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  1. I'm almost sure it's not the best, but here we go...


    Basically I did it using only HTML & CSS, no images, this make easier to edit later if you want.


    Yes, I did it following RTL (Right to Left), since it's a arabic help chat.


    Outer background#0c2461 (it's required for some weird reason)


    xatframe url: https://frames.xatblog.net/frames/mosa3adeh.html


    Demo: https://xat.com/images?cb=1337




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  2. 2 hours ago, RobFerrari said:

    so the participants make their animations with standards in equality

    They never said that "animations" were prohibited.


    Basically it was asked for "cool animations", and that's exactly what the winners did.


    Whoever used audio I'm sure they wouldn't need the audio to win, because this is just an extra (bonus). Nobody ever said that it'd be prohibited, and everything that isn't prohibited is allowed.


    Let's also remember that GIFs greatly limit the quality of images.


    Finally, congratulations all winners, you all deserve it!


    Tip for next: https://xatblog.net/smiley/ :$

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  3. 51 minutes ago, Cupim said:

    xat is xat.


    51 minutes ago, Cupim said:

    I don't think that's a sufficient reason.




    I don't get the logic behind this.

    Basically you said that we can't have this system because you don't like it? So based on that I can use my argument that it can be enabled or disabled by the main owner of the chat in question (it's their choose). It's a matter of freedom, not everyone likes the same color, or same background.

    "Edit messages" system is a basic thing nowadays... always the words in favor of xat was modernization, but saying that adding a system isn't important because it already exists somewhere doesn't make sense.

    And as I said, not everyone thinks the same, this may be good for some, but it can be annoying for others. (not allowing to edit messages) -- that's why it should be choose by main owners.

    xat will still be xat, but with improvements. I still think that adding a system will not affect that.



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  4. 1 hour ago, Cupim said:

    I'm against it. Chat is a instant messaging service. 


    Why get rid of the fun of letting users do typos?

    Why stop users from correcting their typos in the next messages?


    It's xat chat.


    No xat post

    No xat mail



    Tell this to Skype or Discord users, which is a big part of xat population.


    Btw, this can cause discomfort and embarrassing situations, people don't always want to take things for fun, per example typos.


    About trading and help chats, its up to main owners to decide (with Gcontrol or free feature) if they want to enable this option in their chats. Available for all chats, ofc.


    I personally don't see any problem in adding this system. I agree, and I fully support it.

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  5. 24 minutes ago, Sydno said:

    It's called recommender system. It would be cool but it's not that easy to do, it usually involves dimension reduction, matrix factorization, markov process...


    And data of course, which are most likely not available.

    Well, yes.


    But based on chat categories this can be easily fixed,


    Or it can be also based on chat name similarity, PHP and MySQL have full support for it and xat is using them so it's not too hard, btw I think atleast similarity is enough, per example I join a chat called Anime a lot during the day, after some time, xat will start recommend me chats like AnimeAndSongs or Animations etc...


    It also should work based on chat tags (since it were never used correctly, xat did a cool tags system but blocked crawlers/bots to index chats in search engines, nosense tbh).


    Finally I say, based on language + similarities + tags + chat categories, it'd give users cool suggestions about new chats. My suggestion behind all, since I'm almost sure xat won't consider adding chat categories, is that it can be stored in LocalStorage all chats that were visited by the user, xat doesn't need to store this data in their servers, basically when loading the "suggested chats" page it would load all data in LocalStorage, how many times you joined etc, based in this info you can easily know what are the best chats for you.

  6. Well,


    I would like to see something like this added, but instead of adding a word clickable or enabling translator, well, why not "select & translate" easily?


    You select a text or phrase and it will show a button called "Translate", you click it and based on the language you set in Translator settings & current chat settings, it'll be able to translate and show in a tooltip.


    Easy, no?

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  7. 32 minutes ago, Jasminex said:

    Also its a good way to find your favorite type of chats based on interest (suggested), in the future we could have new/custom categories as you mentioned. 


    Yes, as Cupim said in xat5,


    It would be good having this because xat can make something like "listing chats by category" or even searching then (on new search page!!!)


    It's something that I also agree.

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  8. Hello,


    I want to suggest something that I think it's a good idea since it's used a lot by big companies such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and Ad services.


    Well, I don't remember the correct name, although I have already studied about this, but I will call it "algorithm of interests".


    My suggestion is simple (at least in theory), xat would have to keep the chats that users have joined for a certain time, for example 1 month. Based on these user activities, in the homepage we would have a new tab called "suggested chats". (maybe by default?)


    A lot of information can be used to create this feature such as chat names, languages, tags, descriptions etc, or even categories (if xat wanna make "chat category" where it would have Animes, Radios, Lobby etc...).


    It doesn't break GPDR, since any such of information stored by a company can be used for improvements to what the user wants to see.


    (Ignore errors I'm on mobile)

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  9. 23 minutes ago, Angelo said:



    Sharkback seems to not be working! 



    I think he meant to be a "gback" smiley,


    It seems to be working on Gback. (not sure if it was supposed to be)


  10. 1 hour ago, Stif said:

    maybe less for trading chats

    After this I think it would be a Gcontrol option, since not all main owners will want messages being edited on their chats

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  11. Nice power me gusta a lot tu power.


    Jk, well, grats its a good power and something different than others. And It's also good to see that you can now make the powers you suggested before.


    I like it.

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  12. 3 minutes ago, Solange said:

    I think including edited messages where general events of a chat appear such as demoting or promoting someone, kicking and banning people, among others, would look like a mess. If we want edited messages to appear in a specific page just how Events power works, then I'd say a separate page can be created for edited messages only.

    Agreed, well on new HTML5 chats page it would be cool having a new tab sided to "events"

  13. Just now, Jasminex said:


    Yeah I already mentioned the "Edited" part, also regarding the old previous message, I can't think of a good looking / efficient way to show old messages, probably using a pop-up or something like the one we see when we hover over someone's username.

    Yes, I agree, but it also should be showing on Events, just in case... (xd) 

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  14. Basically,


    I have see people saying it's DDoS attacks or something like, but xat is not suffering DDoS attacks,


    Admins are restarting xat servers to update something in HTML5 (remember it's not fully stable), and correct if I'm wrong, but I think HTML5 servers are running together to Flash, so if one is restarted, others will also be restarted.


    Btw, I'm not sure theres a backup server (like it was in chats ids 1-8), but, it seems not.


    Finally, I am against any kind of fake news that is already spreading around.

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  15. Well I love this suggestion and I would like see it being added, but...

    1. Messages MUST BE showing "Edited".
    2. When editing messages MUST BE listed on Events power.


    In this way, it wont cause a lot of chaos.

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