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  1. 2nd winner is xat ID 84065237 contact @Stifler to get your prize
  2. Hello, The winners are 1° - xat ID: 170169160 - @Bozkurtca (abear#heartburst#r#abear#angel#valentine#umbow) (abear#heartburst#r#abear#valentine#umcat) (couple#umbow#pulsefxback#b2b2b2) (bonigoo#umdrop#moulove#r#f7da91#fcrown#d8d8d8#tohypno#r#f#size#w5) (valentinefx#umwindy#valentine#stick#sn1ssancig#ngackco0b#b2b2b2) (ruby#pray#umbow#1#halo#1#six#forehead#1#same#both) (couple#umgloomy#valentine#r--) ....... 2° - https://mundosmilies.com/user/Deff/ (asif#c#moustache#zap#umwindy#stormy#rainy#irish) (agcry#c#umgloomy#noway#bats#umwindy#stormy#rainy#irish) (aglightning#umgloomy#dropumb) (aplove#ffffff#umfem2#victory) (agwink#umfem2#vrain) (asif#c#umgloomy#dropumb) ....... 3° xat ID: 101834553 @NoSense - MS Profile: Alex (Kpigsleep#c#gold#topspin#w7#umbow#gmcheer#ffccff#racblush) (ghostmon#mmback#yccc4ccl028182b5#valentine#ffccff#umfem1#yccc4ccl028182b5#tohypno#ffffff#topspin#w4#themoon#ffccff) (micube#goldb#fwings#ffffff#umfem1#ffccff#costumes#000001#f) (kppaws2#ffccff#umfem2#kskiss#000001) Note: 2nd winner should enable the profile in the next 48 hours otherside the prize will be given to who posted more smilies in the last 15 days. Congratulations for you all. (sorry for delay I was busy those days) Adding: Contact @Stif to get your prize.
  3. Hello, Well, this role is given to trusted people e.g some high ranks on xat Trade etc... How it works is easy, those trusted people are responsible for checking/updating the prices on FairTrade' system.
  4. Ok, we go.. The only staff is Me, Thuk and Cupim & xat admins (obvious) since the start of the project. xat admins are xat staff, if you meant volunteers/contributors or whatever talking about the "team around it" not really "STAFF"... I said this before, this isn't something that anyone can join and simply click deny or allow, everything should be checked manually, codes should be checked if theres nothing bad e.g exploits, redirects etc, read line-per-line and see if everything is ok. This isn't just a lot of images embedded in one file, (e.g: https://github.com/PseudoRAM/Shooting-Game--AS3-/blob/master/src/main.as -- this is not a player) I don't think because they are vols or contributors they will have knowledge of coding ActionScript/HTML/JS/CSS (yeah you also need to check every link manually) Ignore the part of "HTML" being a coding language, it isn't but yah... Who uploaded the file should know, not everyone... some people keep their work "private" for selling etc. Yes, I agree we having a subforum on the forums, but I don't think we should bother forum admins for this, people can always ask on the correct area and we'll reply them. Banners are xat staff, not xatRadio staff. Yes, I agree, the biggest question is "WHO?" same to xat volunteers, we need, its delaying months. But where is trusted people for this? This was happening in the past, what happened then? People were abusing of it, including "trusted people". People were using bad scripts to inject bad codes on your browsers, they were leaking user data (IP, browsers etc), they were using redirect exploits. With xatRadio this won't happen since we check every code/player or whatever is uploaded there. Ahh I forgot to mention that in the past you wasn't able to upload your HTML stuff e.g rules, players etc (only FLASH and it will be deprecated soon). This is all to keep xat users safe, to share their work. Suggestions are always welcome and I can promise you them will be considered if good enough.
  5. Well, Nothing has been changed for years, including the staff because this isn't something easy to touch, we don't want bad ppl using bad stuff, right. T.o.S are there if people atleast read it would see that inapp stuff/encrypt won't be accepted, People talking about codes being stolen will be handled as well, I dont think we should take action since 80% of the players are just edited and its base is GNU or MIT license(correct if I'm wrong), but if it was really created, so yes action should be taken by us. People says their players were rejected etc, but almost of them have girls showing things that shouldnt be there... They should remember that everything uploaded should br suitable for all. All bugs or issues were already fixed a long time ago, the system is fully stable, yet theres not a big amount of people approving players, we do our best and it's a free service, when players are rejected for silly reasons we try to contact the player owner to explain etc (example of this is when its encrypted), we also help them on xat or forum, all this is for keep xat users safe and using a good service. ------------------------ Getting on the thread, https://xatradio.com/changelog.txt any change is added here, support can be given sending PM to Thuk, Me or Cupim. It would be nice having a subforum on the forum but it doesnt really worth, it will be useless and inactive for months. I think people can still asking on Questions (subforum) well, its there. You can also get help on xatProject's support page: https://xatproject.com/support/open.php Approved/rejected players should be between xatRadio staff and the users directly, not public (to keep privacy things), also I dont think we should say every player that was approved or rejected people already receive emails based on this and they can also see on xatRadio Manage's panel. F.A.Q: https://xatradio.com/help Terms of Use: https://xatradio.com/terms Everything xatRadio users need is thers.
  6. 72 hours wake up already, 48 hours no food gonna die

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    2. Leandro


      I hope you two die already

    3. Maverick


      Leandro, stop being a Fake Dude Pokemon. 

    4. xLaming
  7. Hello, Can you tell us what is happening? And I think you should use newer browsers, e.g Chrome, Opera, Firefox etc. I'm not sure xat is fully optimized for Internet Explorer, including a lot of sites else. (I personally recommend you to use Firefox, it's better)
  8. xLaming

    New HTML5 Trade app

    Well, It's nice to seem xat getting improved, including we can now run it better on the mobile phones, trading using them etc, There is a suggestion: when someone add all the xat powers, replace this on the other side for "everypower" instead of showing all the powers etc, this would be really great for preventing scams (I dont know if previous comments were talking about this), E.g: User 1: selling all xat powers (everypower) User 2: won't see all the powers list, just "everypower" Same to super powers, allpowers, group powers, limited, unlimited etc. This will really prevent a lot of scams if getting added because will be clean. Ok, now lets say anout the structure of it... Something should be changed... Instead of having the option "add all" "remove all", trade app should have a "dropdown menu" where you can add the powers by "group type" e.g Add all limited powers/Remove all limited powers, Add everypower/Remove everypower, Add allpowers/Remove all powers, and we go on... This will make the trading getting a higher level, and less time instead of finding one-by-one... -- Edit: adding another suggestion... When clicking on the power name or image it show power information e.g smilies, type, status, price etc... This will be fine to ppl know ehat they are buying. (+/- icons should be rolled back to this work fine)
  9. should xat allow users to disable likes in your own posts on the forum ? i've seem some people being spammed with likes, atleast 4 or 5 already, better allowing this than banning users for no reason later? (i dont remember if IPS have this option)

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    2. Thuk


      There is no way to do this, you can only disable "Likes" from a specific group.

    3. Nathaly


      @Ch3rry you're right, it's better that we don't like anything anymore :'(

      I received warning (annoyed) for giving likes, because I wanted (grump)

    4. D4niel


      It is best not to like more



  10. Hello, This is a mistake and it should be fixed soon, Old register.php page isn't online anymore. but it this issue may be fixed soon. --- My suggestion to admins: xat.com/register should be to register new users, on the past it worked just when you clicked on the button "Register" on the chat, this should be changed... xat.com/register may work showing the correct form based on auser3's stuff, not based in args ( $_GET ).
  11. What is this @Bau http://prntscr.com/p50e1m illuminati hmm ?

    1. Bau


      Hi Paulo, this bg is old, and this eye is for taking care of the chat. hmm? xD

  12. I thought it was causing just on Linux, But I forgot to mention that actually I'm using Windows 10 ( + Latest Firefox's version)
  13. xLaming


    I support your idea, we can deny mods, why not owners?! Sure, it shouldn't be something "too different" just work like sinbin, but for owners.
  14. Maybe, since it gets a lot of console errors
  15. This issue is still there http://prntscr.com/p3vkcr

    1. Chapinleno


      Same issue here https://prnt.sc/p3vns5  It doesn't allowed me to sign in.


      Dj Funny

      (from work pc)

  16. Not really this part I meant, I mean, I don't like them, because I already have one, all the time he's on neighbors, he just came back to eat, 5 minutes later "puft" is out, They just want their food, cats doesnt care for ppl (diff than dogs that can protect you etc), they just run out. I have 1 cat, 7 squirrels, 1 vole (big rat), and 1 corn snake, Cat is worse than all: lazy, they don't care for you, they just waste your money, That's all. Dogs > Cats.
  17. Insects are a group of Animals, I hate any such of insect, or "flying rats" (pigeon, bat), I also hate cats. Cats thinks they are our owners, such of snob animals.
  18. The title says all, Tell us what animal u hate?
  19. Hello, I want to bring a new contest, all you need to do is share creative smilies using the latest xat power (UMBRELLA), We'll choose who make the best smilies on the next 15 days, HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Create your Mundosmilies Account; Log in using your account; Confirm your account using the command "!activate [YOUR CODE]"; Go to "Add smiley" and share them! RULES: You may confirm your Mundosmilies Account, using your main xat account (xat ID you will receive the prize if you win); Be always creative and do not steal other' users; Winner will be announced when countdown ends; PRIZES: 1st: Power (UMBRELLA) + 1000 xats 2nd: Power (UMBRELLA) + 500 xats 3rd: Power (UMBRELLA) JUDGES: Mundosmilies staff DONATIONS: Drika / Mister / Me PRIZE HOLDER: @Stif COUNTDOWN: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1418896/contest-ends Good luck for you all
  20. After some time, we got new updates! Server updates Remake user dashboard Added top posters in 7 days Added top posters in 15 days Small corrections (speed boost) Sitemap is now working (SEO stuff)
  21. Oi, Esta disponível a opção para bloquear outros chats/sites de usarem seu player, sendo assim você pode bloquear para apenas você poder usa-lo, Os players não podem ser reenviados duplicadamente, ou seja se você já enviou o seu ele não poderá ser novamente reenviado a menos que seja editado, Mas de qualquer forma me envie o seu player ID e o player ID no qual foi clonado pelo PM/mensagem privada.
  22. Hello, Can you check if this is working for ? https://xat.com/json/ad.php https://xat.com/json/adverts.php If it's ok, go to next step: Open a private tab and go to any chat, if you can see any ads, I recommend you to disable all your extensions (and or reinstall your browser), If still not working can you tell me what's the Antivirus/Browser you're using? Let me know you did every step.
  23. Hola, Por lo que parece tu chat ya fue borrado antes por un error de xat, Yo he compartido el aca: Los administradores arreglaran tu chat.
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