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  1. Prize received, congratulations to all and thank you!
  2. Feliz Cumpleaños !!! (hug)

    1. Dazer


      Muchas gracias!! (hug)

  3. Happy Birthday (hug)


    Happy Birthday GIF by memecandy

  4. My entry: Inner: Button color: #b1c4c7 outer1: Outer2: Thanks!!
  5. Hello everyone, it is a fabulous contest. I want to present what I have been working on. write me for my xatframe. Thanks!
  6. It was difficult but I am satisfied. https://imdazer.github.io/framexat/mosa3adeh.html Buttons color: #047097
  7. Te mando muchas felicitaciones, hoy es uno de esos grandes días que te esperan <tres


    Ojalá y ahora que eres mucho más famosa te acuerdes de los feos. :P



    Un abrazo, bueno no uno, muchoosss!!

    1. Solange


      Muchísimas gracias, Daz! Aprecio muchísimo tus palabras!


      Muchos abrazos para ti también! ❤️

  8. Simplemente me quedo asombrado de ver hasta donde has llegado, los que te conocemos, sabemos cuánto te has esforzado por conseguir todo lo que te propones y también sabemos la dedicación y la entrega con la que haces cada una de las cosas, tu perseverancia, y tú compromiso te tienen aquí, porque a pesar de las adversidades tú no te detienes, luchas a pesar de que muchos antes ya se rindieron, aún recuerdo aquella niña member en Cambio y mírate ahora, realmente estoy completamente feliz al ver que te superas y logras tus metas, aunque aquí no se detiene el camino, esto solo es un pequeño escaló
  9. @Bau On other issues it has been seen, and I think we all have the freedom to choose if we want our work to remain in the post, I prefer to reserve my work. You choose the prettiest one for you so I suggest that it not be called a design contest, if not, please the judges. In response I am always happy with my work and do not argue about xats, if that was my priority I would have accepted the xats that I give away, and I am not upset, I just make the observation, maybe I did not even deserve to win, but there were much better jobs and the one who knows about design
  10. Hello, I regret the lack of respect, if that is how my action was taken, however by professional ethics I decide not to accept the award, but without instead I would like to express the following, without the desire to bother anyone: I think that among the judges they should add someone who knows about design (in this or in other competitions) I mention it because they sincerely seem to choose random designs, again I mention my intention is not to bother anyone or make them feel bad, but I give my opinion, likewise they should be more specific with the rules of each design, because
  11. Feliz cumpleaños, Dazer! 🎂🎈


    Espero que estés teniendo un lindo día, un abrazo!

  12. Happy  Birthday

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