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  1. Hello,


    Since xat login got changed we can't have tickle anymore (finally?),


    Well, my idea is that we can have a new such of protection... In the past I've suggested xat adding SMS codes, but as we know it is pay-per-usage,


    I don't really know how older is Account Kit, but I know that, a lot of sites/apps are using it (including Uber) and it's becoming popular.


    Is it safe? Yes, sure m8, it's owned by Facebook, then, why not?!


    Some methods allowed to receive the 6-digit code is via Facebook notification, SMS, WhatsApp etc...


    We can have it as account protection, enabling tickle again, why not?!


    Finally IT IS FREE!!!



    Documentation: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/accountkit/




  2. Hello,


    This is an issue related to 2018, when we had a problem, nothing too sensitive, but we're solving it, is not a xat or xatRadio's fault, Google/Chrome are caching a old blocked player, but soon will be working!


    For now I just recommend clicking in "continue anyways" it doesnt promote any such of risk for you.


    Adding, Google has been alerted about the error already.

  3. I dont think it will be added, at least not right now, since, it needs to be added a few lines in flash and html5, server side and i didnt see admins updating flash anymore... Then, I think we can have it, but when flash be deprecated 100%, in future, not now.


    I like the idea, and I think it would be fine to be used in Events.

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  4. On 4/23/2019 at 9:32 AM, Nathan said:

    or even limit amount of registered accounts on any given IP address. imo, nobody needs more than 3 accounts

    Already existant, nobody can have more than 2 accounts logged in same chat, 2 is the max, registered or not, but the issue is that people can still using raids because they can use proxies to register/connected to the xat.



    But think, a fair point, nobody will make raids, bot spam or whatever with registered accounts because banning is 1, 2 seconds to do. Seeking for proxies, registering, unblocking location, fixing ERRORS F016 its more than 5min each of their users.


    Then I think spam limit should be disabled for registered users, or atleast lower, e.g to protect against ticket spam, lot of useless messages on PM/PC (OR ATLEAST FIX NOPM/NOPC, SINCE HTML5 IS BEING WORKED...).


    This suggestion may be taken.


    @Admin yooo


    Finally... Allow only people added on friends to bypass NOPM/NOPC, and disable this limit for registered users. Simple like that.

  5. 1 hour ago, Crow said:

    we may need an efficient way to contact users when we're removing their content, otherwise they might start posting "Who removed my message?", "Why was my message removed?"

    I confirm, this doesnt happen not even in xat forum. :)


    I like the idea, but adding stuff like that isnt same than other social networkings make their way already?


    If it is related to updates and stuff like, why not embedding Facebook or Twitter? Better and easier.

  6. I support the idea we can add t-shirts to smilies, xavis and pawns (permanent hats NOT TEMP!!!)


    It would be cool having current flags, because all football teams will be a lot of work, suggesting later xat wont do it, so better we select something from the web like "top 100 teams" make the t shirts and add to smilies, xavis and pawns. On smilies we can atleast have the colors related to the flag atleast, it would be cool, there is no power using this schema, adding multiple colors (not supercycle, cycle, colors powers... They just add one color only) the suggestion is that we can add the flags like nameflag. Same effects, flags and more teams (selected from the top 100, top 1000, idk).

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  7. Actually xatRadio, FairTrade, BBcodes and xatProject blogs are not working due to internal issues,


    We are having issues, but, may be fixed in few hours,


    Please wait until it be done.

  8. 27 minutes ago, Nathan said:


    (I do think a 7 day hold is sufficient, vs 28 days)


    1 hour ago, Crow said:

    user would be held for 28 days after doing it (as it is currently).



    Why your guys worry a lot of blocking users? Only xat does that and IT IS BORING A LOT, you can change your on... Twitter, Facebook, Rockstar Social Club, PSN, Gmail, Outloook, XBOX, and none of them will block you for changing your email.


    This is absolutely invalid argument "ohh more security", trust me, we have security enough, users should pay more attention what they do, not all the rest pay for what 1 or 2 users does wrong.


    Actually there is a lot of security and nothing related to the account, just human issues, "transfer me or you will be block", selling powers and getting blocked, being asked to pay just for changing email.


    This all is worse than allowing users to simply change THEIR EMAIL from THEIR ACCOUNT.

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  9. Agree.


    It's weird how isnt added yet.


    But I know right the reason,


    We cant change our account, or chat email without asking ticket, first part is this.


    Second part is waiting in xAdmin's department for them simply change your email, well at least groups.


    Then, 1000 xats for them to transfer the ticket, see where is the logic it didnt get added yet?



    I agree with @Leandro, but not just on accounts, this should be added to groups too.

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  10. When your connection is closed sometimes it still alive for a few minutes 5  ~ 15 minutes.


    Solution: Just wait, you will be able to connect soon. Or ask someone from the chat staff to kick you.


    This happen when you have internet issues, when your device or browser is crashed or when you have any issue related to the connection (you switched your modem/router without using button Sign Out).

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