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  1. Sevda You 

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    2. maxo


      i don't MAXO all of you (toj):p

    3. Sevda


      Haha, so mean 😭

    4. zed


      i zed u all

  2. Arthur (82756724)
  3. Arthur


    Arthur (82756724)
  4. E se você pedir pra mim parar, não vou parar. :)

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    2. Matheus


      Para pfv

    3. Bau


      @Junior - 

      I can help you, translate everything that Arthur wrote to Matheus. . .


      Arthur - I love you Matheus, I love you very much.

      Matheus - I love you very much.


      xD :D  

    4. Stif


      Não para, não para, não para não...

  5. Feliz aniversário, meu amor. 💖

  6. Happy Birthday! 😗😍

  7. Arthur

    Account Locked Xtinguishor (1496749855)

    Wait for a response on the ticket. Posting here won't speed up the process.
  8. Arthur

    Can't change language

    Users have been complaining about this in help chats. I wouldn't classify its priority as "normal" since users find it very inconvenient that they can't browse chats in a specific language.
  9. You're my person. You'll always be my person.

    1. Shake


      You're my person too, person.

  10. Arthur

    Explain the errors on screen

    I've suggested this long ago and I truly hope @Admin reads this topic and implement this into the site. Do you really find it convenient to have to go to an external page (i.e. the Errors page) whenever you get an error message on xat? I personally don't, and I can assure you that most users would agree with me on this one.

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