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  1. 3 hours ago, Angelo said:

    Only 4 guides have been submitted

    And more than 5 days to read one thread? Rly?!


    3 hours ago, Angelo said:

    I hardly see what this has to do with forum guides

    This is just a example.


    3 hours ago, Angelo said:

    I explained above why they need to be approved: we're trying to make sure they're properly written in English, understandable by all, not incoherent, and useful.

    That's not the part I'm asking for. I've asked why delaying A LOT, for something that can be read in 2/5 minutes and just make final decision, instead of "ignoring" them?


    This is how you think will make more people post on this subforum? I don't think so, customers hates something delaying, if theres no proper staff to review, get more people to in order make this how its supposed to be.


    Theres just a tutorial, something you can read and make your final decision, "mm need something else, gonna contact the author" "hmm its ok, gonna aprove it" thats how it is supposed to be, not delaying days, it doesnt require accounts verifications, logs or whatever. (that was my comparation with tickets, if didn't get it)

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  2. Hello,


    Well, I dont know if you've seen this subforum but it has only 4 posts, delaying a simple process like this is same that is happening to the tickets(always happened, not gonna get into)... How can your guys encourage people to post things on this subforum if theres delay? I dont really know the reason of this, isnt hard read something too short, it isnt encrypted or inside of html codes, im sure any post sent there is clean enough to be understand-able by anyone. If theres not enough staff (on tickets your guys says this is the issue), so give permissions to contributors, who cant do a 'job', leave others to do.


    Its not cool, you written something to help others and need to wait a lot. Definitly this is not a way to encourage others. As you said I've did my post, this was the last one. I wish others have same patience than me. :)


    Adding, next I will make preference posting them on General not as Tutorial, just something random to be sure it wont get into this such of delayed "tutorial approvation".


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  3. Well,


    I liike this idea and of course it would be fine to be created,


    For now I think only bot developers are up to make something like this (free feature, of course), because this requires storing username/xat ID, and they already have this stored in their database. Also needs this for counting time online, etc other stuff related.


    My suggestion related to this is xat creating a API for getting username / xat ID of the user logged in, and we can get this info via JavaScript e.g xat.com/api/getid.php showing {"id":162497,"user":"paulo"} so we can make this in xatRadio for all users for free. All we need is something like this, I personally can make it as the suggestion says.

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  4. Hello,


    I want to ask whats the purpose of having Tutorials sections if we cannot apply then directly?


    Wasn't this supposed to be open and help others users to know more about xat and stuff-related?


    If yes, so why delaying days for just approving/rejecting tutorials, this was supposed to be approved in minutes, tutorials being sent there isn't too long. I hightly suggest your guys to add more groups for approving them, maybe contributors?


    Something that was supposed to be too simple, ppl are always making everything too hard. Why of this?


    (Guidelines: Quality, etc etc), its too hard read 10 - 20 lines and make a final decision about something like a tutorial? I don't think so.



    Personal note: This isn't ticket for delaying a lot.

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  5. Well, now lets point something...


    I think we don't need to make a image hoster, all we need is new image hosters unblocked on xat, actually only Postimages is working fine all others are trashy or paid services...


    So, I will list some which should be unblocked on xat.



    - most used by forums, phpBB etc by default, should unblock all subdomains (languages, assets, image servers)



    - used a lot in random sites, should be unblocked all subdomains (languages, assets, image servers)



    - used a lot in random sites, should be unblocked all subdomains (languages, assets, image servers)



    - used a lot in random sites, should be unblocked all subdomains (languages, assets, image servers) -- i liked it a lot



    - used  lot in random sites, should be unblocked only main domain (its for all)


    @Admin up to admins decide to unblock them or not... All them are older enough 2007 etc... So its all trusted. (NO FLASH FILES ALLOWED!!!)

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  6. Hello,


    The winners are


    - xat ID: 170169160@Bozkurtca



    - https://mundosmilies.com/user/Deff/









    xat ID: 101834553 @NoSense - MS Profile: Alex



    Note: 2nd winner should enable the profile in the next 48 hours otherside the prize will be given to who posted more smilies in the last 15 days.


    Congratulations for you all.


    (sorry for delay I was busy those days)



    Contact @Stif to get your prize.

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  7. Ok, we go..


    57 minutes ago, Bau said:

    But if it is as we think, and not as it really is, why are there people who approve players for someone?

    The only staff is Me, Thuk and Cupim & xat admins (obvious) since the start of the project.


    58 minutes ago, Bau said:

    Why not the xat.com staff?

    xat admins are xat staff, if you meant volunteers/contributors or whatever talking about the "team around it" not really "STAFF"...


    I said this before, this isn't something that anyone can join and simply click deny or allow, everything should be checked manually, codes should be checked if theres nothing bad e.g exploits, redirects etc, read line-per-line and see if everything is ok. This isn't just a lot of images embedded in one file, (e.g: https://github.com/PseudoRAM/Shooting-Game--AS3-/blob/master/src/main.as -- this is not a player)


    I don't think because they are vols or contributors they will have knowledge of coding ActionScript/HTML/JS/CSS (yeah you also need to check every link manually)


    Ignore the part of "HTML" being a coding language, it isn't but yah...


    1 hour ago, Bau said:

    - Why is it not public who does this? (Everyone deserves to know who works at xatRadio).

    Who uploaded the file should know, not everyone... some people keep their work "private" for selling etc.


    1 hour ago, Bau said:

    - More people visit Forum.xat.com than xatRadio.com - More people have the opportunity to come in and be updated with any information on XatRadio.

    Yes, I agree we having a subforum on the forums, but I don't think we should bother forum admins for this, people can always ask on the correct area and we'll reply them.


    1 hour ago, Bau said:

    - If you really have many people to check with the banner, we need more people to work, trustworthy people.

    Banners are xat staff, not xatRadio staff.


    1 hour ago, Bau said:

    - If you really have many people to check with the player, we need more people to work with, reliable people.

    Yes, I agree, the biggest question is "WHO?" same to xat volunteers, we need, its delaying months. But where is trusted people for this?


    7 minutes ago, Bau said:

    Well, I mean, if it's not related to xat´s XatRadio why players should be accepted/approved - ignored/rejected.
    If a person enters xat.com he makes a Register, he wants a radio and a player, he buys from ARCbots, he wants to change an HD player and he doesn't know how, I explain what he has to do and the person says it's a lot to do, not anymore, I want nothing, and leave the xat.com.

    This was happening in the past, what happened then? People were abusing of it, including "trusted people". People were using bad scripts to inject bad codes on your browsers, they were leaking user data (IP, browsers etc), they were using redirect exploits. With xatRadio this won't happen since we check every code/player or whatever is uploaded there. Ahh I forgot to mention that in the past you wasn't able to upload your HTML stuff e.g rules, players etc (only FLASH and it will be deprecated soon).


    This is all to keep xat users safe, to share their work.


    Suggestions are always welcome and I can promise you them will be considered if good enough.

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  8. Well,


    Nothing has been changed for years, including the staff because this isn't something easy to touch, we don't want bad ppl using bad stuff, right.


    T.o.S are there if people atleast read it would see that inapp stuff/encrypt won't be accepted,


    People talking about codes being stolen will be handled as well, I dont think we should take action since 80% of the players are just edited and its base is GNU or MIT license(correct if I'm wrong), but if it was really created, so yes action should be taken by us.


    People says their players were rejected etc, but almost of them have girls showing things that shouldnt be there... They should remember that everything uploaded should br suitable for all.


    All bugs or issues were already fixed a long time ago, the system is fully stable, yet theres not a big amount of people approving players, we do our best and it's a free service, when players are rejected for silly reasons we try to contact the player owner to explain etc (example of this is when its encrypted), we also help them on xat or forum, all this is for keep xat users safe and using a good service.




    Getting on the thread, https://xatradio.com/changelog.txt any change is added here, support can be given sending PM to Thuk, Me or Cupim. It would be nice having a subforum on the forum but it doesnt really worth, it will be useless and inactive for months. I think people can still asking on Questions (subforum) well, its there. You can also get help on xatProject's support page: https://xatproject.com/support/open.php


    Approved/rejected players should be between xatRadio staff and the users directly, not public (to keep privacy things), also I dont think we should say every player that was approved or rejected people already receive emails based on this and they can also see on xatRadio Manage's panel.


    F.A.Q: https://xatradio.com/help

    Terms of Use: https://xatradio.com/terms


    Everything xatRadio users need is thers.

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  9. Hello,


    Can you tell us what is happening?


    And I think you should use newer browsers, e.g Chrome, Opera, Firefox etc. 


    I'm not sure xat is fully optimized for Internet Explorer, including a lot of sites else.


    (I personally recommend you to use Firefox, it's better)

  10. Well,


    It's nice to seem xat getting improved, including we can now run it better on the mobile phones, trading using them etc,


    There is a suggestion:  when someone add all the xat powers, replace this on the other side for "everypower" instead of showing all the powers etc, this would be really great for preventing scams (I dont know if previous comments were talking about this),




    User 1: selling all xat powers (everypower)

    User 2: won't see all the powers list, just "everypower"


    Same to super powers, allpowers, group powers, limited, unlimited etc.


    This will really prevent a lot of scams if getting added because will be clean.


    Ok, now lets say anout the structure of it...


    Something should be changed... Instead of having the option "add all" "remove all", trade app should have a "dropdown menu" where you can add the powers by "group type" e.g Add all limited powers/Remove all limited powers, Add everypower/Remove everypower, Add allpowers/Remove all powers, and we go on... This will make the trading getting a higher level, and less time instead of finding one-by-one...



    Edit: adding another suggestion...


    When clicking on the power name or image it show power information e.g smilies, type, status, price etc... This will be fine to ppl know ehat they are buying. (+/- icons should be rolled back to this work fine)

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  11. Hello,


    This is a mistake and it should be fixed soon,


    Old register.php page isn't online anymore. but it this issue may be fixed soon.




    My suggestion to admins: xat.com/register should be to register new users, on the past it worked just when you clicked on the button "Register" on the chat, this should be changed... xat.com/register may work showing the correct form based on auser3's stuff, not based in args ( $_GET ).

  12. On 9/5/2019 at 2:06 AM, Solange said:

    That's true, they are also very territorial, but that's their nature.

    Not really this part I meant,


    I mean, I don't like them, because I already have one, all the time he's on neighbors, he just came back to eat, 5 minutes later "puft" is out,


    They just want their food, cats doesnt care for ppl (diff than dogs that can protect you etc), they just run out.


    I have 1 cat, 7 squirrels, 1 vole (big rat), and 1 corn snake,


    Cat is worse than all: lazy, they don't care for you, they just waste your money,


    That's all.


    Dogs > Cats.

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