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  1. Hello,


    xatRadio is no longer accepting SWF players.


    Ler em português



    xatRadio já não está aceitando players que sejam em SWF



    Leer en español



    xatRadio ya no está aceptando players que sean SWF.


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  2. Hey,


    I'm suggesting something that isn't a big change but would be cool, it could be done in two ways, second way is optional.


    First suggestion:

    Basically it's just a small edit for "Tags" input on xat.com/chats. Instead of separating by "commas" it would be separated by blocks.


    Instead of:


    It would be:


    Preview: https://xatblog.net/tags-demo.html - It splits when you press "comma ( , )" or Enter.



    Second suggestion:

    By adding the first suggestion, it would be cool also adding a dropdown with the most common/used tags by users.




    I think that if the idea is implemented it makes the search system for chats and messages easier, or even in the future it can be used for the new search page.

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  3. Both.


    HTML5 is cool, lightheight, have a lot of new features, it's a good option for who is new in xat, because they don't need to use Flash, they don't need to spend years on it then move to something new.


    I like Flash but not because of its features, I like it because when you use something for a long time it's not easy just move also it's very stable. You need some time to get happy with something new, I don't know how to explain, but it's not easy for some. Also have small things that should be implemented on HTML5 chats, such as, a new timeout limit (or atleast usage of KEEPALIVE correctly) because you get a lot of disconnects on HTML5, in my opinion this is the major trouble for now.


    That's my input, I choose both.

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  4. Nice feature,


    It's cool to use [link title](url) when having long links.


    I only feel that bold font doesn't stand out much from normal, maybe can be easily fixed adding black stroke or glow?

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  5. Nice suggestion, I agree with everything.


    And I guess this issue isn't related to fonts (not sure!!), but as I seen right now, xat isn't setting language & direction properly on pages (and embed.html - html5 chats)


    How it would be:



    Actually it's:


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  6. Well, my suggestion is something very simple.


    Get rid of ad blockers, do some changes to block them.


    As we know 99% of xat users are using Ad Blocker, and this is a problem in certain cases. 


    xat isn't using AdSense or something like, these resources that are being blocked are really useful for the community. (such as chat promotion or power banners)


    It's being blocked because of containing "ads" in names (includes class / id / div and file names). Just change those names that contain: ad, ads, advert, advertise etc.





    And no, deactivating Ad Blockers manually isn't an option, and since the solution is simple, why not? Even because sometimes it activates alone.


    You can read more information about it https://adblockplus.org/filter-cheatsheet.

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  7. I'm almost sure it's not the best, but here we go...


    Basically I did it using only HTML & CSS, no images, this make easier to edit later if you want.


    Yes, I did it following RTL (Right to Left), since it's a arabic help chat.


    Outer background#0c2461 (it's required for some weird reason)


    xatframe url: https://frames.xatblog.net/frames/mosa3adeh.html


    Demo: https://xat.com/images?cb=1337




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  8. 2 hours ago, RobFerrari said:

    so the participants make their animations with standards in equality

    They never said that "animations" were prohibited.


    Basically it was asked for "cool animations", and that's exactly what the winners did.


    Whoever used audio I'm sure they wouldn't need the audio to win, because this is just an extra (bonus). Nobody ever said that it'd be prohibited, and everything that isn't prohibited is allowed.


    Let's also remember that GIFs greatly limit the quality of images.


    Finally, congratulations all winners, you all deserve it!


    Tip for next: https://xatblog.net/smiley/ :$

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  9. 51 minutes ago, Cupim said:

    xat is xat.


    51 minutes ago, Cupim said:

    I don't think that's a sufficient reason.




    I don't get the logic behind this.

    Basically you said that we can't have this system because you don't like it? So based on that I can use my argument that it can be enabled or disabled by the main owner of the chat in question (it's their choose). It's a matter of freedom, not everyone likes the same color, or same background.

    "Edit messages" system is a basic thing nowadays... always the words in favor of xat was modernization, but saying that adding a system isn't important because it already exists somewhere doesn't make sense.

    And as I said, not everyone thinks the same, this may be good for some, but it can be annoying for others. (not allowing to edit messages) -- that's why it should be choose by main owners.

    xat will still be xat, but with improvements. I still think that adding a system will not affect that.



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  10. 1 hour ago, Cupim said:

    I'm against it. Chat is a instant messaging service. 


    Why get rid of the fun of letting users do typos?

    Why stop users from correcting their typos in the next messages?


    It's xat chat.


    No xat post

    No xat mail



    Tell this to Skype or Discord users, which is a big part of xat population.


    Btw, this can cause discomfort and embarrassing situations, people don't always want to take things for fun, per example typos.


    About trading and help chats, its up to main owners to decide (with Gcontrol or free feature) if they want to enable this option in their chats. Available for all chats, ofc.


    I personally don't see any problem in adding this system. I agree, and I fully support it.

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  11. 24 minutes ago, Sydno said:

    It's called recommender system. It would be cool but it's not that easy to do, it usually involves dimension reduction, matrix factorization, markov process...


    And data of course, which are most likely not available.

    Well, yes.


    But based on chat categories this can be easily fixed,


    Or it can be also based on chat name similarity, PHP and MySQL have full support for it and xat is using them so it's not too hard, btw I think atleast similarity is enough, per example I join a chat called Anime a lot during the day, after some time, xat will start recommend me chats like AnimeAndSongs or Animations etc...


    It also should work based on chat tags (since it were never used correctly, xat did a cool tags system but blocked crawlers/bots to index chats in search engines, nosense tbh).


    Finally I say, based on language + similarities + tags + chat categories, it'd give users cool suggestions about new chats. My suggestion behind all, since I'm almost sure xat won't consider adding chat categories, is that it can be stored in LocalStorage all chats that were visited by the user, xat doesn't need to store this data in their servers, basically when loading the "suggested chats" page it would load all data in LocalStorage, how many times you joined etc, based in this info you can easily know what are the best chats for you.

  12. Well,


    I would like to see something like this added, but instead of adding a word clickable or enabling translator, well, why not "select & translate" easily?


    You select a text or phrase and it will show a button called "Translate", you click it and based on the language you set in Translator settings & current chat settings, it'll be able to translate and show in a tooltip.


    Easy, no?

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  13. 32 minutes ago, Jasminex said:

    Also its a good way to find your favorite type of chats based on interest (suggested), in the future we could have new/custom categories as you mentioned. 


    Yes, as Cupim said in xat5,


    It would be good having this because xat can make something like "listing chats by category" or even searching then (on new search page!!!)


    It's something that I also agree.

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