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    Banner ads

    Adding... Postimage is actually banned, it may not work on xatspaces, avatars, backgrounds or promotion.
  2. Hello, As part of the improvements, xatbot is now offering 7 days of free trial on premium. Just create your bot and it will automatically go to your subscription days. Classic bots (free without powers) are still free forever.
  3. Hello, This post will be updated each time I upload new stuff to xatbot. 14/Sep/2021 Issues with CloudFlare has been fixed Steam and Spotify are fixed (keys issue) Servers page was showing JSON (maybe dump/debug?) Search field added on powers page Search field added on commands page A lot of design improvements Website speed improvements Bot speed improvements All pages were fixed Fixed UTF-8 characters on logs Show premium time on bot panel Added minrank to be considered staff Fixed powers disabled (bad syntax) Increased messages/nick/avatar/homepage to 500 instead of 255 Staff panel improvements Default allowed links Statusfx added New xat $tealth added Taken page re-created Updating bot status in real time Fixed minor bugs Staff statistics Filters fixed Logs improvements Current song fixed (maybe?) Fixed/tested commands Invisible is now always disabled Added support as secondary bot by adding the id 10101 on AppBot ID Some ban commands were blocked per xat request you now need to own powers to use them Flipban added Server speed improvements It's also found here: https://xatbot.fr/changelog.txt
  4. https://prnt.sc/1rtd3oc nice way to "welcome users" xD

  5. Hey, great power! Circlefx, circlefx1, circlefx2 and circlefx4 are working perfect - but only when using (clear). But circlefx3 isn't working with/without clear.
  6. What, was the forum rolled back one day?

    1. Antonio35


      ola boas tarde mano o que se passa com xatradio demora muito aparecer os players


  7. Hello, We are doing a "rebrand" on OceanProject (aka xatbot.fr), and we're looking for an chat inner/outer. Soon we will have many updates on the site, bot, chat, staff etc. Well, in celebration of that, we wanted to start this contest with the participation of everyone. # Rules: It should be sea-themed, blue, white, cyan... At your discretion. You must create an outer and inner background. Optional: Button colors. On the outer background you need to create opaque (semi-transparent) box with some most used commands. Eg !price, !value, etc. You can use the sea or something related on the outer background. E.g: https://prnt.sc/1r8lw8b. It should contain "xatbot.fr" on the chat inner. You have one month (31 days) from this post date, after, after that date it will not be accepted. # Prizes: 1st place: 10.000 xats 2nd place: 2.000 xats 3rd place: 1.000 xats # Information: End date: 10/Oct/2021 Countdown: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/2735989/oceanproject-contest-ends-on Prize holder: @xLaming (myself) Donor: @Mister Judges: @xLaming & @Mister If you have any questions, send me a private message!
  8. Hello, The winners will be choosen in a few minutes. The winners are: @Cherry @RobFerrari @Loba @Toby Please contact me via forum or /f162497 to claim your prize.
    1. Andre


      Well.. not the ideal place to report stuff, but at least someone somewhere said something, I suppose. Has been fixed, but could have been fixed a lot sooner.

    2. xLaming


      Oh, sorry @Andre:$


      I thought it was a knew issue

  9. After a few seconds in any chat/page, it's getting redirected to xat store. Also chatbox isn't showing, Logs:
  10. Hello, Bot errors get are different from regular errors listed on the xat.wiki page, I think on forums you won't get help with bot coding... E06/E07 means the password is incorrect, I suggest you to use <v a="YOUR API KEY" n="YOUR LOGIN" /> You can take a look here: https://github.com/xLaming/probots If you need any help about this, please contact me via forum PM.
  11. Hello, This is the first contest I'm holding for xat Images. The purpose of the contest is: share your old screenshots on xat.com. How will be choosen? The person who has the best album/collection will be chosen (also counting the quantity!). Rules: You must use https://img.xatblog.net. Do not comment more than once, you can edit your comment if you wish. Do not share inappropriate images, you will be disqualified (you may even be banned from the forum & xat Images) Do not post images that are from personal conversations. You can post public conversations, ranks, bans etc... Prizes: Namecolor 2000 xats + 30 days 500 xats + 7 days Judge(s): @Drika & Myself Prizeholder: Myself Countdown: You have 15 days starting from this post date. https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/2682748/xat-images-contest-ends
  12. Nice job, I like how it's fully custom, We could have a button to export/import data(settings), this would be definitly a good help for xatspace designers!
  13. If you still having player issues, please re-generate your code by using https://mundosmilies.com/bbcodes/xatradio then try again. Copy it and paste in your chat/xat.me edit.

    1. LaFleur


      @xLaming @enoeno Fixed now on xat directly.

  14. xLaming

    xat player

    Hello, xatRadio is back, this issue is fixed. Press CTRL + F5 or clear your browser cache. If you still having issues, contact us by using: https://forum.xat.com/forum/437-reports/
  15. Hello, Some commands are now blocked, Please check https://openbot.me/banning-announcement for more information.
  16. Traveling, PM may be delayed LOL

  17. I like it this. Would be good if boosting Gold power to add more colours (since EP is a bit expensive, seems fair), it may help to increase Gold's price too. But, we have something like this already, no? Everypower + Pink:
  18. xLaming

    Black buttons

    Tested with mobile/PC always on normal mode
  19. When you have an account flipbanned, Your other accounts will have regular ban, https://prnt.sc/19bfsh4
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