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  1. openBOT is not available yet, atleast not the site, but its coming soon, it's completly free, i wont make the service paid later, main bot account have almost of the powers, everypower will be included of course, but for now its just being tested in some chats. Main bot is already done, next weeks/months site will be already available for all. If you need something else ask @Gui, I'm traveling yet.

  2. Screenshot_2020-01-14-01-34-29-145_lockscreen.thumb.jpg.29d24112175a6977ddd701fae64414da.jpg

    We should have CCCP flag.

    1. Anas



    2. DUYGU


      I see my favorite three colors in one

  3. Screenshot_2020-01-08-03-41-45-657_com.google.android.youtube.thumb.jpg.86c3e50ff2bba2ec6c52df29cb0220d9.jpg

    They did a big change on the logo!!!


    **being sarcastic**

    1. CH3RRY


      The designer broke his head ...shocker.png 



      Laughing Out Loud Lol GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

  4. Screenshot_2020-01-08-03-21-31-911_lockscreen.thumb.jpg.f24ea6a7d9c1176c87a5f2f0b470a00a.jpg


    1. Vevrok


      sumiu carranca

    2. xLaming


      @Vevrok nem kra, to viajando slk

  5. Amazonia in fire, Macron: "we live in France but we need to take care of Brazil", Australia in fire: **no words** 


    Where is Greta (ambientalist, who just says no sense words, aka child) or Emannuel Macron, France's president, he cant even stop chaos in France.


    This is all stupid.


    World is almost on the end.



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. xLaming


      @AlexiusZeta main issue is that Macron wont be against Australian gov cuz they are from the same "side of wheel".


      Anyway yeah, hes just trying to gain Amazonia to him (ofc this will never happen)


      He should take care of his place, not others.


      Everyone has their own cultures.

    3. DUYGU


      Hey Xlaming, global world people entered the year 2020 with the best wishes, but still we see people who are competing in the direction of war turmoil, chaos and interests, obviously this upsets me very much. I don't want to see people who suffer anymore blood and tears. I ask this question '' this world where is it going''? I'm also worried about the future. Will the competition of these people last until all people die? people can't enjoy that short life.

    4. DUYGU
  6. I didnt eat since the last year.

    1. CH3RRY


      hungry doja cat GIF by Justin Gammon


      Feliz 2020 Lamiguete:p

  7. I didnt take a shower since the last year.

  8. I didnt sleep since the last year.

    1. DUYGU


      Morning did back at the end of a long and beautiful night.I think you're not sleepless anymore . :)

  9. Boa bola 8 parabens, feliz aniversario, come muito churras n hein

    1. Gui


      kkkkkkkkkkk valeu <3 :$ 

    2. xLaming
    1. Anas


      Bad for robbing, nice for sharing lol. 

      Merry kmesmes! 

    2. DJFUNNY


      hard to tell... first does he have family that love him? if not and he decided to do that, then it's nice so he can give a little of happiness to some people. If he does have family and did that, then it's bad 'cause no reason to do... unless he had enough been freedom and need some privacy at jail. lol  

    3. Bau
  10. http://prntscr.com/q8lw4x i hate when this happen, all their domains are off (AGAIN) ;c

  11. All answers for tickle's quiz:



    1° C
    2° C
    3° A
    4° A
    5° C
    6° A
    7° A
    8° B
    9° B
    10° C
    11° C
    12° B
    13° C
    14° A
    15° A
    16° C
    17° B
    18° C
    19° B


    1. Stif


      What about letting them figure out themselves? (d) 

    2. xLaming
  12. CONTEST: Be the first commenting here your xat ID and get a free NEVA power.

  13. Power ID fixed, Neva (ID: 573), it's a sticker power. Wait for more news.

  14. Spoiler: new power CAN be called "neva" since it was added to the wrong list (maybe acidentally?). It's just my opinion, I don't know yet.


    But anyway you can use (neva) on xat if you have SUPERSANTA.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Abrahan


      It is confusing not to know if it is ID 573 or 574.

    3. Anas


      Neva Give Up.

    4. Welch


      If it's a girlie sticker power we're done.

  15. * when you plays a game using bot names to show them, they cant even kill a bot *

    1. Vevrok



    2. CH3RRY
  16. Wtf is this new "Award" replacement for "Like"?

  17. xatBlog & Mundosmilies on again, new CDN servers for static files huehue.

  18. https://prnt.sc/pni9mb




    who else was selected for beta tests?


    (yay this is a gr8 design)

  19. CoD Mobile nick " PaulaoDosHs " add me 4free headshot.

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