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  1. No doubts, this new theme gave a more professional, modern and clean look to the forum. Everyone liked it.
  2. I agree, a lot of social network are adding this kind of feature, but adding this to a forum that is third-party software is not too easy as that, It is easier for this to happen to be added on xat.com itself than on the forum, The maximum they can do (on forum) is to add a field where you choose if you're Male/Female/Other (or her/him/he/she), but texts/phrases on statuses, notifications etc can't be changed due the complexity.
  3. Well, let's talk. I support the idea, but there is a problem, this will only show on your profile if you are "she/her" or "he/him". Texts/phrases will not be affected, because it'd need a lot of extra work for that happen. It can even be added, but my suggestion at the moment is to use the "About me" tab. Also in English they/their is a neutral pronoun, it's not like Portuguese or Spanish for example, the masculine is always neutral, so I don't see a problem with that.
  4. Header background looks dark gray now, it's better than before, not necessarily everything has to be blue just because xat is blue, a dark theme is generally focused on being minimalist and less straining on the eyes. In dark 2 some things are still missing: 1. Buttons would look better if they had more contrast, or maybe a lighter color. 2. Modals are the same color as the background, so it's almost impossible to know where they start or end. 3. Ranks have a dark background on posts, but on profiles they remain white. vs 4. (SUGGESTION): It would be a good idea to also add a totally dark theme (#000) for the AMOLED/OLED/SUPER AMOLED screens, on smartphones/notebooks they are already very common, and it'd even remind chat groups, as they have a full black background. Example (Twitter): vs 5. (SUGGESTION): If suggestion 4th is made, it would be a good idea to rename the themes to "Light, Blue Dark, Dark, Super dark" or something like.
  5. Screenshot_1.thumb.png.39144195e77a3da15c0dba8bc84f5181.png

    Some changes... Bingo!


    Black theme (not full OLED, but helps a lot)

  6. Dark 2 looks much better.
  7. I have asked admins a few weeks ago, Apps on appstore/play store may get updated soon (they are very outdated), but it's not on the top of their todo list. I recommend you to use https://xat.wiki/pwa. Atleast it's stable.
  8. At least in Brazil it's common for people to use 4k tvs on pc, because they are cheaper than monitors and offer better quality. So the solution for users is "buy a new monitor" really? Try to say this to any user "hey bro, if u want to use our social network u need to get a new monitor". That's crazy. And 4K support can be easily added to xat, since smilies are made in SWF and converted in PNG, any resolution can be used, it doesnt require hard coding. Again this is not a solution, if you're forcing any user to buy a new monitor they will simply quit, that's all. I agree to the idea of adding better support for larger screens, even in resolutions like 1080p xat is small, being necessary to zoom the page to read better, so losing image quality, and yes this will be useful, remember that even cheap phones are already using native 1080p. It's not wasting resources.
  9. No "install" support yet? "Add to homescreen" @Andre?
  10. I don't think the comments were negative, they just got a little out of context, getting into other issues etc. But all the comments related to the post were good ideas, and later admins might consider adding these suggestions based on the feedback received. But yes some people were ungrateful or indecisive, always asked for a new pawn, and now it's added but they're criticizing. Most of those who are criticizing are those who were or are in some way part of xat's staff.
  11. Perfectly fine, I don't disagree, I only meant that this may be changed at any time or even rolled back later. It doesn't seem to be a permanent thing, and I don't see this as a valid discussion, even because the post wasnt focused on it. I really agree 100000%, I'd love to see xat volunteers (not only the group, but all them, e.g. site translators, contributors, volunteers, devs, smiley makers etc) getting a verification badge, would be enough, for some it would work to prevent against scams, others as a reward for all their effords. No loses.
  12. Well, I will give my input. I think 90% of the comments on this post aren't related to it (not only normal users who strayed from the subject) People are worried about staff, who will have the pawn etc, but they haven't even read the post title (THIS IS A PAWN FOR INFLUENCERS!!), they're just focused on the last lines, as always nobody cares or knows how to interpret the scope of the idea. The main idea is to give this pawn to influencers, as described in the post, devs, volunteers etc will have it, but it doesn't say that it will be forever. Even because it explains that it can be removed at any time, the fact is that this pawn is for the influencers, you have reached a point in the discussion that is already far of the subject... "Who listens/suggests things, opinion of who is more important etc." Yes I understand and agree, this pawn could be for the staff and cyan for influencers. Rank hover, verification system, badges are really good ideas. And I'm sure, these ideas were never discarded, because keeping a pawn of influencers for the staff wouldn't make much sense in the long run. Your guys have to read the entire post to understand that this could change at any time.
  13. This is a great idea, I would like to see it implemented, it already works partially as you suggested (showing the number of messages), but it would be good to highlight the messages that weren't read with a different background, eg. a dark background that when you scroll down the page mark the messages as read (back their background to normal), It's not hard to implement, and would bring a modern look to xat.
  14. There are people who are impersonating even bot owners, asking for passwords, emails and PINs. Eg: "Helper (insert any bot provider name here) BOT" . This doesn't mean that the group also needs a special pawn. But following this logic, they also deverse it, no? Yes I know it, but I also know only a few of the volunteers can really deal with accounts and other "internal stuff", basically the Help department is same than helping in help chats. Does only them deserve the pawn, or help chats staff also deverse it? In general, the only thing I really care about is impartiality and transparency. It is normal, we will always defend our groups, but this type of decision must be made on a case-by-case basis. I know they're not involved, but in the future, I feel that both groups should just resend the applications with a brief summary (Pros and Cons) to the admins, not something like "he doesn't deserve it, i won't send / he deserves it, i'll send". Do not take it personally, i'm not attacking any person and/or group. It's just my suggestion on how to maintain neutrality and prevent any possible drama.
  15. This is the point I wanted to get to, People here aren't worried about the users from what I'm seeing (not all), just if they're going to be able to judge who deserves it, Wait, how can Smiley makers not be as important as volunteers on xat? They are the ones who make all the powers of xat, they are the ones who bring money to xat, they bring powers every week for the users. Some of them even studied for graphic design, but doesn't that matter? Why is someone replying to a ticket more important than them? This kind of choice of who deserves the pawn must be taken by admins. Contributors/volunteers/wiki membsrs should not get involved in this such of decisions as they will never have impartiality. I see a lot here just running into drama because of past ranks, as stated before TRY TO LIVE THE FUTURE, forget the past. A lot asked for a new pawn, staff verification etc, well, there's it aren't you all happy? Please stop this "I DESERVE, SOMEONE ELSE NO!"
  16. Hello, I agree, and I really liked the color of this pawn, It's a good start to try to bring us famous ppl from social networks, as long as these ppl have discounts and some kind of benefits on xat, as mentioned above (it's the only way to keep them). You can advertise xat as "something to keep in touch between your followers and you", but some things need to be improved... We see a lot of complaints about "broken features/powers" and this is not right, new users won't stay if them see that. Transparency must also be considered, you can't just open up for users to submit applications without it being clear the rules, requirements, etc. E.g: if you have a food-related twitter and you're not a person, this may be considered?
  17. Hello humans.

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  18. I have updated my whole idea.
  19. Hello, I have some suggestions based on security/performance: Add an option to disable all in-chat radios (maybe keep it disabled as default, privacy uh?), actually if you turn off any radio, after some refreshes it always come back and you will still hear them. Since streamings are storing user IP,user-agent and some other data, it goes against the GDPR, not a good idea to allow them to play by default, without asking the user. (PRIVACY) Add an option to disable all iframes below chats including xat.com iframes (actually you can allow/deny only third-party), sometimes this may cause lag or even bother users. (PERFORMANCE) Add menu to revoke allowed iframes below (you can allow them, but can't remove later). (PRIVACY) This may get improved, since it can boost user' privacy/performance on xat chats. Current settings (xat -> privacy/cookies) Current "allow this time" (click any tab)
  20. Maybe replacing the green circle for a "on/off switch" would be better? E.g: https://proto.io/freebies/onoff/
  21. Hello, I recommend you to use https://img.xatblog.net (just select your image and click in "Upload" then copy the "Direct Link") You can also choose any other trusted image hoster in https://xat.wiki/Images Remember that Postimages is no longer supported on xat.
  22. I agree in some parts, Instead of sending videos, you would share youtube links that will be automatically pre-loaded when you hover the mouse. Photos isnt a good idea, maybe allowing you to create custom stickers(as it is in other social medias) would be better, so you can create your custom stickers and send, e.g (sticker#name)
  23. Chrome/EDGE: https://xatblog.net/print-chrome

    Firefox: https://xatblog.net/print-firefox


    No, you can't select the area.

  24. When a guest tries to send a sticker, other people cannot see it, This is happening because xat recognizes it as a link, e.g (fido.no) or (fido.yes) This also happens even if there is some text in the sticker message. https://prnt.sc/12xtazl - https://prnt.sc/12xtes6
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