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  1. Hello, If you have a complaint about a specific chat, you should not create a topic on the forum as per General Guideline #10. Instead, you should contact the manager of the chat (Kaul) in private on the chat or via the forum. If Kaul is not online on the chat, you can click "send message" from the menu at the top right above the chat and file a report containing substantive detail and evidence where necessary. Alternatively, if you have contacted Kaul and believe they are not taking the appropriate action, you can click "inappropriate" from the same menu ab
  2. Hello, You can report a volunteer or anyone else who holds a important rank in xat at info@xat.com. This way you can contact the xat administrators directly. More information:
  3. Have a good night, all of you who are still drunk since fridayy =]

    1. Vevrok


      Hohohohoohowoowowkfkohoo kkkk

    2. RobFerrari


      Drinking makes you fat!  (hippo) Drink pure juice...

    3. xLaming


      Nah it doesnt

  4. Well, it's my turn... I met some from xat over the years, 4 former Ajuda staff, 4 that helped me a lot on moderating my forums, chats etc. And lastly in 2018 I traveled 3600km to meet someone which I'm now married. All them I met in xat.
  5. No, it's a international chat for selling IDs, powers and days. And you had an appropriate answer in the previous topic, avoid duplicating posts.
  6. Basically we will have PWA support. That's great!
  7. I agree, It would be a good idea adding support to Tapatalk. But I believe that this will not happen, it has been suggested a lot and never implemented, although it's easy.
  8. Hello, You can only change it when you reach Advanced Member, You can get this rank being active, posting, commenting and helping people.
  9. Working, 24/7, no better way to relax
  10. I agree it would be cool getting this back, I also remember that in the Flash version, sometimes the name was duplicated in all tabs, it'd be a good idea to add this feature but fixed (obvious, no?).
  11. As far as I know the new xatspace is already in development... And I think that this idea wouldn't be well received by the community, although the material design is beautiful, it has nothing to do with xat and its design. Also removing CSS support would be detrimental to designers, it would be better update the header & footer according to the new design, but allowing the use of CSS or xatframes.
  12. Hello, Players that contains bad links, images, iframes or reported by copyright is being removed, and will not be approved. I told you about this in private chat.
  13. 05/March/2020 A new update has been released! Many improvements have been added, making the bot completely stable. Read the main post.
  14. Working 24/7 ;c

    1. Stif


      This is the way.

    2. Vevrok
  15. CHICKY (ID: 624) This power allows you to send chick-themed stickers. Note: This power was made for the HTML5 chat only. It will NOT work on the Flash chat. You need to own the power (624 - CHICKY) and have days to use stickers. Sending a sticker To send a sticker, simply use one of these codes: (chicky.egg) (chicky.hurt) (chicky.joy) (chicky.love) (chicky.water) Custom text You can add a custom text to your sticker. To do so, change the content after the ‘#’. For example
  16. "Individuals are responsible for the material they post to the chat box but group moderators should do what they can to ensure that your users abide by the terms and conditions.", #5 Ok, let's go... Since the beginning xat has always listed the volunteers, so it's impossible to change that now, without an official list the thefts would become chaos, see what is happening now... there are already a lot of thefts by faek volunteers, try to imagine what would it happen if that list was simply removed. https://xat.wiki/Resellers points "They are not
  17. I don't see why it needs to be added, and I don't see this being added anytime soon. 1. Each chat has its own rules which is to allow or deny the sale of xats for money. This is said by xat terms (main owners are responsible for their chats) 2. Not even volunteers have pawns or symbols to show that they're real. They need it more than resellers, because many xat users are stolen by fake volunteers. 3. If the chat you were kicked allows you to sell xats for money, you should contact the main owner, because it's an unfair ban. My suggestion
  18. Laggy on xatwiki/forum lol .-.

    1. Bau
    2. Page


      Community is lagging too x.x

    3. Kyle


      Seems to be back to normal

  19. xLaming


  20. xLaming


    It seems to be fixed. Previously caused by caching, Can you test now? If it still not working, try pressing ctrl + F5
  21. @Mister it's fixed now, Ctrl + F5 or clearing cache may solve it if still an issue.
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