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  1. I defrauded

    You will have to understand that this kind of program is ‘illegal’ on xat. For that reason, you'll most likely not be given a refund. However, you're still encouraged to report this activity via the ticket system so that the user can be punished accordingly. Your ticket should be filled under ‘Report scam’ and your subject must contain at least five words.
  2. I defrauded

    It looks like you've been scammed. If this is the case, you'll want to open a ticket under Report Scam. You must be logged into an account to be able to open a ticket on that department. When opening a ticket, make sure that your subject is at least 5 (five) words, and to include a good description of the incident and any evidence you may have. If this isn't the case, then we'll be unable to assist you with the information you've provided so far. Please reply to this question and provide more details on your issue so that we can provide you an appropriate answer.
  3. Why always reconnecting my xat app?

    Hello, Considering that no one else has reported this issue so far, it's most likely a connectivity issue on your side. Make sure that you're running the latest version of the app, and that your device is connected to the internet. It's also worth rebooting your device and router/modem (if you're using WiFi).
  4. New reputation system

    How about reporting these users you've seen asking for likes in chat?
  5. Bug with GKBEAR power

    GKBEAR is a group-smiley power. Once assigned, it unlocks a set of bear-themed smilies that can be used by everyone in the chat. You will NOT be able to use its smilies (other than its "back") if the chat you are at does not have the power assigned. With this said, there are no bugs or issues with the power at all. Also, the General Support section is not intended for bug reports. If you would like to report a bug, please use the Bug Tracker. You are right, the wiki page should be updated with this information. I will do so as soon as I get some time (if no one else beats me by then)!
  6. i been lock out

    Hello, You'll need to open a support ticket to have this issue resolved. You will want to clear your browser's cookies and open a ticket under “Locked out”. The email that should be provided when opening a ticket is the one associated with the locked account. Also, make sure to actually select the help topic “Locked out”, and to make your subject five words or longer. If for any reason you're unable to open a ticket, then you may message a volunteer on the forums.
  7. Embed Image/Gif on HTML5 chat

    We are talking about the HTML5 chat, and this is the type of user interface changes that users have been asking for. Macros are such an archaic method to set user preferences. There SHOULD be an area on the user interface for users to set their own preferences, where they are STORED. This would probably come with a GControl option "Who can send links in main chat?" where main owners would be able to choose whether or not guests/members/moderators/owners could send links - and effectively use this functionality. If users abuse this, it's not going to be different from using inappropriate pictures as avatars or posting inappropriate links IMO. May the moderators/owners/main owners handle it at their own discretion! It's also worth mentioning that not every chat is going to be as severe as officials, and that if a user does not like the idea of randomly stumbling into an inappropriate picture, they can disable it. Making this a subscriber-only functionality is a no-go for me. Registered-only sounds fair as this would be an incentive for new users to register. Finally, I think this should be default enabled for everyone.
  8. WIN MARK #3 + DAYS

    Arthur (82756724)
  9. I have again held ..

    The only way to find out the why your account is held and see if you can have it removed is via the ticket system. If have an open ticket about this matter, then continue to wait for a response. Otherwise, you can either reply to your existing ticket or open a new one.
  10. quien lleva la seccion de robon

    Siento mucho las molestias, pero tendrá que esperar una respuesta en su solicitud de soporte (ticket). También debe tener en cuenta que un volumen considerable de informes de estafa se envían diariamente y que se les responde en el orden en que se reciben. Puede ver los status de los departamentos aquí: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Ticket_times/es Además, desafortunadamente no podemos revelar quién puede ver / responder solicitudes de soporte (tickets) en ese departamento.
  11. 462 MARK

  12. 462 MARK

  13. It looks like you are failing to understand the concept of these commands, hopefully I can clarify this for you. !powerinfo hasmost is based on FEXBots' recorded user information, meaning that if you opt out from FEXBots' user information base or if you have never been seen by one a FEXBot, you will not be considered for the results. This does NOT mean that the bots are "lying" or FEXBots is manipulating information, the bots are simply generating results with the information they have / are allowed to use. Once again, this information is NOT provided by xat and results may not be accurate. Furthermore, as others have stated, power prices are automatically taken from Trade's fair trading guide - no humans involved. If you believe that the price of a certain power is not accurate, or if you believe that power prices are being manipulated (which is highly unlikely), you can message Trade's manager by clicking here. It should be noted that fair trade editors attempt to record a given power's stable price in the market. The forum is NOT an appropriate channel to report this. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding FEXBots, feel free to send me a message and I will be happy to assist you.
  14. Contest #06: Win the DIVA power and 65 xats!

    Arthur (82756724)
  15. Contest #06: Win the DIVA power and 65 xats!

    Arthur (82756724)