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  1. I guess ppl will now enjoy 30 new servers hihihi.

    1. iMinni


      ´hola buenas tardes, me gustaria poder charlar contigo en pv. necesito aesoria respecto a reproductores.

      agradeceria tu ayuda

  2. OpenBOT & Mundosmilies are back.

  3. OpenBOT & Mundosmilies are under maintenance for now.

  4. Hola, Como dije hace unos días, traigo una actualización importante en los próximos días, que incluirá la corrección de este y otros problemas. De todos modos, subiré una actualización para solucionar este problema HOY. Debido a que estaba viajando no fue posible corregirlo previamente. Gracias por usar OpenBOT, y cualquier pregunta o queja puedes contactar a cualquier usuario de nuestro staff https://openbot.com/staff o desde https://xat.com/OpenBOT. Todos tienen contacto directo conmigo y cualquier problema futuro se puede solucionar más rápidamente.
  5. I have disabled my PM. xatRadio questions please ask on xatRadio official club.


  6. Was 2020 bad? What about 2021...


  7. BTW the end of this month we'll have a big update on OpenBOT. I'm getting back to home next 22th.


  8. It would be cool if the new HTML5 (mobile) was similar to iOS, with the bar at the bottom and icons 3 - 4% smaller than now.

    1. Abrahan


      Yes, this would definitely be cool. .

  9. Well, I personally like this idea if people can set different colors (nc, ng etc) or even allowing to use small emojis or smilies. If it's just a power for small letters, it wouldn't worth the efford, since users can easily use free generators (bypassing the power).
  10. Nice avatar, thanks to @RobFerrari!


    1. TheYaguito


      kiero uno donde me vea guapo :3

    2. RobFerrari


      You're welcome!
      And welcome to the world of cartoons, & to the yellow world of the Simpsons! Haha! @xLaming

  11. Hello guys, Merry xmas to everyone!!! (a bit delayed because of hard work) The winners are: @KARY - https://u.xatblog.net/KARY/ @Deff - https://u.xatblog.net/Deff/ @TheYaguito - https://u.xatblog.net/Yago/ Please contact me (in xat or forum PM) to claim your prize!
  12. Arent u gonna celebrate xmas with ur family instead of virtual ppl?

  13. You just proved my point. If something is right, why touch it? Just to confuse users? New things are really cool, but not when you change the whole format. Many users have no idea of this and many other features in HTML5, because despite having an X function, no one was told about updates. This is the main problem in xat, and it's occurring due to the lack of communication of these major changes. Not everyone is using xat forums or following xat in Twitter.
  14. I really don't know, why change something that is already fine. If the people is ok using the old way, so why set categories by default? Keep the "All" by default (0-9).
  15. This seems to be already reported, Basically, if you change the "sort by" in the powers dialog to 9-1, it's working fine.
  16. HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Create your Mundosmilies Account; Log in using your account; Confirm your account using the command "!activate [YOUR CODE]"; Go to Add smiley, and share your smilies; Comment here with all your smilies shared. RULES: Your smiley needs to be Christmas themed. You need to confirm your Mundosmilies account (using the xat ID you will receive the prize if you win); Be creative and don't steal other users' smilies; The winner will be announced after the countdown ends; You need to make a comment including all
  17. Well, It was a good move, but I think the project itself started late. It'd be better in 2014-2015, but it was only started in 2017 and arrived in 2018 taking many users by surprise, which didn't contribute to the acceptance, and the fact that only this year the bugs were fixed. This whole situation generated discomfort in users, I personally saw many selling their powers due to fear, because in a way it's an "investment". It's good to see all the progress that was achieved in 2020, and I hope that in 2021 everything will be done. With all (or almost) the system
  18. But basically is your right to have access over your data. As you said its your personal info. It doesnt matter if its used in questions or not, theres a lot of other ways to indentify a scammer. Even in banks you can download your data in one click. Why making it so complicated?
  19. Well, after seeing these arguments that it's necessary to "hide data" for security questions I will leave my input. Have you heard about GDPR? Did you know that these laws apply to xat.com because it's in Europe? After a simple search on Google about GDPR and user rights, the first topic that is always at top is: "Individuals have the right to access and receive a copy of their personal data, and other supplementary information". Remember that even big techs does it, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. So this discussion is irrelevant, I believe
  20. Hello, This section (Reports) of the club was created to be able to send reports about players, only you and the xatRadio staff can see the reports, other members will not be able to see your posts. Below are some reasons that can be used: Inappropriate images Inappropriate links Copyright report When reporting by copyright, please include the original Player URL (ID) and the copy. Ler em português: Lee en español: Leggi in italiano:
  21. Users who have purchased their xats can use them for whatever they want. It doesn't matter if it's power xats days etc, everything was purchased using xats, so it's ok. Even in real life, whoever is rich can buy whatever they want, why not in xat? They used real money. Using 1, 2, 10 or even 100 accounts is irrelevant, as they have spent their money. This is capitalism, even "communist" countries like China love capitalism, because it is all based on money, nothing more.
  22. I need your player URL/ID so I can check why it was rejected.
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