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  1. Where is "WhatsApp" on this list? I think it's a social networking uh, more expensive than 95% "social networkings" that have on the list
  2. It was updated on iOS too...
  3. Yes I live here, but I'm from Saturn hehehe
  4. UPDATE: Method to work trade: Save the main file as "lobby.bat" or something like: And then save "trade.bat" or something like... Then you need just go to a private , and open the trade.bat. Trade app will open automatically.
  5. This is nice, also have another method that I use somethings... I've downloaded chat.swf and then converted it to .exe using another method "SWF TO EXE" Chat.swf URL: www.xatech.com/web_gear/chat/chat.swf Swf to Exe URL: swftools.sourceforge.net/swf-to-exe.html Anyways all methods that work, isn't bad, will help the xat users hehe!
  6. Isn't too easy like "make member"
  7. Hello, as sloom said, you can contact wiki using the "group message" Anyway, this method is used when don't have staff online, I think is good because always have ppl going just for do troll, "bad jokes", etc. If you need more, see the staff http://blog.mundoxat.com/chat-ayuda/staff/ you can contact someone and say what you think, I think all suggestions will be received. Thanks!
  8. Anyway, if this is the problem, I think they have backup of "old smilies" saved or something, just need to replace, no more...
  9. I don't know why they did this power using the more complex form? (changing the BACK/HANDS/FACE I think...) Why don't use the old "SM2" folder if have "#wc" on the smiley code? (setting the old sm2 if have #wc on the code, will work better) Best of all it's that would work with any smiley, not just some. Will make any difference to the creators of smilies? NO IT'S MORE EASY DO THAT METHOD. Will make any difference to users? YES BECAUSE WILL ALLOW US TO USE MORE SMILIES CODE. What about?
  10. Or if you have some bot with "clear messages option" you can use !clear.
  11. xLaming


    I will report you for Apple, by "suggestions/ads copyrights" lol?
  12. xLaming


    Are you bill gates? lol btw I really like your suggestion!
  13. I've posted a new chat css(BOOTSTRAP), why not a old chat css? uh CSS: background-color: #000000}#glu{position:absolute}table{background:transparent}#glu{width:50%}#glu{right:0}#glu{height:750px}#glu{top:0}#glu{z-index:1}img,a,embed,.foot,strong{position:relative}img,a,embed,.foot,strong{z-index:2}.btext2,.btext,[height='24'],[width='40']{display:none;} HTML: </center> <html> <head> <STYLE type=text/css> body,td,th { font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; color: #FFFFFF; margin-left: 0px; margin-top: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom
  14. Really I liked that power, I suggest add a "back" for it... (mback).
  15. I support your suggestion, but with a "implement" just use /f to add/remove eg: /f123456(is now added, so I want to remove I use /f123456 and done) Anyways, I support.
  16. I think in future will have that option "Mobile background / desktop background"
  17. First of all, hello. I will teach how to use background mobile LIKE XAT_TEST Enter on your chat Edit: Then you entered, you need to put the css code bellow on "Background" field: background:#000} #chat embed{background:url(http://xat.com/images/XatBack.jpg);} Note: change http://xat.com/images/XatBack.jpg for your chat background as you want. Now enable "Transparent" option: Save all changes, now go to Chat Box Settings Ok, now you just need to add a background that you want to works on mobile on the field "
  18. Just load the ip2's page: http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/ip2.php (using ctrl + f5) and done!
  19. I support your suggestion, this is easy to admins do...
  20. Do you like layout bootstrap/html? Yeh? Ok! So you will enjoy this css code for chat groups: CSS: background:#F3F3F3}#glu{position:absolute}img[height='32']{display:none}table{background:transparent}#glu{width:100%}td[width='2%'] img{opacity:0}#glu{right:0}#glu{height:850px}#glu{top:0}#glu{z-index:1}[colspan='27']{display:none}.vbmenu_control{display:none}img,a,embed{position:relative}img,a,embed{z-index:2} .btext2{display:none}table[height='51'],table[bgcolor='#000000']{opacity:0;} HTML: </center> <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> &
  21. I did just 2 smilies code(nothing too hard LOL), and I'm really not good using a pencil...(TOO LAZY) but... -- (dhat#g#hallo#cloud#b#play#sdeer) -- (cool#r#flip#left) -- Bonus: I don't know why I did this, but ok... (as I said I'm too lazy, i've used 8 - 10m to finish all)
  22. xLaming

    Ocean Bot

    Really @CSR3KT I agree with that you said, really I don't want to stay in "any userinfo" @Jedi you can't steal userinfo without user's permission, remember to read xat.com/terms
  23. Olá, você deverá aguardar uma resposta do ticket. Postando / criando tópicos aqui não irá acelerar o andamento de resposta de seu/s ticket/s Apenas aguarde paciente!
  24. Hello, about the "noindex" its because just chats with debug(8ball blue) don't have it... About other bugs is just a bug related on bots... your chat group's normal here we can access using xat.com/xat + ID, eg: xat.com/xat123 or xat.com/xat5 if the bot does not display correctly, is something releated to your bot provider, not a xat fault... @Edit: Google noindex delist your chat from Google, so "chats with debug" has the privilege to appear in Google Search.
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