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  1. Oi,


    Esta disponível a opção para bloquear outros chats/sites de usarem seu player, sendo assim você pode bloquear para apenas você poder usa-lo,


    Os players não podem ser reenviados duplicadamente, ou seja se você já enviou o seu ele não poderá ser novamente reenviado a menos que seja editado,


    Mas de qualquer forma me envie o seu player ID e o player ID no qual foi clonado pelo PM/mensagem privada.

  2. Olá,


    Seu player já foi aprovado,


    Sempre que for necessário poderá enviar um PM pelo fórum, mas lembre-se que é muito grande o volume de players que são enviados diariamente, e poderá demorar um pouco, sim... Afinal nós temos que verificar todos os players e o processo é um pouco demorado e trabalhoso, então caso demore mais de 48 horas você poderá me enviar futuramente um PM relatando isso.



  3. This is for new forum users, who just started on it and want to know how to make their contest on forums/xat.


    I suggest you to just stop saying "this is useless bla bla bla" if you think he missed something, make it better, if you don't have any constructive suggestion, just stop, tutorials are focused in helping new users or who else need help. You just saying this is useless and not making anything to change just make your comment useless too.


    Nice job nate!


    That's all.

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  4. Hello,


    I'm again re-suggesting this, I know it was already suggested in the past but it seem to be ignored, well, my suggestion is simple, adding a new area for posting css codes in one forum like xat applications, should be filled if its chat/profile code(html/css), css code, html code, images and demo(if available),


    Well, but why not on Graphics section? The name says all its for graphics, images, inners, not really css. What about tutorials? Ehh.. i dont think so... Not really we need to wait aprovations to share something free, that everyone can edit/use.


    That's my point of view, share yours.

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  5. I wanna list a few pointz why I think it should be working in other way than css,


    1. Limitations, actually we don't know whats the limit for css on chat groups, this is bad.

    2. We can make this in Mike's way that is creating a button on the iframe below of the chat and forcing it to be over the chat page, but this will break a few stuff e.g you cant use page below of the chat anymore and will be a bit harder to customize the stuff below the chat.

    3. Well, finally, we need to know that 99% of the xat.com just copy and paste the css codes, sometimes xat update something related to this and everything is broke, or when any main owner touch the code and break everything like changing chat background or page background.


    That's why I think it should be more than just css.

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  6. 3 hours ago, SLOom said:

    The following groups were fixed:

    • Vagos_vip
    • zonadjsgroup

    They are still cached so you will have to wait to have them back.



    How can it be cloned by someone? We made it to be redirected to Assistance :S

    When the chat is deleted you're able to create it on xat.com/create anyway.

  7. 19 minutes ago, xPedro said:

    that's as laming said.


    "but if we have a way official to use it" 

    but css isn't official?


    xD anyway seems cool.

    Nope, not everybody knows how to do this using css,


    Its like you using chat backgrounds (inner) you can set #chat{background.... you need to make the chat transparent etc but this isnt the official way since theres a option to set it on your edit.


    Adding, you can upload your own widgets/games/players etc to xatRadio since it doesnt be copyrighted and follow the xatRadio's terms its fine. (All for free)

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  8. 1 minute ago, Solange said:

    I disagree with removing the old xat avatars, I think they are part of xat's history and take us back to when most of us joined xat years ago. However, I agree with improving them or adding new ones, specially for those who are joining xat nowadays.

    Isn't really needed to remove them,


    They can release new avatars and keep old avatars, adding 0 to read old avatars and without 0 to read new avatars, (this scheme is used on Available's system so devs know about what im talking) and/or an option on the settings tab, remember we also don't have a list of avatars on the HTML5 so this is a great time for suggesting something like this.














    (and we go on...)











  9. Olá,


    Se você já criou a conta parece que ela não foi ativada,  para ativar a conta você deve entrar em seu e-mail e procurar por um e-mail de ativação do endereço de e-mail "info@xat.com",


    Caso não encontre o e-mail significa que o registro não foi concluído, neste caso você deve registrar uma nova ID,

    • Entre em qualquer chat;
    • Clique em seu nome na lista de usuários;
    • Clique no botão "Register" e preencha todos os dados que estão sendo pedidos na página;
    • Após isto irá aparecer uma mensagem para você entrar no seu e-mail e confirma-lo, você deverá ir até o e-mail e confirmar clicando num link enviado pelo "info@xat.com";
    • Após isto você já poderá fazer login em https://xat.com/login.

    Lembre-se de não clicar em links estranhos, confirme se o link que você está entrando começa com " https://xat.com ".

  10. Hello,


    I like your suggestion, mainly if creating this FEATURE as Stifler said,


    It should work with 1 line of css(yeah animation left-to-right or right-to-left and max-width ONLY),


    So it shoudn't be a power because this is too simple for creating, it may be a "boost" for current status power, or maybe allowing people to use it when they have all status powers (glow/color and status).

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