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  2. Easier Held Tracker

    How about displaying it as a popup when you open the transfer engine/trade application?
  3. Pomoc Official xat

    This is not true at all. When Pomoc was created, Mia was really active and dedicated to the chat. She would often stay online for 12 hours a day — at Pomoc and other chats, such as Chat (during Daniela's management). Again, if there are no dedicated helpers for those languages, that's only because there's no one interested. We really can't force people into helping. If we did restore Pomoc, it would become dead again and as I've pointed out before, if you have a small chance of receiving help at Assistance, you'd have none there. Anyway, who should become the manager of Pomoc, you? I'm afraid that you would end up users stupid every time they don't understand you, like you do whenever someone posts something that you don't agree with. You are the one being disrespectful, childish and unprofessional here.
  4. Pomoc Official xat

    Your suggestion was implemented years ago and turned out to become a failure after generating no activity or “results”. The chat existed for years, yet it was completely dead and not moderated at all. Redirecting it to Assistance makes a lot of sense if you consider that Pomoc had zero activity (meaning no users and consequently, no helpers). Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian-speaking users now have a chance with foreigners who are willing to use a translator at Assistance; they had no one before. You are right about Assistance not having dedicated helpers for those languages, but that's only because no one has showed interest in becoming a staff member. We are not simply ignoring neglecting a whole community. If you would like to help your community, you are more than welcome to do so at Assistance. You can also take it as an opportunity to prove that there is a demand of users requesting help in those languages that justifies restoring Pomoc.
  5. Acesse https://xat.me/xat?name=NomeDeUsuário onde "NomeDeUsuário" deve ser substituído pelo seu nome de usuário registrado no xat. No meu caso, o endereço seria: https://xat.me/xat?name=Arthur.
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  7. Para isso, você precisa de um pedido de suporte na seção "Location Update". Se você não for capaz de abrir um novo pedido de suporte nesta seção, informe no pedido de suporte que você já possui e o voluntário irá abrir um para você.
  8. Report Comments.swf

    Suporte em Português não é o local apropriado para relatar bugs. Por favor, utilize o Bug Tracker (Rastreador de Bugs). Observação: Ao adicionar um novo bug, certifique-se de que a sua mensagem está em inglês.
  9. Happy Birthday! 💖

  10. Contributor Applications?

    I honestly don't see any benefits in this change. This will not bring any new users or users who have gone unnoticed to our attention, the users who are going to apply are the ones we are already aware of and haven't been suggested or approved for a reason. Contributors are now going to waste a lot of time and energy reviewing these applications instead of trying to push for the changes that the community is asking for. Tip: The more persuasive you are in your application, the higher your chances of becoming a contributor.
  11. The administrators are asked to fix things, but being asked doesn't mean that they'll actually fix things — as you could tell by viewing the Suggestions section and the Bug Tracker. Ultimately, they have the final say and will perform tasks based on their own priority queue and on their time.
  12. Im Back!

    Welcome back, Velo!
  13. Estou com problemas minha conta

    Você pode responder ao seu pedido de suporte existente ao invés de abrir um novo, desde que você informe que este é um problema separado. Você também pode tentar entrar em contato com um voluntário no fórum e pedir para que um novo pedido de suporte seja aberto para você.
  14. Estou com problemas minha conta

    Boa noite, Baseando-se na sua descrição, você pode ter sido vítima de Phishing ou os seus itens foram removidos de sua conta pelo xat. Para ambos casos, você deve abrir um pedido de suporte na seção “Report Scam” informando que os seus itens desapareceram de sua conta e solicitando mais informações. Em tempo, informo que o seu pedido de suporte deverá ser preenchido em inglês, e que o campo Subject deverá ter no mínimo cinco palavras. Para sua segurança, é altamente recomendável que você altere a senha de sua conta de e-mail, ative verificação de duas etapas (se disponível) e que também altere a senha de sua conta no xat e ative o bloqueio de conta ou a autenticação de conta antes de abrir um pedido de suporte.
  15. Assistance Background Contest

    Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone who took time and effort to join this contest. We have received so many beautiful entries and we have had a hard time judging. Our winners are as follows: First place winner: Second place winner: Third place winner: Fourth place winner: Winners, contact me to collect your prize.