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  1. I like it this.


    Would be good if boosting Gold power to add more colours (since EP is a bit expensive, seems fair), it may help to increase Gold's price too.


    But, we have something like this already, no? Everypower + Pink:



  2. 2 hours ago, Henrique said:

    because you volunteers don't start investing in xat with a certain amount?

    LOL, did i read that?


    They are volunteers, they are already working for free.


    Why does they need to pay for help? This is nosense.


    I agree that xat would open to investors, but, first xat need a marketing team to start ads on social communities, spend a bit of $$ and a lot of other steps.


    Simply opening it to investors won't help.


    Also it's a paid feature because xat needs to pay hosting, domains, servers, forum licenses. Per month this can easily reach 1000 USD.


    xat doesn't sell your information to AdSense/AdWords etc, so it's very fair, if you want something you pay for.

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  3. 28 minutes ago, Enter said:


    Not really. You could get nitro for a year on discord for just $100 USD // 9.99 per month -> (Nitro classic is $50 per year // 4.99 per month). AND you don't even "need" nitro to enjoy discord at its fullest. You can share actual pictures, the mobile app isn't buggy and is extremely user-friendly, there's voice calling too (these features are FREE by the way). You don't even need powers to indicate your online status. You can get bots on servers for free too.


    xat has always been lacking in this regard and though the new HTML5 additions are very welcome and show xat is heading towards the right direction, there's a reason why xat is still unpopular compared to modern platforms like Discord. Therefore, I agree that xat should opt for more "free" features like the react emotes.

    Maybe I agree in something like:


    Free -> limited smilies/reactions

    Paid -> any smiley/reaction


    That would be the best option for it.

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  4. 10 minutes ago, Christina said:

    I do not think it would be too difficult of an app to make.

    I mean about its logic, I understood that would be the best way having it's own app.


    But nice, not too hard to create.

  5. Does it look like we'd have something like insta filters, changing backgrounds, adding smileys, texts etc to these images.


    Then uploading to xat.me (on xat's storage/servers),


    Am I right?

  6. Hola,


    En el pasado habia algunos powers que aunque no eran de grupo, era posible activarlos (cuando xat estaba en la versión Flash).


    Con el nuevo HTML5, ya no es posible dar Assign/Un-assign.


    Este problema es un poco más "complejo" porque solo los admins de xat pueden solucionarlo.


    Le recomiendo que envie un ticket en el departamento de "Account Block" explicando su situación, para que el ticket se pueda transferir al departamento correcto (xAdmin), o puede ponerse en contacto con un voluntario a traves de un mensaje privado para abrir tu ticket.


    Recuerda que debes de escribir todo en ingles.


    Voluntario: https://forum.xat.com/staff/

    Ticket: https://util.xat.com/support/open.php

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  7. 2 hours ago, Crow said:

    But it might also be unrealistic for admins, smiley makers and xat developers to review and decide on every single suggestion posted by users there.

    The idea is that moderation sends the suggestions and approval rate to the admins, they shouldn't decide for the users, just resend their opinion.


    3 hours ago, Crow said:

    They're the ones who ultimately make the final decisions on these things, and we can't decide on their behalf what will or won't be added

    The final decision remains the devs/smiley makers/admins, the idea of the system is just to have more transparency for users, or at least a concrete answer.


    3 hours ago, Crow said:

    It might be too time-consuming.

    As mentioned before, the Contributors group was created exactly for that, to be the voice of the users, the bridge between them and the admins. So they could do that if volunteers feel too busy.


    3 hours ago, Crow said:

    On the current Google Form, our strategy is to ask for suggestions rather than just opinions like "What do you think about XYZ", because then we're going deeper and looking to fix and improve something. But maybe that's something we could do differently.

    Again, the idea of these surveys is different from the idea of having a chat/forum/form to send suggestions.


    My idea is to give users the opportunity to give their opinion about the current situation of xat from their point of view, monthly. If possible also have suggestions for improvements, but this isn't a requirement.


    These forms won't be about suggesting anything they want, but about their point of view, their felling, what they are thinking about xat, if they like how it's going etc. Not something like "I have a suggestion for a new power/feature".


    Giving users a way to express themselves will help xat know which part they're failing on, why users are leaving, and other issues that so far no one has proven answers.

  8. My idea about Suggestions wasn't to replace the way the suggestion system currently works (Feedback chat, Suggestions forum etc).


    But after reading @Guinho's idea, I think it'd be the best alternative.


    In the past there was something like this, xat vote (xat.com/vote - check here) and it looks like it was better than now.


    I want to leave an example of how it'd work:  

    1. User post a suggestion.
    2. Other users post their opinions about the suggestion.
    3. In 7-10 days the forum moderation wil close the "Suggestion" and on the end of the month will be sent a list of all suggestions and their percent of approval/rejection to admins.
    4. Admins choose what'll be approved/rejected and forum moderation update the "Suggestion status".

    That's easy!


    1 hour ago, Jasmine said:

    Regarding polls, I agree with you... when there is a major split in views a poll can determine the decision, especially in topics such as that one about( influencers/verification system/celebrity pawn... or whatever that was).

    My idea about Google Form is for xat to create surveys, to see how things are going i.e support, html5 development, powers release etc.


    These questions will be answered by users, and I'm sure this will help a lot in what next steps xat should take.



    "The best way to prove you value your customers is to listen to them."


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  9. 4 minutes ago, Christina said:

    Did we not have a feedback chat long ago for this?


    1 hour ago, Mister said:

    With this topic, we would be creating a subforum within the forum itself.

    I didnt say we need a "new way of suggesting stuff"


    I meant that would be good something like a "monthly/annual user feedback" where people can have a say, be heard, comment what they think about the current state of xat. That's my whole idea, I'm not suggesting to we have a new group, subforum, chat or whatever... Just a Google Form with some questions, it will be something like a survey (thx slint for remember me the correct word). Don't confuse "feedback" with "suggestions", it's supposed to be a survey not a place to post.


    E.g. A new form is created today and on the 31th of this month it will be closed, on the 1st of the next month we'll see the public results, like: 18% of people choosen that support needs improvement, 82% of people choosen that it's fine...


    And the other part of my suggestion is that smiley makers/admins have a better interaction on the "most popular suggestions of the week", I don't think this is hard.

  10. 3 minutes ago, Steven said:

    But what makes you think these ideas will be listened to or valued?

    But the idea of this post is exactly to bring attention so that suggestions can be heard. Even with a "no", it would be enough to contain the reason (from them).


    34 minutes ago, Steven said:

    meaningful topics.

    In this part I don't agree, even at the beginning, because all users that suggest here are paid users, they should be heard regardless of whether a group says if it is something that should or not be passed to admins.


    37 minutes ago, Steven said:

    The only way this will ever work is if the admins actually want it to work. 

    Again, my idea is to change that, smiley makers/admins can answer some posts, I believe that during the week only 5-10 suggestions are created, it's easy to follow and doesn't take a lot of time.


    31 minutes ago, Abrahan said:

    I remember in the past something similar was done to request feedback on a specific topic (I think it was an update) and the Official Chats were used to promote the form, this is not a bad idea.


    Thanks for the suggestion!

    Yeah, I think it was because of the HTML5 recent updates.


    My whole idea is to bring attention to user' posts, and that they can be heard, it doesn't matter if will be or not added, a YES or NO & the reason is enough for some of them, better than keep their discouragement.


    This will even help admins to know what can be changed/in what xat is failing (helping, releasing powers etc).

  11. Hello laddies,


    As I said in another post, I wanted to propose a suggestion, for volunteers/contributors to start a discussion with the admin about "feedback" so that users' opinions can be heard, and we'll  know what they think, what can improve, how to improve etc. This would help xat make decisions about the next steps to be taken, rather than just a few opinions. Google Forms can be used for it.


    I've been looking for it, and it looks that xat has never did anything like that. It would be a new way of listening to users, giving them a voice.


    Some questions you can use:

    • ID/username
    • What do you think about the current support?
    • What do you think about the xat powers?
    • Do you think they are being released very often?
    • Do you would like to see a new power on xat? If yes, what would it be?
    • Do you feel like your suggestions are being heard? If not, why?
    • ...



    • Ask the questions objectively so that all users can answer (multiple choices/writing).
    • Make the results transparent, it's also important for users to know what others think. Do not keep them secret.
    • Don't let it be just a feedback form, consider the suggestions, listen to them. Currently in the Suggestions subforum there are many suggestions, but few of them are considered.
    • Ask help chats main owners to promote this between their staff/scroller, so more people will know about its existance and give true their opinion.



    More replies from volunteers, admins and smiley makers on the suggestions. This will show to users that they are being heard. It's not good to have the Suggestions subforum and a specific chat for that if they have the feeling of not being heard, it brings discouragement. By hearing to them, you promote discussions on the subject, understand the users' views, etc.

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  12. Ok, I'll give my replies (don't quote me, plz, I won't reply).



    @Flake: We all (you, me, others) are users, we give our opinions/suggestions, whether they will be accepted or not, it's not up to us to decide.


    Everyone knows about the shortcomings that xat has been having over the last few years, such as when tickets were delayed for 6-8 months in 2016/2018, or time delay in HTML5 to be finalized, but that's all because xat is focused on volunteer work (devs, support etc), it's a decision of the admins to be like that, many sites still have this kind of support (although some of them also have the paid alternative). E.g: Google has paid support for subscribers, and forums so people can help each other. Facebook, there's community support and there's also more professional support (which actually get paid). cPanel sells licenses, it's the biggest company for that matter, it has community support, others prefer to pay for help (65 USD), customers keep using it because they like it.


    I think you understand what I mean, and yes I think xat would have a paid support and community support like any other company, I've always been in favor of that.


    When I said about "being ungrateful" it was because there are people who started helping, and then in pvt or unofficial chats they started saying they were working like slaves (yes, that word). I know volunteers, contributors, wiki members, help chats staff who did this, but at the same time they didn't want to lose their rank. That's being ungrateful and hypocritical, because they were never forced to.


    If when you mentioned that "there are other issues" you mean for example: 90% of the suggestions on the forum are not considered even being good and having great feedback, or the fact that some powers are not working (even if they are paid), ok, I fully agree with this.


    @xMarco: I think you misunderstood, or expressed yourself wrong. I gave the Windows example, because you are buying xat products, this cannot be considered "helping xat/users".

    If your idea is for xat to release/add new pawns in the xat store, I support your idea.


    @Christina: I used the word "ex staff" because even though they are not being paid, they can be called "unpaid staff/unpaid xat staff", it is not incorrect.


    BTW, I never said that you got something, you brought up that subject now. I said you know that some groups work harder than others. Remember that there are people coding, creating smilies, translating etc.




    Adding: I wasn't the one who said about "hate" so dont tag me.


    Getting back to the subject of the post, read the title plz, title says "for influencers". It was said in the last lines that the pawn will be given to some user groups, and also specified that it may be removed at any time.


    I think to avoid all this kind of drama, contributors/volunteers would talk to admins so they can open a "Google Form" to get feedback from users, as everyone has commented on a lot of different topics. This has never been raised by xat, and it would be a good idea to know which way xat should go, rather than just focusing on the opinion of the few users who have more voice. If this is done, please leave the results public for better transparency.

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