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  1. Hello,


    Nice suggestion,


    I will work on it to be released later.


    But as xatRadio cannot access xat cookies/localstorage or your account in order to get your xat username/ID It will be based in the name you choose.

  2. 2 hours ago, Paul said:

    maybe also if abused the user loses the power? 

    Yes, this may work xd


    1 hour ago, Norman said:

    If this would let us send the 'and I oop-' sticker I want it. 

    Well, allowing you to make your own stickers, so yes :$

  3. Really, its a simple suggestion, but it's good enough to get implemented.


    Black color & separated lines.


    Btw, I've just see it was supposed to work in the way you've suggested, look each "\n" is a break-line.




    Maybe it's an issue on html5 not replacing \n to <br> up to admins to confirm this (i'm not sure).

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  4. Hey,


    You can use this https://www.autodraw.com/ and share your draws in statuses, posts, twitter etc.


    It's not the best way but work for now!


    There is a lot of pure html/js libraries that can be easily added to the forum.

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  5. Hello,


    I'm suggesting a new power.



    • It requires all sticker powers. Once you have all them you'll have "supersticker", same than allpowers/everypower or other super powers;
    • When you have this power, you can use "png strip" gifs as stickers. For example (supersticker#whttps://i.imgur.com/....);
    • When a new sticker power is added, you will lose this ability to use the Supersticker, in this way it will prevent people from creating images of the current stickers and using them for free.

    Inappropriate (how to deal?)

    • By reporting the images to the image provider, then inappropriate images can be removed;
    • Reporting users via xat.me's "Inappropriate" button.

    Inappropriate (but this isn't enough! - abuse)

    • Images on chats, profiles, avatars, etc can be abused actually, so I think this isn't an argument to blame the main idea, since it can always be reported.

    Why adding this power?

    • Many social networks (such as Facebook or WhatsApp) allows the use of custom images as stickers, why not allow it on xat.com as well? It's something cool!;
    • It would be something innovative that would allow users to create their own, maybe even share or sell;
    • It would be different from other Super powers, since this one would have a function instead of only pawns/smilies.



    When the link ends with .gif it loads directly from the server (since there is a lot of free gifs on Google Images), when it ends with .png so will load using the animation method (png strip). @Junior :$ 


    Prices/images/previews are out to smiley makers/admins to decide about it.

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  6. Nice suggestion, mainly because the smilies have a peaceful design.


    I like it, and I wish if it get added it should be working with all smilies, also gback, so people can use on their chats!

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  7. 1 hour ago, AlexiusZeta said:

    I'm not sure if what I'm about to say is feasible (or has already been implemented and I should check it directly), but could the Power Face be implemented with other types of smileys, for example Square or Mirror?

    I'd like to see maybe the combination face#mwEYES.MOUTH.OTHER with the power Mirror.


    Do you think it's a good implementation? Or does the Power Face already include these additions?

    Hey @AlexiusZeta, you can already by adding #m or #i at the end of the code xD


    Colors, hands, hands2 and any such of power is fully customizable with (face)


  8. Actually you can do that, since hands/hands2 are working with any smiley/powers you can also use them with Face. @Paul @Maxo



    9 hours ago, Angelo said:

    Laming, maybe later you and I could make a list together of things that could possibly be added? I know it may be a lot of work for Junior, Maverick, and Mihay, but this power is honestly really awesome! It deserves a lot of love!

    Yes, sure, I liked this power a lot, we can do that :$ (need to be checked which smilies have mouth/face)

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  9. Hello,


    On the 10th, our chat/website will be completing 4 years and we will make a contest with a total value of 40000 xats in celebration of this date.


    Our contests will work like this:

    • We will send a image of a smiley, and you have to guess its name (free/power smiley);
    • Every 5 people who hit the smiley we'll put them in a list and random their names, and the winners will take the prizes;
    • There will also be several other contests and prizes such as random picks, guess the smiley, giveways etc;

    Don't forget that contests will start at 12:00 PM (GMT -3) - Fortaleza Timezone


    Donation:  @Drika // @Dimple // @Mister // @Manu // Myself




    Leia em português




    No próximo dia 10, o nosso chat/site estará completando 4 anos e iremos fazer um concurso com total de 40000 xats em celebração desta data


    Nossos concursos funcionará assim:

    • Nós iremos enviar a imagem de um smiley, e você terá que adivinhar qual é ele (gratuito/smiley de power);
    • Cada 5 pessoas que adivinhar o smiley nós iremos colocar em uma lista para que seja escolhido aleatoriamente, após isso os ganhadores poderão pegar seus premios;
    • Também haverá vários outros concursos e premios como escolhas aleatórias, adivinhe o smiley etc.

    Não se esqueça que o concurso começará as 12:00 PM (GMT -3) - Horario do Fortaleza


    Doação:  @Drika // Eu




    Lee en español




    El día 10, nuestro chat/site completará 4 años y haremos un concurso con un valor total de 40000 xats para celebrar esta fecha.


    Nuestros concursos funcionarán así:

    • Enviaremos una imagen de un smiley, y deben adivinar su nombre (smiley gratis/de power);
    • Cada 5 personas que adivinar al smiley los pondremos en una lista y sera elegido al azar sus nombres, y los ganadores se pondrán llevar los premios;
    • También habrá varios otros concursos y premios, como selecciones aleatorias, adivina el smiley,  etc.

    No olvidate que el concurso empezará a las 12:00 PM (GMT -3) - Horario de Fortaleza


    Donación:  @Drika // Yo




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    1. Create your Mundosmilies Account;
    2. Log in using your account;
    3. Confirm your account using the command "!activate [YOUR CODE]";
    4. Go to "Add smiley", and share your smilies;
    5. Comment here with all your smilies shared.


    • You may confirm your Mundosmilies Account, using your main xat account (xat ID you will receive the prize if you win);
    • Be always creative and do not steal other' users;
    • Winner will be announced when countdown ends;
    • You need to make a comment with all your smilies shared on the site. Edit it if necessary.


    1. 8000 xats
    2. 4000 xats
    3. 3000 xats


    Mundosmilies staff



    @Drika // Myself







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  11. Hello,


    I see someone talking about WordPress plugins? Alright.


    Next minutes I'll edit the post :$ 


    -- edit, exactly as i said --



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  12. Nice, I have seen great ideas. But we should be "offline" in friendlist when being invisible.


    I mean, not counting invisible as friendlist online, its a good way to keep hidden from them too.


    Another example is, I'm online in 10 chats but in all those chats I'm invisible so I will be offline on friendlist, if I join any chat not invisible it makes me online again. Not hard to do.


    Just adding invisible without doing this you can simply add to friends the the owner/main owner and click on their profile in friendlist, if no tickle response its invisible.

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  13. 17 minutes ago, AlexiusZeta said:

    I prefer the Example n. 2 as we can choose by tags, name or description. Maybe we're looking for something particular but we can't remember the chat's name. What is the solution? The tags or the description itself. The autofill search would be great too, similar to Google autofill search...


    Yeah bro, its all in one, just separated by images :$ 

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