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  1. Well,


    Nice suggestions etc, but just now I thought,


    Before making it a free feature, we need to know if their API is free or paid,


    When it's done, we can have it free or paid.


    I didn't check it if it's paid... but well, I've seen good suggestions here, mainly the drop-down or pop-up instead of boxes.


    This would bring a new style to xat, 8ball will still being used, and with a lot of new features "all-in-one".


    Adding a new option to gcontrol e.g "Who can send giffs [ ] Guests [ ] Members [ ] Mod..." will also allow us to have this same options for other ocasions.


    Per example "Who can send gifts" "Who can send kisses" "Who can send hugs" etc.


    This makes xat more user-friendly, and a lot easier to customise.


    Also giving main owners more power to handle their chats.

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  2. 14 minutes ago, Admin said:

    No I mean why would it look like in the chat 

    (Once its been posted ie how all will see it)

    Same than stickers?


    Just add an effect on clicked it shows bigger.



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  3. 6 minutes ago, Lemona said:

    I think a disadvantage of this is that you aren't able to view the chat as you're searching for a GIF. A button on the smiley line with a small dialog that appears might be more accessible and faster.


    I believe people are talking about something more-so like this (excuse my terrible mock-up but you get what I mean):


    I support this one.


    Also moving stickers/smilies & kisses to there, will make it more user-friendly than boxes.

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  4. Great power,


    It's good to see how someone who had never received any instructions from admins or other smiley makers know how to handle it perfectly,


    Nice job.

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  5. Hey,


    It's a great idea to increase size on Zoom's power (fullscreen maybe), but in HTML5 the avatar is already technically a bit bigger than Flash,


    Look the difference:







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  6. Hello,


    Winners are:

    1. @Maye (xat ID: 1300000) - https://u.xatblog.net/Maye/smilies/
    2. @Pann (xat ID: 396632157) - https://u.xatblog.net/Pan/smilies/
    3. @RobFerrari (xat ID: 129030692) - https://u.xatblog.net/RobFerrari/smilies/

    Congratulations to all the winners, contact @Stif to get your prize!


    You all made beautiful smilies, it's hard to choose among them which are better.


    For those who didn't win this time don't worry, we'll have lots of contests yet!

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  7. Hello,


    The contest has been finished, we beat 50 users online and we did a lot of contests,


    Also a new record is beat, we've started it 12:00 and finished 21:30, it's 9:30h of games!!!


    We have played some games such as: randomuser, randomuser + slots, wheel decide, guess the smiley, make your smilies, xat trivia (nice questions tbh), Darts gamerace and andom giveways.


    We have failed on playing other games such as Matchrace, Spacewar etc, those games are not working or very buggy. We have also failed on handling the bingo game since it was a bit buggy, I will fix it 2moz.


    Sorry for the last point, and thank you for participating from Mundosmilies contest on this day when our community is completing 4 years of existence!

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    My input on this power...


    @Mihay make the main smiley using the glitter effect on a different layer, and all the rest on Bkg, so this would be possible:


    22 hours ago, Solange said:

    Can we please be able to use that glitter on our smilies?


    Per example: (cool#organicwaste)

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  9. 2 hours ago, Admin said:

    What would this look like in the chat ?

    (a picture is worth a 1000 words)

    My suggestion related to this is you using the current 8ball button but just changing a few,


    Instead of opening a new "pop-up" on clicking, it would be on hovering the mouse over button for some seconds, with some tabs.


    But something more user-friendly.


    Per example:


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  10. Hello,


    I have remade all the script, and it's finally finished & moved to a new hosting.


    You can now use it in posts or whatever you wanna use!








    Smilies are:

    Pawns are:



    (this comment will be automatically updated)

  11. Hello,


    In Hungarian some translations are missing,


    Btw, not everything is fully translated on HTML5 since it's not finished yet.


    Some texts will be in English, you can't add any string at the end of the code, all you can do is set using your Settings tab.


    On HTML5 &rl isn't available yet.

  12. ID: 591

    NAME: Organicwaste

    PRICE: 219 xats

    STATUS: Limited

    SMILIES: orapple, orbread, orbuger, orfish, oricecream, ormeat, ororange, orrecycle, orwatermelon

    PAWNS: hat#hL, hat#hb, hat#hf, hat#hi


















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  13. Well, 


    Since language is already related to the country, I don't think it's necessary adding a new field "Country",


    It's a good suggestion adding per language,


    On 5/7/2020 at 7:19 AM, BeaterUser said:

    i don't know for how long xat stores users messages

    xat stores messages for 8 hours.


    I thought this was already added, but it was previously added to Events, nice suggestion too.

  14. Hello,


    Nice suggestion,


    I will work on it to be released later.


    But as xatRadio cannot access xat cookies/localstorage or your account in order to get your xat username/ID It will be based in the name you choose.

  15. 2 hours ago, Paul said:

    maybe also if abused the user loses the power? 

    Yes, this may work xd


    1 hour ago, Norman said:

    If this would let us send the 'and I oop-' sticker I want it. 

    Well, allowing you to make your own stickers, so yes :$

  16. Really, its a simple suggestion, but it's good enough to get implemented.


    Black color & separated lines.


    Btw, I've just see it was supposed to work in the way you've suggested, look each "\n" is a break-line.




    Maybe it's an issue on html5 not replacing \n to <br> up to admins to confirm this (i'm not sure).

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  17. Hey,


    You can use this https://www.autodraw.com/ and share your draws in statuses, posts, twitter etc.


    It's not the best way but work for now!


    There is a lot of pure html/js libraries that can be easily added to the forum.

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  18. Hello,


    I'm suggesting a new power.



    • It requires all sticker powers. Once you have all them you'll have "supersticker", same than allpowers/everypower or other super powers;
    • When you have this power, you can use "png strip" gifs as stickers. For example (supersticker#whttps://i.imgur.com/....);
    • When a new sticker power is added, you will lose this ability to use the Supersticker, in this way it will prevent people from creating images of the current stickers and using them for free.

    Inappropriate (how to deal?)

    • By reporting the images to the image provider, then inappropriate images can be removed;
    • Reporting users via xat.me's "Inappropriate" button.

    Inappropriate (but this isn't enough! - abuse)

    • Images on chats, profiles, avatars, etc can be abused actually, so I think this isn't an argument to blame the main idea, since it can always be reported.

    Why adding this power?

    • Many social networks (such as Facebook or WhatsApp) allows the use of custom images as stickers, why not allow it on xat.com as well? It's something cool!;
    • It would be something innovative that would allow users to create their own, maybe even share or sell;
    • It would be different from other Super powers, since this one would have a function instead of only pawns/smilies.



    When the link ends with .gif it loads directly from the server (since there is a lot of free gifs on Google Images), when it ends with .png so will load using the animation method (png strip). @Junior :$ 


    Prices/images/previews are out to smiley makers/admins to decide about it.

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