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  1. Well, I'll now clarify how it would be..


    We would have two tabs,  one called "messages" other "chat groups",

    • Messages. It's fine actually, but need some improvements. Per example, a better way to add "OR", "AND" and "+" (automatically, maybe?)
    • Chat groups. It would be something like this tool ( https://mundosmilies.com/tools/search/ ) but with a lot of improvements. Per example, the amount of chats, actually maximum is 9 or 10... I don't remember exactly, well some new options to search it per: name, chat tags (FINALLY IT WILL BE USED!!!), description and chat id


    Example 1 (menu)



    Example 2 (search box/menu)



    Example 3 (search results)



    Examples were made using mobile, so don't judge me!

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  2. Well, I need to say.


    This is the first smiley power I liked since a long time ago, congratulations who did it lol.


    But I don't think "emojis converted in smilies" are really a easter power to have this name just because it has 4 bkgs related to easter,


    I mean, its a bit confuse and no sense, it would be separated from easter power. This is a good power.

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  3. I like this idea,


    It's something that won't use a lot of RAM in HTML5, since its just a "gif" nothing else.


    "Flix" powers I'm almost sure will be same thing, so why not?


    I support 100% your idea, including I did something like some time ago for chat groups 


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  4. 13 minutes ago, Sergio said:


    Sorry I was talking about searching phrases in between quoting commas instead of using the actual method. It would be easier and more intuitive for everyone imo. Thank you for the clarification anyway!

    Phrases i think you can use hello+world+im+laming,


    But yeah, anyway I think this should be improved in a easier way!

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  5. 24 minutes ago, Sergio said:

    search more than one word

    Actually you can do this e.g "hello AND word" https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Search


    46 minutes ago, LaFleur said:

    So by default search for all groups and an additional option to search within a specific group only?

    Sure, would be cool, maybe a page called search divided by two tabs, one just for groups, and other as it is now.


    Would help a lot people searching based on chat group tags, descriptions, chat name, etc.

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  6. Olá,


    Aqui estão as seguintes medidas:

    • Fundo interno: 728x486 px
    • Fundo externo: 2560x1440 px
    • Banner para anúncio: 728x90 px
    • Fundo para vote: 425x600 px
    • Avatar com zoom ou gif 3d: 80x80 px
    • Avatar padrão ou gif 2d: 30x30 px
  7. Easter collection with 16 pawns!


    Powers required:

    • easterfx
    • easterland
    • easterlove
    • eggy
    • eggie
    • eggs
    • easteregg
    • yellegg



    • hat#h#egg2
    • hat#h#egg
    • hat#h#eggbroke
    • hat#h#eabutterfly
    • hat#h#glitteregg
    • hat#h#easterlove
    • hat#h#bunnyhole
    • hat#h#carrot1
    • hat#h#carrots2
    • hat#h#daffodil2
    • hat#h#egg1
    • hat#h#egdizzy
    • hat#h#eggy
    • hat#h#eachocolate
    • hat#h#eaeggbroke
    • hat#h#eawaves


    Wiki: https://xat.wiki/Superegg







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  8. Well,


    I agree with the suggestion of adding default sounds for each action (tickle, message, new pc, new pm - when you're in pc/tickle tab);


    Adding a power for custom sounds (like gsound, you can add custom your own replacing chat's gsound), and doing this will also bring us gsound;


    With this we can have button a button to mute actions (tickle, message, pc/pm, kisses, bump) etc.


    Fully agree.

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  9. This is easy to add since timestamps are already added to messages since 2014 and HTML5 is fully possible.


    I think the best way is adding it on "hovering messages", easy, clean and fast.

  10. On 4/1/2020 at 11:00 AM, Sergio said:

    Spanish lobby

      Hide contents

    It was discussed whether to create a new lobby like xat.com/Chat but in the language of Spanish only. This could become a popular chat for the Spanish userbase. However, a counterargument was raised that it could interfere with the popularity of social Spanish chats. The discussion is ongoing.

    Well, if we need a new lobby in Spanish of course we also need in Portuguese, since both are the most active communities.



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  11. I think it's a great suggestion and 100% possible to make on HTML5 (not sure about to flash, but it wont be updated anymore);


    So I agree to your suggestion.




    FROM: "You can read this"

    TO: "⅄on cɑu ʁԍɑq ϝμᴉƨ" - FlipBan

    or (TO): "sᴉɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ no⅄" - Flipban + Reverseban (yeah two!!!!)


    Since HTML5 uses CSS its possible to make, easy and fast.


    Adding: on CSS way it won't cause conflicts with bot, I mean, bots still can read this message normally.

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  12. I've always suggested this,


    xat would have live support (excluding help chats).




    - Well, it's simple, when you spend a lot of money in somewhere you need help, right? You go to anywhere (help chats) and help chats staff can just say "send ticket" (fair so far), they send ticket for something RELATED TO THEIR ACCOUNT... Well, we know that anything related to ACCOUNTS or CHATS are delayed A LOT, yet you're saying "NO LAMING!!!! its not delayed". After some days or weeks this same people who needed help will back blaming xat ticket like "this doesnt work" "i didn't receive any reply" etc etc... I've seen this a lot of time, for long years so far... I know this is how it works.


    My suggestion is: WE REALLY NEED LIVE SUPPORT, but in other way...  A page where people can "start chatting" with "support staff" (help chats staff, including all: Ajuda, Ayuda, Help, Aiuto etc), others describe their problem/issue and this staff will move each case for volunteers/admins directly. This will also help to admins see who is helping more and deserve "volunteer ranks" in a clear way than "suggest this one". :) 


    But well I know nothing will happen, since not even "multi language ticket" wasn't take.


    --- edit ---

    1. no power will be given to this "support staff" they will can just move each "chat tab" to vols/admins; but they will can show their work to admins and this can help to have more volunteers instead of "suggesting this one".

    2. logs can fix any issue.

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  13. 1. I agree with Cupim, it should be smaller;

    2. Since its a "redesign" I think it would be better on the left side of the nick, its better because when nicks are too big people cant see the homepage. This will also make the design clean and user friendly.

  14. 23 minutes ago, Danny said:

    I have ran into a similar issue, however https://web.xat.com/report/report.php? is completely broken and is not a responsive url. the php form is incorrectly recieved through the domain. I do not see it, I have cleared cache, tried different browsers, nothing has worked.

    Reported it (including explanation to admins).


    Well, those bugs may be fixed soon.

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