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  1. Sup guys,


    I'm here just for sharing something I have made, it's not too inovative or whatever, but just for fun,


    Well, I have made a script for showing latest power information (AS IMAGE) in real-time (including smilies, pawns etc),


    All the system has caching for images (I DONT WANT TO CRASH MY SERVER LOL), so,


    I'm releasing it for you, so you can embed it on your xatspace or chat group (thx admins)


    So, all you need to do is use this URL ( https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/all ) as image on your profile/chat group, using the following code:

    <img src="https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/all">
    • You can remove stroke text by adding ?nostroke on the end of the URL.
    • You can set the language by adding ?lang on the end of the URL. (Languages available: en, pt, es)


    Some examples:

    <!-- (WITH STROKE/ENGLISH) -->
    <img src="https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/all">
    <!-- (WITH STROKE/SPANISH) -->
    <img src="https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/all?lang=es">
    <img src="https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/all?nostroke&lang=pt">


    Available links:


    Real-time Demo:


    (yeah I have bought power me to all those accounts, just to separate them according)


    I would make a post on forum to "update power automatically" but seems that forum staff didn't unblock this domain (CSP), so, we go on...



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  2. New updates are up (AGAIN!)

    • Sticker generator fixed and updating automatically
    • Commands for staff added (https://prnt.sc/q6ajtx)
    • Sitemaps fixed (it will be back on Google)
    • User panel fixed, there was a bug on login
    • Mundosmilies forum rolled back

    Well, as I have said I've rolled back Mundosmilies forum (https://forum.mundosmilies.com). We do not want to compete or in any way attempt to replace the official xat forum.



    • Our only focus is to try to help people in a more open and free way, which they can express themselves in their own languages (not only english), we will not interfere with any kind of xat forum activity, nor post links on it (advertise), our links will only be posted in our chat/website. As previously existed the Mundoxat forum, but it was forgotten, abandonated by the staff. Ours has exactly the same intention but internationally, and our focus is just the same, helping xat users as open as possible to everyone. It was asked by our users, so, finally I had time to finish it and put on to everyone.
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  3. Hello, new changes are up!

    • Some APIs (chatid, findpowers, powerinfo, whatis) added
    • Some URLs were conflicting (I think, anyway fixed)
    • Pagination added to user smilies (prevents lag)
    • Top posters (7/15 days) removed
    • Few changes on design
    • Dark mode remade
    • Internal changes
    • Speed boost

    A surprise has been added, you will find out soon!7

  4. This power is Limited,


    It was added as "Unlimited" to Tradexat wrongly...


    Well, I've changed status to Limited (as it's on xat.com/powers), bots providers just need to update their cache.


    About the price, it's because powers always get up/down based on the epoch, selling amount, etc.. (just like dollar)

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  5. Hello,


    Contest has finished,


    Well, I have decided to give the prize to 5 first people,


    You have 72 hours to catch your prize, or it will be given to the next.


    Please contact me on: Mundosmilies or Ajuda



    1. Caiio (286878393) -- GOT THE PRIZE
    2. iB0rn (1529294060) -- GOT THE PRIZE
    3. xMedhi (10881088)-- GOT THE PRIZE
    4. UnderDream12 (257605296)
    5. Abrahannnn (1534445130) -- GOT THE PRIZE


    Full list:



    Full video:


    Congratulations to all winners!

    Others, do not give up hope, every week have new contests in the forum, and everyone has a new chance to win!

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  6. 1 hour ago, Solange said:

    You can simply delete your status message if someone starts bothering you about it. However, this is an interesting suggestion, selecting a group of people(in this case, people you have added to your friends list) to be able to see your status message doesn't sound like a bad idea.


    Anyway, that doesn't mean that your friends wouldn't bother you because of your status message. Furthermore, imagine if someone has something inappropriate as status message while visiting an official chat, moderators wouldn't be able to take actions about it unless they're friends of the person who has it.


    Like I said, I don't think this is a bad idea, but there are factors that should be taken into account.

    Or just disable power status, you wont lose your custom status,


    I dont think inapp status would be an issue if no1 can see it lol


    But it would cause confusion between users.

  7. Hello,


    According to what I know so far, you need to buy xats directly from https://xat.com/buy and resell them.


    You need to send a ticket and ask them to be reseller:


    1. Go to https://xat.com/ticket and click "Open"

    2. Fill all fields, and select department "General"

    3. Fill subject with at least 5 words, and in message field explain why you want to be reseller, etc...


    Note: Any message should be written in English.

    Note²: You should be paid user to send a ticket in this department.

  8. 4 hours ago, Shizuo said:

    Good thing that only a few people still don't understand the point of this change, the ones that still don't understand, maybe you should try to think about it before typing all of this. Crow made it clear enought.

    He explained it very clearly.

    And no need for drama aswell. (grump)

    Well, atleast based on prints Ive seen this isnt really happening, vols/forum mods saying will remove reputation, then apply warn. Is this really fair? 


    They can simply disable reputation on profile statuses or allow, but if something is there is to be used lol... Freedom... Freedom tsk tsk, I dont think so, ALLOW or DENY not "MAYBE"... I dont think forum staff or vols can judge people just because "I THINK", same to any other people, actions should be based in facts.


    People can spam reactions in profiles, you will get reputation reset, what about other reactions you got? Cleared? Is this fair?? (NOTE: THIS ISNT CLEAR)


    Well, I think after some resets you will get warn or ban, so... What if you didnt break guidelines? Based in other' actions you will be punished? 


    Who reacted should be punished, NOT who received reactions. (Exactly what I have seen in prints, someone(STAFF) saying will warn someone because of reactions) which is totally unfair to this person.


    Just allow button 'Disable reactions in this post' and 'Disable reactions in statuses' this is the minimum forum staff would do.

  9. People are talking about freedom, so why isn't yet a button called "DISABLE REACTIONS" on our profiles?


    Better than getting warnings/ban or whatever for something that isn't our fault,


    Vols, forum mods or whatever can't judge this based on their "mind", this should be done fairly, there is some people getting likes/trophies on profiles and getting warnings or PMs, what if those people giving likes or trophies on profiles aren't their friends are your guys just applying unfair warning/bans/punishes?


    I've got some prints that forum staff doesnt care about what the user say when this happen, they just care about "THIS IS WHAT IVE SEEN/I THINK", is this fair?


    Reputation system should be remade, adding a new "icon" isn't enough yet, actions can't be done just because "SOMEONE THINKS"... actions should be made based in facts.

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  10. I support this idea,


    I think this is not really hard to make, and I dont see any negative points, why?


    1. Just because it will have one more password wont cause confusion lol, actually you already have 2 passwords (your account / your chat), you will just have +1 on this list.


    2/. This isnt really an issue since who created the chat can make their own rules, ppl unhappy with the chat staff can just get out.


    3. Replying...

    1 hour ago, Abrahan said:

    Among the negative aspects, I don't think that many people have the interest of sharing their radio IP with someone they don't trust, nor do they want people to be able to make an exact plagiarism of their chat with the Changelogs. Therefore, if a password will be necessary to view this type of records or set the minimum range to view them

    This isnt really "private" any chat info is fully public https://xatblog.net/api/chatinfo/Mundosmilies


    Well, it's also important store in those logs:


    1. Mains changing chat password

    2. Mains changing/touching on power Manage

    3. Login logs (on edit), it's good to make sure someone else logged using other ids, this isnt something just related to logs, its related to the security!

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  11. Well, I'm according to you so,


    Getting into, we can have a new tab on when you click your name ("settings, macros, etc)  a new option "Send custom message" idk a good name but yah...


    On this tab it would have 4 buttons "Send kisses" "Send hugs" "Jinx" and "Send stickers".


    Or simply add all those buttons to the 8ball (on smileybar) instead of a new menu.


    It would be good in this way "all-in-one", if this will be hard or make xat ugly, so why not adding it as app to "Apps" tab, easier, no?


    There's really a lot of ways to add this.


    Maybe a small smiley on the textbar, you click and it shows you 4 options? Flaty.


    Up to admins to choose the best one, ideas are there.


    This all is just to make xat user-friendly, this is really needed.

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  12. This seems too old way,


    What about autofill?


    I type on HTML5 chat:




    (WITH DOT ON THE END), and it automatically shows a list to select or just see idk (such as Google autofills inputs)


    Also on the end of this select/list it shows 3 inputs (text, glow and color)


    Simple, easy and can be done fastly. Its more mobile-frendly.

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  13. Well, I've looked up for this extension,


    Seems that IPS forums actually does not support this such of feature,


    But I would like see this added, such xat HTML5 is working actually (sending desktop notifications).

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