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  1. Hello, Some commands are now blocked, Please check https://openbot.me/banning-announcement for more information.
  2. Traveling, PM may be delayed LOL

  3. I like it this. Would be good if boosting Gold power to add more colours (since EP is a bit expensive, seems fair), it may help to increase Gold's price too. But, we have something like this already, no? Everypower + Pink:
  4. xLaming

    Black buttons

    Tested with mobile/PC always on normal mode
  5. When you have an account flipbanned, Your other accounts will have regular ban, https://prnt.sc/19bfsh4
  6. xLaming


    Betty Boop
  7. Well, I agree it would be nice if xat adds a dark mode on its entire website (not only the chat box), also a way to disable all backgtounds (page/chat box). For now I'm using this extension in Edge(Chromium): https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dark-reader/eimadpbcbfnmbkopoojfekhnkhdbieeh It works in any website (xat too, ofc).
  8. xLaming

    Black buttons

    This bug happened to me on PC some time ago, when clicking in someone all buttons will be black (all users), only way to fix it is refreshing the page. I'm using my phone and it happened again, no idea what is causing it.
  9. 30/June/2020 A new update has been released! Many improvements have been added, A new server is being used (better hardware!!!) Read the main post.
  10. Hello, You can also try this alternative: https://ezgif.com/gif-to-sprite
  11. LOL, did i read that? They are volunteers, they are already working for free. Why does they need to pay for help? This is nosense. I agree that xat would open to investors, but, first xat need a marketing team to start ads on social communities, spend a bit of $$ and a lot of other steps. Simply opening it to investors won't help. Also it's a paid feature because xat needs to pay hosting, domains, servers, forum licenses. Per month this can easily reach 1000 USD. xat doesn't sell your information to AdSense/AdWords etc, so it's very fair, if you want something you pay for.
  12. Maybe I agree in something like: Free -> limited smilies/reactions Paid -> any smiley/reaction That would be the best option for it.
  13. It's basically same thing, you can recharge your account with 30 days and you'll have the entire month xD
  14. No, It cannot be free. All translations are paid, xat pays Google a fee for this tool. REF: https://cloud.google.com/translate/pricing
  15. Well, my suggestion is simple, As the title says, I wanna see the navbar fixed at the bottom. CSS: #navBottom { height: 3em; position: fixed; bottom: 0; width: 100%; } Demo: https://vimeo.com/567391450/68cd9e433d (if not showing below)
  16. Hi, Appbot game development has been a little slow for a while, but let's try to bring them to life again. I'm opening this poll so you can choose which game you'd like to see in the coming weeks. I selected only the games that are possible to be created, those that don't require real-time updates or excessive use of resources. All ideas were taken from here:
  17. I mean about its logic, I understood that would be the best way having it's own app. But nice, not too hard to create.
  18. Does it look like we'd have something like insta filters, changing backgrounds, adding smileys, texts etc to these images. Then uploading to xat.me (on xat's storage/servers), Am I right?
  19. Some people are really sick...



    1. Bau
    2. SapphireOfficial


      Lami you have supporters (cute)

  20. Past 30 days of xat Images doesn't look bad lol.



    1. Stif



    2. Vevrok



  21. Sometimes I can't see online users (even I myself), I can randomly see anonymous users (which I confirmed). After some refreshes/F5 it goes fix.
  22. Hola, En el pasado habia algunos powers que aunque no eran de grupo, era posible activarlos (cuando xat estaba en la versión Flash). Con el nuevo HTML5, ya no es posible dar Assign/Un-assign. Este problema es un poco más "complejo" porque solo los admins de xat pueden solucionarlo. Le recomiendo que envie un ticket en el departamento de "Account Block" explicando su situación, para que el ticket se pueda transferir al departamento correcto (xAdmin), o puede ponerse en contacto con un voluntario a traves de un mensaje privado para abrir tu ticket. Recuerda que debes de escribir todo en ingles. Voluntario: https://forum.xat.com/staff/ Ticket: https://util.xat.com/support/open.php
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