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  1. Contributors can say that I'm wrong etc etc... But all of this is just 1° April.



    1. xatWiki says it got abolished by xat staff, but on history logs it says that Contributors decided.

    2. Why Contributors will vote to remove their biased group?

    3. Contributors just lost their "rank title" permissions still there, and the group wasnt deleted from Members Search.

    4. On history logs it says still "ongoing discussions"


    Anyway... Nice try!

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Stif


      Only the title and access to the group have been removed from all its members, the rest will be removed in the next few days.

    3. Marya


      @Stif TODAY IS 02.04.2019  

      Please (d) 

    4. xLaming


      I catch you all hhahahaha

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