuk


      Chama as amiguinhas 

    3. Stif


      e vc tuco, vai pular carnaval tb?

    4. Thuk


      Onde ta passando eu to pulando

  10. All status updates https://forum.xat.com/discover/50/ Your status updates https://forum.xat.com/discover/92/ Activity > My Activity Streams > Create New Stream
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