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  1. spacer.png

    1. Anas
    2. xLaming


      Just arrived on my city xd


      Pic is 4h ago

    3. Anas


      Still, enjoy home mano haha. 

  2. Nice I agree, I would like see this getting added.
  3. I got his idea, I fully agree with it. A page where users can put their powers to be sold/others can buy the cheapest I think this would make trading faster & safer.
  4. I'll be back next week.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. DUYGU


      and I will continue to come to your Mundosmilies chat room

    3. CH3RRY


      he went to eat (hippo)



    4. xLaming
  5. Screenshot_2020-02-08-18-49-26-762_com.grability.rappi.thumb.jpg.12704f3823ea81f7dc1315f505aaf9d7.jpg

    Taco taco taco

  6. No PC for the next 8 days until I receive a new one, it was burn... RIP i9, motherboard and power supply ;/

  7. Parabéns loko, mt cash pra nós fiote!


    xat ou churras? #hoje

    1. Stif


      Vlw mano, tudo de bom pra nós dois sempre, sempre com Deus!


      Cara, xat e uma parada entre família aqui... kkk

    2. xLaming


      Pode cre mano kkkkk

  8. Try clearing your CACHE, you dont need to clear your cookies.
  9. https://mundosmilies.com/generators/sticker/luvcat/ its uploaded to real-time previews.
  10. Hello, this is the first update of 2020. Servers upgraded, FairTrade fixed (not used by almost, but its still there) https://mundosmilies.com/powers/fair Sticker generators updated & added new stickers https://mundosmilies.com/generators/sticker
  11. I dislike people, world and almost of everything included on it.
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    2. Angelo


      No thank you. I have other plans in mind. 

    3. DUYGU


      Congratulations, with heart pawn look nice

    4. DUYGU


      Good night Xlaming  (hug) 

  12. Screenshot_2020-01-26-11-39-43-129_com.ubercab_eats.thumb.jpg.63d6392eee9796a80a7ca9fdb50f642f.jpg


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    2. xLaming


      It's less than 5 USD hehe

    3. DUYGU


      If we only eat french fries, what about the price?

    4. xLaming


      On KFC they dont sell only fries xd (well atleast not on my city)

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