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  1. Tamer

    Time to go.

    Good luck in your life
  2. Tamer


    Tamer (10010040)
  3. Tamer


    Tamer (10010040)
  4. Happy birthday princess Tina <3

    1. Christina


      TY Tamer!

  5. Tamer

    Automatic logaut.

    Hello @Adnan This problem occurs with me sometimes All you have to do is to do a login two or three times and the problem will be solved *If you need any further help, send me a message * or on the chat Tamer (10010040) Thank you .
  6. Tamer

    Favorite Xat Vol?

    my favorite volunteer in the past is @Christina and Spell And @Ghost and @Cupim and @Andre @Vale and now in the new @Brandon @muffins @Sydno i think everyone gave all his help but i miss Spell And Ghost and Chtistina <33 i wish everyone success in his life <3
  7. Tamer

    A Big Prize [Win 20,000 Xats]

    Tamer (10010040)
  8. Tamer

    Isn't showing I'm logged in

    Hello GalaxyKnight 1-Check your Internet connection , maybe the connection may be a little bad 2-Clear the cookies 3-try logged in from another browser Try it and tell me if the issue is resolved If you want to help with anything else just send me a message and i will be happy to help you. Thank you .
  9. Tamer

    xAdmin department

    Hello Miia I understand your problem But there are numbers and order to answer the tickets , because there are a lot of problems and lots of tickets I know that wait a lot boring But you have to be patient until your problem is resolved by volunteers Good luck . If you want to help with anything else just send me a message . Thank you .
  10. Tamer

    What did you eat last?

    Grilled chicken with a salad and pasta
  11. Tamer

    xat Facebook Page

    Very good idea But i hope that the supervisors who are based on them are always active regarding anything new on xat.com good luck .@Mihay
  12. Tamer

    xat chat not working

    There were some modifications made by the Admin But now everything is fine But if you have any other problem send me a message and i will help you thank you .
  13. Hello Quiiisse and welcome back to the forum you'r problem should be opened a ticket . from https://util.xat.com/support/index.php because the ticket will solve this problem by volunteers Click on the word New open ticket . then type you'r email linked to this account then choose Acount block then write down what the subject is . and in the Message write down what is your problem Then press the button Open ticket Note:will be answered through volunteers during 1 to 3 days So you have to be patient until you respond And if you have trouble opening the ticket talk to any volunteer and he will open it for you . https://forum.xat.com/staff/ If you want any other help just send me a message Thank you ..
  14. Tamer

    New Stuff

    Not a bad idea It is good that people think of new things because xat.com need to do new things to attract people again And rise again like 2008 , 2009 . 2010 . 2011 . 2012 . 2013 . 2014 . 2015 <33 I love these years before leaving a lot of friends Thank you .
  15. Happy birthday . Devil


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