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  1. should xat allow users to disable likes in your own posts on the forum ? i've seem some people being spammed with likes, atleast 4 or 5 already, better allowing this than banning users for no reason later? (i dont remember if IPS have this option)

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    2. xLaming


      @D4niel im not saying this. I mean people can get banned for mistake, look, what you think if people is getting lot of likes from the same ppl? He/she is asking for likes in their post, and this is against the rules. Knowing this people can abuse spammig likes on your posts and staff won't know if you asked or not, they can even remove your likes, but im sure same abuser will spam again, and you can get banned if moderators think youre asking likes again. (This is an suposition)

    3. CH3RRY


      I had some problems here because I received several likes (by the way, 100 likes were removed(shrug)(toj)) in my posts, and how I posted on my profile, I never asked "I LIKE". And my opinion that I like to receive in the profile does not fit the ranking of the forum, that ranking should be for those who really publish things about xat. And another could be that the Like button is disabled in the user's profile, it would be good for us to publish things in the profile without fear of problems. Ahh, everyone who liked my status received a warning, something I really don't understand, so I hope you remove that Like button from the profile.(victory) 

      @D4niel You better not like anything anymore .XD(Es  mejor qué ya no te guste nada .XD)

    4. leitooo


      I like the comments because they are good and they must accept it as it is (sman)

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