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Bug Comments posted by xLaming

  1. 8 minutes ago, Andre said:

    Could you be more specific, e.g. which exact clubs are you referring to and who's unable to see you or promote/demote you?

    Any public club which I'm member. Club staff cant see me on the "left side members list" so they cant click me/do any action.


    Private/closed clubs are fine. Also clubs which I have rank (mod, leader etc)

  2. 10 hours ago, Angelo said:

    Their reply was that people should be more careful when buying xats and make sure they know where they're buying xats from (i.e skrill or paysafecard). 

    But actually it says no reverse and redirect users to Skrill, and yes, there is xats reserve.


    So wont't be better fix or remove this option?


    Basically when you buy on the choosen option you trust that you won't have reserve lol, its written there.




  3. It seems working in some browsers, but doesn't work sometimes, for some users etc...


    I would add that it seems to be related to the browsers updates, they are updating HTML5 everytime and other stuff (e.g Chrome/Firefox) so may be their issue not xat, this should be investigated.

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