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  1. User want to get only test power
  2. gold only in pauction http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/Auction4.php
  3. forum back (party) 

  4. coffee time (c)


    1. Sevda


      Enjoy it , Minolein :p

  5. mino

    Skull Power

    I support it .
  6. for example Mother's Day power
  7. mino

    Freeze Power

    http://prntscr.com/au8vtr freeze power in google found
  8. mino

    Famous Names

    madona (manic) or 007 james bond zz
  9. mino

    new rule suggest

    Mods and Owners are not obliged to turn NO-PC off. But you should help the user in private chat, if someone asks in the Main chat. rule from helfen
  10. mino


    1. Sevda


      Ida Minolein (hug)

    2. DjCrazy


      ich lieb euch beiden (hug):$

    3. Sevda


      Und wir dich auch süsse (hug) <3

  11. mino

    happy b day 

  12. Good night forum  |-)

    1. choco


      Stop staying awake so long. :@ Good night minion. :$ 

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