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  1. Hello,


    I'm going to talk about a subject that should have been touched on a long time ago. Support system.


    Why making everything manual and/or delayed or extra work for volunteers or admins, when it can be done automatically?


    Some examples of things that should be removed from the ticket:

    • Locked out
    • Lost auth
    • Lost access
    • Location update
    • Email change/hint
    • Shortnames/groups


    They could be easily solved just by using pages, which would do things quickly, effectively without having to wait for anyone to answer/fix their issues.


    Imagine that you are blocked because you have logged in to your account outside the place you usually access. What is the first step you would take? Yes, you would send a ticket in "Locked Out" that would possibly be received with the same questions as always, and if the answers aren't correct, it would be necessary to answer more questions, however, you have to wait for them to make the checks, formulate the new questions etc... Ofc, this can be done simply using a page, where you would answer the questions and if necessary answer more questions. Human interaction isn't necessary in this kind of help. Same for almost all account-related departments. 


    Ok, now, the department of shortnames or groups, imagine that you want to buy a shortname/group that has been inactive for a long time, but you need to submit a ticket, it wouldn't be more quickly to create a page where the user would fill in login, pass, and the shortname/group desired? Then if this user has the required xats amount automatically the shortname/group will be released to buy.


    This would reduce the number of tickets, help requests, and also save everyone's time (volunteers, admins and the users themselves).

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Chancellor said:

    With all due respect that's not very brilliant, Some users would join xat just because they found the app on google play, neglecting it wouldn't be very smart. I believe the app needs to be updated to attract new users and as I mentioned before the future of xat is the app. 

    I agree,


    I know it'd be better to remove the old app from the stores, and upload this new one,


    Maybe in the future we'll see that.

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  3. Hellau laddies,


    I've wanted to talk about this subject in the past,


    Well, in my opinion I think it would be a good idea to allow both (GIF/PNG STRIP), because when you use a GIF directly, you will have limitations, colors, quality and the fact that transparency doesn't exist,


    On the other hand, we have the PNG that supports all this and more,


    So why not allow both of them?

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  4. 20 minutes ago, lcky said:

    buying powers

    I agree we don't have a lot of power auction, it'd be a nice idea to have atleast 3 or 4 power auction every year, this may not affect the market,


    But rushing IDs will just drop their prices, it's bad for resellers and final users.

  5. Nice,


    I have already seen this suggestion on the forum, and I agree that it'd be a good idea to have a page where users could sell powers, shorname or large amounts of days.


    Perhaps in the near future we'll see this implemented.

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  6. 43 minutes ago, AnaAlfacinha said:


    Bom, acabei de testar aqui,


    Realmente é um bug, até amanhã já vai estar corrigido,


    Eu vou te avisar quando estiver funcionando novamente!

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  7. 34 minutes ago, AnaAlfacinha said:

    Olá, eu estou fazendo por aqui: https://i.xat.wiki/sc/ e já tentei várias vezes e não dá. O problema não é a maneira como estou fazendo, porque se fosse isso os outros xats tinham o mapa e não têm, não há nenhuma sala de xat que tenha o mapa a funcionar, portanto o problema será do xat.com. Aliás eu já fui ao xat ajuda e uma pessoa de lá também foi tentar colocar um mapa numa sala e reportou o mesmo problema. Em todas as salas no local onde devia de estar o mapa aparece isto: "invalid n".

    Me passa qual o código que você está tentando usar.

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  8. This Issue has been fixed, dots can now be used on the Facebook bbcode.


    You can use this code to your xatspace or chat group: 






    Example ( [box:fbposts:420:270:xat.chats] ):


  9. 3 minutes ago, slatki said:


    Thank you for your help. i have also tried this option and it also refuses to accept. I’m wondering if I should wait for the problems to be resolved or I don’t know how to do it. What do you suggest?




    It’s not a problem with generators,


    The current problem is that dots are not allowed in the page name, and it's causing the error,


    You can wait until the problem is fixed or change the URL to something that doesn't contain dots. 

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  10. Hello,


    If you have a complaint about a specific chat, you should not create a topic on the forum as per General Guideline #10.


    Instead, you should contact the manager of the chat (Kaul) in private on the chat or via the forum. If Kaul is not online on the chat, you can click "send message" from the menu at the top right above the chat and file a report containing substantive detail and evidence where necessary.


    Alternatively, if you have contacted Kaul and believe they are not taking the appropriate action, you can click "inappropriate" from the same menu above the chat and file a report there with substantive detail and evidence. You may also submit a ticket at xat.com/ticket, again with with substantive detail and evidence. Please note, there is no guarantee any action will be taken.


    If you require further information about this, please contact a volunteer on the forum and they will assist you in private.

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  11. Hello,


    You can report a volunteer or anyone else who holds a important rank in xat at info@xat.com.


    This way you can contact the xat administrators directly.


    More information:


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