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  1. finally got my internet connection again1

  2. xLaming


    Hola, Para que todos los smilies salgan con un codigo debes usar /ocodigo Ej: /ocycle para (hug#cycle) /ogoldb para (hug#goldb) No necesitas de ninguno power extra para usar isto, solamente el que quieras agregar automaticamente.
  3. xLaming

    Bug on Mobile

    It's a known bug and sure may be fixed in future updates.
  4. You should know firstly that xat is supposed to work on embedded sites, so asking every guest to provide card information or sensitive information is fully against GDPR. And we know this is a chat/social networking not Paypal or such related website. Theres easier ways to fix raids, I have already sent to admins, I'm not sure them are interested in fixing this for now. Ok, lets be honest. I have the fix a lot of times, it seems to be never added.
  5. http://prntscr.com/pi2r5u


    this mean, Google is forcing developers to set minimum Android 9 for all APPS & games, so, after this date if you still using Android 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8, you won't be able to update/download apps or games anymore, because developers can't send updates for those versions, this includes apps like WhatsApp & Facebook. Remember that WhatsApp have something that if you don't update in 30 days you won't be able to use it, so... If you use a older phone, it should go to trashcan.

  6. It's fixed, Tested right now, it seems working fine.
  7. Hello, We have already fixed this error, This was due a player submited, it's already removed from our servers, if you still see this error is because of the cache of your browser, just clear it. And not it's not virus. Note: this does not affect any other player uploaded.
  8. xLaming

    Ticket Help Topic

    I agree with this, Actually if you are paid user you can send this report on "A General Question or Concern", if you are not paid user, you should send on "Report scam" or "Report Phishing Site", We don't have a option for reporting inappropriate stuff (atleast as alternative), would be good having the correct option for it, But in otherside we have the button "Inappropriate" on chats/profiles, if I'm correct this is sent to admins (not vols) directly.
  9. xLaming

    564 - Nin

    @D4niel xat wanting or not, Flash will be removed from the browsers such as Chrome, Firefox etc. I think people didn't test yet new HTML5 chat, they are just following the old hype "xat html5 chat doesn't work", it works, and tbh its working better than Flash, obvious... In the past I've hated this version because it was so buggy, actually it still missing small bugs, and unfinished features (which I'm with you on this, first should fix old features, so add new). Getting on the post, this power seems good. I like this such of powers with functions (text/colors). About the post, it's "vague" and missing some information, such as previews, effects, functions etc. If I'm sure this post may be re-created later by staff.
  10. http://prntscr.com/pfg5g1 ?? This post was replied by two staff members of xatRadio, so why "unanswered" ? Anyway, I will list what you can/cannot do. Personal note:
  11. Olá, Como já foi dito o player foi rejeitado por conter conteúdo inapropriado, Ao subir um novo player você deve concordar com os termos do xatRadio & xat.com, assim o seu player será aprovado pela equipe, As regras que, eu, pessoalmente considero as principais são: O PLAYER NÃO PODE SER ENCRIPTADO DE NENHUMA FORMA e O PLAYER DEVE SER ADEQUADO PARA TODAS AS IDADES. Seguindo as regras principais, pelo menos, eu posso afirmar que você tem 99.9% de chances de ter todos os seus players aprovados pelo xatRadio, Também deve-se levar em conta que são enviados vários e vários players diariamente, então pode acontecer de demorar até 48 horas para ser aprovado.
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