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  1. Happy 40 old mavegirl.

  2. I support the idea we can add t-shirts to smilies, xavis and pawns (permanent hats NOT TEMP!!!) It would be cool having current flags, because all football teams will be a lot of work, suggesting later xat wont do it, so better we select something from the web like "top 100 teams" make the t shirts and add to smilies, xavis and pawns. On smilies we can atleast have the colors related to the flag atleast, it would be cool, there is no power using this schema, adding multiple colors (not supercycle, cycle, colors powers... They just add one color only) the suggestion is that we can add the flags like nameflag. Same effects, flags and more teams (selected from the top 100, top 1000, idk).
  3. IMG_20190412_154239.thumb.jpg.ae89aa803670322c93dc66ca3886ceb2.jpg

    Is it ugly as ppl says?

    1. oj


      uwu pet pet cute boy

    2. iCecy


      Aww, what a beautiful baby!

  4. xLaming

    My designs

    Joking manuela, Good work
  5. xLaming

    My designs

    Missed my pcback manuela.
  6. Apple fan boys will never have apps running beautiful like's happenin' Android Q wonz.




    Perfect multi tasking :)

    1. Thuk


      chora kkk

    2. Nathan


      Doesn’t make you any less a noob (d)(wary):$

  7. xLaming

    Servers down

    Actually xatRadio, FairTrade, BBcodes and xatProject blogs are not working due to internal issues, We are having issues, but, may be fixed in few hours, Please wait until it be done.
  8. I live 20m from the beach and the only thing I like is watching the waves.
  9. Why your guys worry a lot of blocking users? Only xat does that and IT IS BORING A LOT, you can change your on... Twitter, Facebook, Rockstar Social Club, PSN, Gmail, Outloook, XBOX, and none of them will block you for changing your email. This is absolutely invalid argument "ohh more security", trust me, we have security enough, users should pay more attention what they do, not all the rest pay for what 1 or 2 users does wrong. Actually there is a lot of security and nothing related to the account, just human issues, "transfer me or you will be block", selling powers and getting blocked, being asked to pay just for changing email. This all is worse than allowing users to simply change THEIR EMAIL from THEIR ACCOUNT.
  10. Agree. It's weird how isnt added yet. But I know right the reason, We cant change our account, or chat email without asking ticket, first part is this. Second part is waiting in xAdmin's department for them simply change your email, well at least groups. Then, 1000 xats for them to transfer the ticket, see where is the logic it didnt get added yet? I agree with @Leandro, but not just on accounts, this should be added to groups too.
  11. Android sure, other sucks.
  12. Let's Trump & Bolsomito. Too big I cant even say this number lol


  13. Dev kit for composer released, we don't need fights!!! HEHEHEHE

    1. oj


      personal preference kappa

  14. Keep calm guys!!! Version 2.0 released using Composer, I'm currently using PHP 7.3 I have changed a lot, so you need to see the function names. Read more: https://github.com/xLaming/xatlib/blob/master/README.md Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/n78anu I didn't the part of is_epic etc...
  15. When your connection is closed sometimes it still alive for a few minutes 5 ~ 15 minutes. Solution: Just wait, you will be able to connect soon. Or ask someone from the chat staff to kick you. This happen when you have internet issues, when your device or browser is crashed or when you have any issue related to the connection (you switched your modem/router without using button Sign Out).
  16. Nice try guys. https://forum.xat.com/profile/31539/?status=11207&type=status
  17. Contributors can say that I'm wrong etc etc... But all of this is just 1° April.



    1. xatWiki says it got abolished by xat staff, but on history logs it says that Contributors decided.

    2. Why Contributors will vote to remove their biased group?

    3. Contributors just lost their "rank title" permissions still there, and the group wasnt deleted from Members Search.

    4. On history logs it says still "ongoing discussions"


    Anyway... Nice try!

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Stif


      Only the title and access to the group have been removed from all its members, the rest will be removed in the next few days.

    3. Marya


      @Stif TODAY IS 02.04.2019  

      Please (d) 

    4. xLaming


      I catch you all hhahahaha

  18. 1000 posts

    1. Thuk


      500 hidden :$ 

    2. Bau


      Congratulation (rolleyes)

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