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    Seems that when you use temp powers in someone with sinbin it stills there, I'm not sure if this would happen, since it's a "rank" well? It's not correct I think based on the wiki it was supposed to only happen to Moderators, not Owners: "Sinbin will allow an owner or main owner to strip moderator abilities from permanent moderators, from 36 seconds to 24 hours. This power will not work on temporary moderators." - xatwiki FLASH - HTML5 (Server sided)
  2. http://prntscr.com/q8lw4x i hate when this happen, all their domains are off (AGAIN) ;c

  3. All answers for tickle's quiz:



    1° C
    2° C
    3° A
    4° A
    5° C
    6° A
    7° A
    8° B
    9° B
    10° C
    11° C
    12° B
    13° C
    14° A
    15° A
    16° C
    17° B
    18° C
    19° B


    1. Stif


      What about letting them figure out themselves? (d) 

    2. xLaming
  4. CONTEST: Be the first commenting here your xat ID and get a free NEVA power.

  5. Hello, I've fixed colors generator, on "code" it was showing inverted (namecolor as nameglow and nameglow as namecolor) I've remade everything to work in HTML5, it's now 100% passed on W3C Validator ( http://prntscr.com/q7rupp ) Thanks @DuuL for reporting the first issue!
  6. Hello, I want to open this thread to share our logos (keep easy to find), 125x45 https://static.mundosmilies.com/img/logo45.png 132x49 https://static.mundosmilies.com/img/logo48.png 301x111 https://static.mundosmilies.com/img/logo111.png 300x200 https://static.mundosmilies.com/img/logo300.png
  7. Yeah, Not even hard work is needed, just all providers using same command/syntax would help a lot when telling users "go all bot providers' chat and use command !optout" better than explaining "go there and use this, on this other u should use this one, etc etc" This would make bots more "user-friendly"
  8. Basically when someone wants to be opted out, they will always want to be opted out from all lol, Anyway if this became an issue we can have the second way I have said, simply adding it as a universal command, not different commands in each providers. You said about "all" one bot provider can not handle other bot providers, so this will never happen lol (yet I like your idea)
  9. Hello, I'm again just to suggest something too easy, but it should be taken by ALL BOT PROVIDERS to work correctly (not one or two), Well, my suggestion is that your guys add on bots to "AUTO DETECT OPTOUT" and automatically disable userinfo, value, user cache etc... Let's imagine: User 123 want to disable his userinfo User 123 go to any bot provider and use output command Ok, is that all User 123 may do? Nope, he should go to all bot providers' chat in order use optout command (again, again and again...) Why dont your guys do something to "detect a "word", "phrase", "keyword" or whatever. (UNIVERSAL I mean) E.g: I add "#OPTOUT" to my homepage, and any bot provider will automatically make all the job removing me from lists. If this is so hard, or you just don't want, why don't your guys use a "UNIQUE COMMAND" instead of different commands in each bot provider, this is so confuse to explain in help chats to users. @Actavus @FEXBots @Jedi @LP89 @Mobster @Nathan (don't get mad that i'm mentioning you, it's just to get attention, and this post is not for blaming or whatever, just to get opinions from users)
  10. https://xatblog.net/api/ is up again! it was showing ERROR 500 due hosting changes.
  11. Just fixed an issue on Sticker Generator, it's now working correctly. I can't edit locked posts, so...
  12. Hellau again, Christmas theme was auto enabled ( http://prntscr.com/q7e1ze ), I have also fixed a small issue on homepage related to the latest power, it's now working fine!
  13. Congratulations 2u all! Prizes were given to the winners.
  14. Hello, We can't do so much, Windows XP is very outdated... Chrome, IE, Opera, Firefox and all those browsers based in them is also outdated. Their support has ended in 2015. The only way is you upgrading your Windows version, or installing Linux(they are free). There is nothing else you can do. Well, anyway you can still buying powers on the old URL: http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/GetPowers.php seems that it's not being redirected yet.
  15. Power ID fixed, Neva (ID: 573), it's a sticker power. Wait for more news.

  16. Spoiler: new power CAN be called "neva" since it was added to the wrong list (maybe acidentally?). It's just my opinion, I don't know yet.


    But anyway you can use (neva) on xat if you have SUPERSANTA.

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    2. Abrahan


      It is confusing not to know if it is ID 573 or 574.

    3. Anas


      Neva Give Up.

    4. Welch


      If it's a girlie sticker power we're done.

  17. Well, User "UnderDream12" didn't get the prize in 72 hours (MORE TBH), so it will be given to next. SHAW (1003) have the right to get the prize on the next 72 hours, or it will be given to the next.
  18. Sup guys, I'm here just for sharing something I have made, it's not too inovative or whatever, but just for fun, Well, I have made a script for showing latest power information (AS IMAGE) in real-time (including smilies, pawns etc), All the system has caching for images (I DONT WANT TO CRASH MY SERVER LOL), so, I'm releasing it for you, so you can embed it on your xatspace or chat group (thx admins) So, all you need to do is use this URL ( https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/all ) as image on your profile/chat group, using the following code: <img src="https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/all"> You can remove stroke text by adding ?nostroke on the end of the URL. You can set the language by adding ?lang on the end of the URL. (Languages available: en, pt, es) Some examples: <!-- (WITH STROKE/ENGLISH) --> <img src="https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/all"> <!-- (WITH STROKE/SPANISH) --> <img src="https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/all?lang=es"> <!-- (NO STROKE/PORTUGUESE) --> <img src="https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/all?nostroke&lang=pt"> Available links: https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/all https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/name https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/status https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/smileylist https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/pawnlist https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/smilies https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/pawns Real-time Demo: https://xat.me/latestpower (ENGLISH) https://xat.me/nuevopower (SPANISH) https://xat.me/ultimopower (PORTUGUESE) (yeah I have bought power me to all those accounts, just to separate them according) I would make a post on forum to "update power automatically" but seems that forum staff didn't unblock this domain (CSP), so, we go on... Note: EVERYTHING WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY UPDATED.
  19. New updates are up (AGAIN!) Sticker generator fixed and updating automatically Commands for staff added (https://prnt.sc/q6ajtx) Sitemaps fixed (it will be back on Google) User panel fixed, there was a bug on login Mundosmilies forum rolled back Well, as I have said I've rolled back Mundosmilies forum (https://forum.mundosmilies.com). We do not want to compete or in any way attempt to replace the official xat forum. Explanation: Our only focus is to try to help people in a more open and free way, which they can express themselves in their own languages (not only english), we will not interfere with any kind of xat forum activity, nor post links on it (advertise), our links will only be posted in our chat/website. As previously existed the Mundoxat forum, but it was forgotten, abandonated by the staff. Ours has exactly the same intention but internationally, and our focus is just the same, helping xat users as open as possible to everyone. It was asked by our users, so, finally I had time to finish it and put on to everyone.
  20. Bien, Ya he revisado tu player, Los dos ahora están aprobados.
  21. Hello, new changes are up! Some APIs (chatid, findpowers, powerinfo, whatis) added Some URLs were conflicting (I think, anyway fixed) Pagination added to user smilies (prevents lag) Top posters (7/15 days) removed Few changes on design Dark mode remade Internal changes Speed boost A surprise has been added, you will find out soon!7
  22. xLaming


    This power is Limited, It was added as "Unlimited" to Tradexat wrongly... Well, I've changed status to Limited (as it's on xat.com/powers), bots providers just need to update their cache. About the price, it's because powers always get up/down based on the epoch, selling amount, etc.. (just like dollar)
  23. Hola, Por favor enviame los IDs en PM, Voy a verificar e te doy una respuesta.
  24. Hello, Contest has finished, Well, I have decided to give the prize to 5 first people, You have 72 hours to catch your prize, or it will be given to the next. Please contact me on: Mundosmilies or Ajuda Winners: Caiio (286878393) -- GOT THE PRIZE iB0rn (1529294060) -- GOT THE PRIZE xMedhi (10881088)-- GOT THE PRIZE UnderDream12 (257605296) Abrahannnn (1534445130) -- GOT THE PRIZE Full list: Full video: Congratulations to all winners! Others, do not give up hope, every week have new contests in the forum, and everyone has a new chance to win!
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