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  1. Amazing gif

    1. [yeti]
    2. Exuby


      I love the Witness Protection Parrot.

  2. here i drew this jsut 4 u pls be nice
  3. Our definitions of "editing or manipulation" might be a bit different then. Unless an image is public domain, as long as it is recognizable it does not fall under fair use.
  4. I mean the chat was run into the ground because certain volunteers/members of the xat community don't care if they're in charge of an empty chat as long as they can say they're in charge. Most of the old members of the graphics community have since left xat or found better ways to showcase/display their graphics. From what I can tell the people still making backgrounds haven't really innovated or anything in a while and literally every background looks the same. Lack of creativity/freedom killed the community. But hey, if you're making dope stuff still more power to you, I would love to see what you guys have been doing. Here's the last thing I made (cut out & (over?)edited the graffiti from a picture I took).
  5. I'm gonna enter. Reserving this parking spot. Entry will be slick. Edit: Psych nawh not entering, but will be doing something.
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