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  1. 1 minute ago, Solange said:

    I disagree with removing the old xat avatars, I think they are part of xat's history and take us back to when most of us joined xat years ago. However, I agree with improving them or adding new ones, specially for those who are joining xat nowadays.

    Isn't really needed to remove them,


    They can release new avatars and keep old avatars, adding 0 to read old avatars and without 0 to read new avatars, (this scheme is used on Available's system so devs know about what im talking) and/or an option on the settings tab, remember we also don't have a list of avatars on the HTML5 so this is a great time for suggesting something like this.














    (and we go on...)











  2. Olá,


    Se você já criou a conta parece que ela não foi ativada,  para ativar a conta você deve entrar em seu e-mail e procurar por um e-mail de ativação do endereço de e-mail "info@xat.com",


    Caso não encontre o e-mail significa que o registro não foi concluído, neste caso você deve registrar uma nova ID,

    • Entre em qualquer chat;
    • Clique em seu nome na lista de usuários;
    • Clique no botão "Register" e preencha todos os dados que estão sendo pedidos na página;
    • Após isto irá aparecer uma mensagem para você entrar no seu e-mail e confirma-lo, você deverá ir até o e-mail e confirmar clicando num link enviado pelo "info@xat.com";
    • Após isto você já poderá fazer login em https://xat.com/login.

    Lembre-se de não clicar em links estranhos, confirme se o link que você está entrando começa com " https://xat.com ".

  3. Hello,


    I like your suggestion, mainly if creating this FEATURE as Stifler said,


    It should work with 1 line of css(yeah animation left-to-right or right-to-left and max-width ONLY),


    So it shoudn't be a power because this is too simple for creating, it may be a "boost" for current status power, or maybe allowing people to use it when they have all status powers (glow/color and status).

  4. I think he wants to say that would be good having a place on where you can ask for IDs being put for sale,


    And you can buy this ID but can't resell it.


    I also think it's a bad idea buying "taken IDs" if it's available, ok then why not selling it? (it's bad, but its happening on shortnames)


    I like your suggestion, isn't something too hard to make, but it depends a lot of factors.

  5. Hello,


    Winners will be shown on the panel, you can see the top posters updated in real time,


    So post your smilies and be listed, it's a public list who everyone can see, so you're safe, this also may help you knowing how much you need to share,


    Guys please don't need to post the ID, your id is already showing on your Mundosmilies' profile!

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  6. Hello, more updates are up!


    * Added rank images
    * Portuguese translation improvements
    * It's now showing smilies based on the date it was uploaded (DESC)
    * Added new panel homepage, showing latest smilies and top posters
    * Added random smilies, e.g https://mundosmilies.com/smilies/random/
    * Added xat ID to profiles, e.g https://mundosmilies.com/user/xLaming
    *  Fixed ranks for users, you will be given automatically the rank based on how much smilies you've posted

    • 0 - 49 smilies -- NEWBIE
    • 50 - 149 smilies -- MEMBER
    • 150 - 299 smilies - ACTIVE MEMBER
    • 300 or more smilies -- PRO USER

  7. Hello, we have finally added a lot of stuff to provide a better interaction between users:




    You can now share your smilies to everyone!


    User dashboard:

    • Home: You can log in or register
    • Smilies (WHEN LOGGED IN): Will shown dropdown, which you can share smilies and see your smilies
    • Accounts (WHEN LOGGED IN): You can change your account settings, logout or see your profile on Mundosmilies


    Other changes:

    • Small fixes
    • New smiley viewer page
    • Smilies pagination fixed
    • Whatis (different than others) added
    • Detection of powers needed for a smiley combination improved
    • Speed boost, some changes in our servers, updates, maintenance etc...
    • Titles added based on total of smilies posted by the user: 0: Newbie, 50: Member, 150: Active User, 300: Pro User

    Note: missing translations in French and Turkish, should be uploaded new hours... I also didn't finish yet the homepage, I will make something clean and beautiful!

  8. 8 hours ago, Manu said:


    Remember a lot GTA Vice City lul


    Also "This is a testing chat" remember THIS IS SPARTA


    My personal note: FLAT BACKGROUNDS ARE LIFE!

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  9. Olá,


    Sua conta aparenta estar com algum tipo de bloqueio, 


    Se você ja enviou um ticket há que aguardar para obter novas respostas,


    Se você ainda não enviou um ticket ou não está conseguindo enviar um ticket, faça os seguintes passos:


    1. Limpe os cookies/cache de seu navegador;

    2. Crie uma nova conta no xat;

    3. Entre em https://xat.com/ticket, após isto clique em "Open New Ticket" coloque um Subject (titulo de seu ticket) com pelo menos cinco palavras, preencha o restante dos campos necessários, em Help Topic selecione Account Block, em Message descreva todo o problema ocorrido.


    Lembre-se: todas mensagens devem ser em inglês.

  10. Olá,


    Pelo que parece seu problema está relacionado ao reserve do xat. Quando você compra xats usando opções que estão marcadas "RESERVE", um exemplo disto é compras feitas pelo PayPal ou Skrill, você ficará com um bloqueio/proteção em sua conta, todos os dias será liberado uma quantidade de xats em sua conta.


    Como você enviou e já faz muito tempo recomendo você contactar um voluntário do xat: https://forum.xat.com/staff/



    Caso queira saber mais sobre o reserve, é recomendável ler: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Reserve/pt-br


  11. I like your suggestion, I have already suggested a lot of times live chat on xat for supporting users,




    Level 1: (paid users only, keep it as now)

    Domain unblock, chat block, general help, this such of help doesn't need account details, so would be cool you go on support's page asking for those help and getting it in seconds/minutes, reports (not scam report, but ixat reports, phishing etc). This can be handled in live chatting.


    Level 2: (free feature, this shouldn't be paid)

    Yeah, account block, k2 updates, locked out, scam reports, etc should be handled by trusted people. This should work as it is now.


    Having two levels of help would be cool having more volunteers to handle level 1 in less time, and sure doing this will also make less delay on level 2. 

  12. Note:


    If you have any report, concern about the chat (Mundosmilies) you can use https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/ownerfeedback.php?GroupName=Mundosmilies or https://mundosmilies.com/contact/


    I will review everything as well,


    I have removed chat css since it caused lag on Linux (at least for me), it's now just the outer same color than inner,



    • Remember, the chat is international, any language is allowed.
    • I want to be  transparent, any chat change will be described here, we will be 100% clear about everything. Exception of demotes, and some reasons that cannot be public.
    • Translators are being accepted anytime, you can just contact me if want to translate anything, if everything is fine on your translation you be given the rank of translator.
    • Moderator rank can be given according to the activity on the chat, this is based in how the user is acting, helping, etc.
    • Owner is a rank which won't be given to any people, but trusted people only, I mean, owner will be not given to any people just because is friend of someone. Any rank may be earned according to the time.
    • A lot of contests will happen in the future, to be honest in some days after this comment, I'm already projecting a lot of stuff. Keep your eye on the xat forums/our chat and you will see soon!



    Background is now working on HTML5 too!


    Well, this is all for now.


    Thank you all.

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  13. Hello,


    I would announce that staff has changed a bit,


    Firstly I wanna announce that Djcrazy is new main owner of Mundosmilies, (yeah, again), congratulations!


    Drika and Djcrazy are very active, both deserve their rank position, helping a lot on chat moderation, contests, being active, etc...


    Both were very active since the chat Mundosmilies was empty in the past, but now it's getting active again with promotions, future contests etc...


    No new main owners will be added and/or changed in the future, this is the perm staff.


    I will also stay as main owner to keep bot always updated e.g ranklist, our own commands (thanks arcbot ecmd),  and some other stuff, you will see in the future,


    I can tell you all, we will have a lot of things for the future of the chat, website, and always updating it, to provide accurate information in real-time or as soon possible about the xat.com,


    Any good suggestion will be accepted about managing the chat, you can do your,


    I've also did a outer/inner with a cool css for the xat, enjoy it!

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