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  1. Arthur

    Mobile in xat

    You can try to find any mobile browsers that support Flash. But also be careful with Puffin as it is banned from xat, and any others that modify your location to display as their servers' as those may cause a transfer hold to be placed into your account.
  2. Arthur

    Mobile in xat

    No. The xat apps currently do not offer the ability to trade.
  3. Happy birthday!

    1. Nathan


      Thanks @Arthur! 😊😊😊

  4. oj


  5. Arthur

    About volunteer

    You may find the information you are looking for here: https://xthelp.wordpress.com/2018/06/10/resignation-from-help-responsibilities-2/
  6. Happy Birthday!

    1. SlOom


      Thank you Arthur!

  7. Arthur

    Unassigning group powers

    Hasn't this been suggested before?
  8. Arthur

    Contest #10: Win the FOOLS power!

    I've got my prize. Thanks!
  9. Arthur


    Navegue até https://xat.com/Ajuda, digite “register” e clique sob o texto sublinhado. Feito isso você será redirecionado para o formulário de registro, preencha com suas informações, complete o CAPTCHA (verificação humana) e envie o formulário. Você então receberá um link de confirmação via e-mail, e sua conta será ativada assim que você clicar neste link.
  10. Happy Birthday, Dimple! You're such an amazing person and I hope you're having a great day!

    1. Dimple


      Thank u @Arthur, have a great day too and God bless u😘

  11. Arthur

    497 HATS

    When are the other hats coming? You said at least 10, maybe 20, and we've only got 4.
  12. I miss you! :(

  13. Arthur

    "Currently" feature

    It happens when the user is browsing content you do not have access to.
  14. Arthur

    (Ok) smiley bug


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