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  1. xLaming

    Statusfx bug

    Maybe because I just reported it.
  2. Packet: <u ... n="name##status#status color#status glow##broken base64" /> Full packet: <u ... n="$OpenBOT(glow#202F40#59BFFF)(hat#EbC)##openbot.me##-" /> Debug logs: json: {"AllPowers": [{"0": "2147482623", "1": "2147483647", "10": "2147483647", "11": "2147483647", "12": "2147483647", "13": "2147483647", "14": "2080374783", "15": "2112880639", "16": "1608499071", "17": "1069547519", "18": "2130702079", "19": "131071", "2": "4294967295", "3": "4294967295", "4": "2147483647", "5": "2147483647", "6": "2147352575", "7": "2147483647", "8": "2147483647",
  3. Or you can try using: https://xat.com/content/web/R00030/box/embed.html?id=208558247&gn=AssistanceOfficial
  4. https://prnt.sc/10lm8cj this happen when u don't use AWS, lol.

    1. Zara


      I don't remember if this company is Portuguese, but in Portugal there are many fires (hmm)

    2. Bau
    3. xLaming


      @Zarathey have a lot of datacenter in Spain, Portugal, etc, their French server is RIP

  5. To be clear, I don't agree on creating more ranks or changing the current system that already works fine. When something is good, better don't touch. My suggestion is just to separate the daily/long contests (a new subforum for daily contests), or just pin long contests. It's better not to do a more bureaucratic process, just organize it is enough.
  6. Ok, he wants to use gif animation instead of chat name, like it was previously using CSS. Note (in Portuguese): Quando for traduzir algo, evite usar gírias e digite corretamente, a frase não faz sentido nem no idioma nativo.
  7. Hello, I have a very simple suggestion... Separate long contests from daily contests, e.g: you create a two week contest worthing 10k, but a lot daily contest are being open, new users are unaware of the existence of these other posts. My idea is to separate daily/long contests, or just pin the long contests. Up to forum staff to decide.
  8. Hello, I recommend you to read this post https://www.kaspersky.com/blog/kaspersky-add-exclusion/14765/. It teaches you how to add URLs to Kaspersky whitelist, This seems to be happening sometimes with Kaspersky, Adguard etc. (even DNS, in this case it isn't possible to unlock)
  9. I support your idea, We have something like this in https://graphics.xatblog.net/portfolio/ I don't think things work like that "xat does NOT have to be responsible for conflicts between customers and buyers, that was the idea". If xat does it, legally they are responsible for the content. That's why third party are hosting images, players etc.
  10. Our world is pain for everyone.

  11. Hey, This is a known problem. I have already reported this issue, it happens sometimes, not always. Next time report on the Bug Tracker.
  12. xLaming


    Sometimes the flag is working, even though I don't have it.
  13. xLaming

    Not connecting

    Yeah, its ok now, but happening randomly.
  14. xLaming

    Not connecting

    Well, for both of us it was only happening there. @Stif
  15. Well, basically it seems to be happening on Chrome, when logged in some chats are not connecting, per example Mundosmilies. The same issue happened to me a few months ago, in the same chat. Reported by @CH3RRY
  16. I liked it. Stickers were something that started to be released weekly, but now they don't create anymore, as happened with the FX or FLIX powers on the past. The idea is good, and the drawings can't be realistic, because it wouldn't follow the pattern of cartoons that xat has always used.
  17. Well, The flat design looks cool, I wish to see more powers like that. #WeAgainstKawaiPowers
  18. Nice, we really need it!!
  19. Basically you can't unban someone who is reversebanned.
  20. Hello, I have tested, and seems that we cannot define default homepage/name anymore. Previously it was possible by setting &xh= and &xn= Maybe in a near future this feature may get added back, but now you can't.
  21. Hello, I will be sharing some players so that you can take as a base. They are fully customizable and easy to edit you just need a text editing tool (e.g: Notepad++ or Sublime Text 3). Repository: https://github.com/xLaming/players (I can't share codes directly because of CloudFlare JS protection) Replaceable parts: You should look for these tags in the code and replace them with their values. {{BACKGROUND}} Your background URL, e.g: https://i.imgur.com/aaaa.png {{RADIONAME}} Your radio name, eg: Test
  22. I like your idea, mainly because of the benefit. But I still think it's better to have more discounts, for example. 500 xats on the buy page is 5 USD. By subscribing to the Sub+ plan you buy 1 and get 2, so you will benefit from subscribing. It can also be a percentage of discounts, eg: Uber you subscribe to a monthly plan and have 30% discount on trips, this would make the price of the xats more viable. Days subscription system would also be a good one. Thus, every month users would have days without having to buy, this for a low price, eg 99 cents. (Monthly, quarterly
  23. xLaming

    Profil players

    Hello, Well, you can not use players in your profile. At least not HTML players. And since Flash players are ended, you can not use them too.
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