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  1. Same reason than others, they should have the right to have a help chat in their language, its one of the most active communities, so why not? @Maxo
  2. read me whatsapp :( 

  3. Screenshot_2020-01-14-01-34-29-145_lockscreen.thumb.jpg.29d24112175a6977ddd701fae64414da.jpg

    We should have CCCP flag.

    1. Anas
    2. DUYGU


      I see my favorite three colors in one

  4. I think its safe to be used for help, people can not steal your account since its needed you type your password to confirm trade/transfer (except if you saved it on your browser), anyway it should be 100% trusted, you can not share your PC access to anyone, they can steal your account or important files. This should be used careful. I think xat would inform on xatwiki that users should never share their pc screen (remote programs).
  5. Screenshot_2020-01-08-03-41-45-657_com.google.android.youtube.thumb.jpg.86c3e50ff2bba2ec6c52df29cb0220d9.jpg

    They did a big change on the logo!!!


    **being sarcastic**

    1. CH3RRY


      The designer broke his head ...shocker.png 



      Laughing Out Loud Lol GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

  6. Screenshot_2020-01-08-03-21-31-911_lockscreen.thumb.jpg.f24ea6a7d9c1176c87a5f2f0b470a00a.jpg


    1. Vevrok


      sumiu carranca

    2. xLaming


      @Vevrok nem kra, to viajando slk

  7. It fixes your side, others cant hear if they dont allow manually, But if others access your profile or chat, website or whatever they cant hear, so basically the song you added on your profile is useless. This does not fix it 100% just whitelisted sites by Google can auto play, e.g youtube.com, anyway if you embed it on your site you cant use autoplay. xat would try contact Google to whitelist autoplay on it, this is the fix. Not hard, not delayed.
  8. This won't fix the issue, Chrome and browsers based in Chrome got Auto play blocked by default, You can enable auto play for you, but others won't be able to listen anyway (with auto play).
  9. Amazonia in fire, Macron: "we live in France but we need to take care of Brazil", Australia in fire: **no words** 


    Where is Greta (ambientalist, who just says no sense words, aka child) or Emannuel Macron, France's president, he cant even stop chaos in France.


    This is all stupid.


    World is almost on the end.



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. xLaming


      @AlexiusZeta main issue is that Macron wont be against Australian gov cuz they are from the same "side of wheel".


      Anyway yeah, hes just trying to gain Amazonia to him (ofc this will never happen)


      He should take care of his place, not others.


      Everyone has their own cultures.

    3. DUYGU


      Hey Xlaming, global world people entered the year 2020 with the best wishes, but still we see people who are competing in the direction of war turmoil, chaos and interests, obviously this upsets me very much. I don't want to see people who suffer anymore blood and tears. I ask this question '' this world where is it going''? I'm also worried about the future. Will the competition of these people last until all people die? people can't enjoy that short life.

    4. DUYGU
  10. ola xLaminge que meu jogado foi rejeitado queria sabe o qual motivo foi rejeitado tem como ver isso pra mim

    1. Stif


      Boa tarde alex, qualquer dúvida ou problema que você tenha com seus players, envie um ticket no sistema do xatRadio clicando aqui: http://xatproject.com/sos/

    2. xLaming


      Oi, te respondi o PM

  11. Hey haitiano happy new years♥

    1. xLaming


      Gracias venezoelano, a ti tambien feliz ano nuevo!

  12. I didnt eat since the last year.

    1. CH3RRY


      hungry doja cat GIF by Justin Gammon


      Feliz 2020 Lamiguete:p

  13. I didnt take a shower since the last year.

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