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  1. Arthur

    Explain the errors on screen

    I've suggested this long ago and I truly hope @Admin reads this topic and implement this into the site. Do you really find it convenient to have to go to an external page (i.e. the Errors page) whenever you get an error message on xat? I personally don't, and I can assure you that most users would agree with me on this one.
  2. Arthur

    Giveaway #30: Win 18 powers and 160 xats!

    Arthur (82756724)
  3. Arthur

    xatradio contradicts himself

    Then send a message to @Cupim or @Thuk.
  4. Arthur

    xatradio contradicts himself

    Please contact xatRadio support at http://xatproject.com/support. The xat forum is intended for help with xat issues, not third parties'.
  5. Arthur

    Unblock PostImages

    The Images article has been updated. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! The newest revision will go live for the translated versions of the page as soon as it's marked for translation. For any future requests, please use the edit request form or contact us privately, if you would prefer. Wiki editors do not read every single topic, meaning that there is a high chance that your request will be ignored if your post it in random topics.
  6. Arthur

    Grim Power [FLASH]

    You should realize that it takes time to review and respond to suggestions, which they could use to spend on doing things that are considered high priority. If they take time to review and respond to suggestions, they will end up delaying other things (including the development of HTML5 and mobile, and replies on xAdmin ticket department, which already take time.) The coins outweigh the pros, in my opinion, meaning I would rather keep it as is for now.
  7. Arthur

    515 GESTURE

    Wiki is now up!
  8. Happy Birthday

  9. Arthur

    xat market is Crashing

    Scenario 1: You would use any xat.com funcionality without having to allow Flash to run. Scenario 2: You would need to manually whitelist xat.com domains in order for fucntionalities to work (ticket included!) Scenario 3: You need to allow Flash to run every time you open your browser in order to access a chat. It does become harder. Although there's always a hidden option, that's not ideal, nor convenient. Users will eventually become tired of these, which is why I said that the HTML5 chat is the future of xat.
  10. Arthur

    xat market is Crashing

    You got a point, but as I said, it's being worked on. Is this enough? Maybe not, but only time will tell. It's still good to see that they're working into something though.
  11. Arthur

    514 NOCARA

    No, dude. @Thuk
  12. Arthur

    HTML5 Interface Update

    It's great to see the results of admins' efforts in the development of the HTML5 chat!
  13. Arthur

    xat market is Crashing

    This reply will be very similar to a recent reply of mine to a Contributor-only topic. Here's the other side of the story. Basically, every time Chrome is updated, it becomes harder to browse on xat (or any other Flash-based website.) This will eventually get to the point that users will become tired and eventually leave the site for that reason - and that's if Flash hasn't been blocked by then. This is a really serious matter, and as of recently it's no longer a rumor, but a fact: HTML5 is the future of xat. Now that we have estabilished this, you all have to understand that the admins need to focus in the development of the HTML5 chat, if they want to continue it. They do not ignore you because they do not care about you, or because they only want to make profit (which they obviously do, but anyone who has had a minor interaction with them would know that they care a lot about this site), they simply do not have time. Nathan, as a Contributor, I expected you to know that they do not have time to review and respond to every suggestion. You should also know that Volunteers do not decide whether or not suggestions are able to be introduced into the site. I disagree. Smiley powers are the faces of xat. Do I like every power that xat has made? No. But at the end of the day, it keeps the site alive, and people like them. This is not true. If you go to https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Special:MyLanguage/Ticket_times you will find updated information regarding the status of the various ticket departments. Provided that we are talking about a Flash-based site, and we know that Flash is being discontinued, this does not appear to be the best moment to advertise. However, this should be revisited as soon as we have a stable version of the HTML5 chat, with all power-based functionalities introduced and working. It's being worked on. See: https://forum.xat.com/topic/7834-html5-interface-update I don't see how this is xat's fault. Actually, they've always stated that you do so at your own risk and discretion and that they do not support, nor endorse this type of transaction. You should also take into consideration that removed items are often refunded to the original owner, and that xat can't refund the scammed user if they don't remove the items from the user that has the stolen items, otherwise people would start faking scams. Ultimately, it's solely your fault if you choose to do a risky transaction for a chance of making profit.
  14. Happy Birthday!


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