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  1. Traveling yet, back soon.

    1. zed


      waiting u girl

    2. Vritme
    3. Witness


      Enjoy the trip! :p

  2. I like your idea, Good? Yeah. But... Why not adding an ACCEPT / CANCEL button? Would be better since sometimes you receive scammed xats and don't see (like you said in your post, just click anywhere) and look, vols will tell you this is your fault and block you. Why not simply adding a button, like trading's app?
  3. :)


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Guppy


      This is why we need xat stories

    3. xLaming


      I don't have snapchat

    4. Phin


      Instagram?! Come on, how do you live without social media?

  4. Who said FB is used to share ugly pics or status when u can use it to get free wifi points 

    1. Junior


      This is why we have forum statuses.

  5. xLaming

    Why? / Because!

    Because we all don't have life. Why do you hear songs?
  6. I feel like the last year was yesterday, what about you?

    1. Maxo


      no it was the day before :p 

    2. Bau


      I have not seen you since last year, how are you Paulo? xD

  7. #BREAKINGNEWS @Zoom anda muy acerca de @Leandro seguramente ya no son más "solamente amigos" (r)

  8. Gratz @Junior you do a lot, deserve it. @LaFleur too.
  9. Parabens vacilão, já tá na hora de sair da casa dos pais

    1. Thuk


      valeu vacilaum é noixx <3


      pais é tudo :$ kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  10. Starting a life is harder than I thought.

  11. I'm out for the next days, 20 days already out of my house, my state, m country. Finding a job and a good university to live with my gf and study gr8.


    Happy xmas or hanukkak and happy new year for y'all.

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    2. Maxo


      life is full of tests be strong be optimist and never give up. GOOD LUCK 

      merry christmas  


    3. Angelo


      Where you off to?

    4. xLaming


      @Angelo close to Venezuela

  12. I'm ugly and after compressed image 65% due this weird limit 199kb lul, 8k cam gets 144p 90's style!

    1. oj
    2. Leandro


      No one wants to see your ugly face, remove it!

  13. It was supposed to be just in July/2019 with the Chrome 76+ and already happened, Flash Support is supposed to be removed with Chrome 87, maybe it can happen in the 80's version, uh? It seems that Chrome / Chromium is not following their own map. Really, admins need to start focusing in the HTML5's chat, fixing bugs and changing things like the pool system, to be working like the Flash's version (everything, it's not hard); Lot of bugs were already fixed, that's great but still having minor issues, bugs and things which can be changed easily and makes xat good; By default xat needs to run HTML5's version without needing to add " ?new ". Remove the current " ?old " (supposed to run AS2's version) and make it load Flash's version for people who likes it.
    1. Maverick


      Can we copystrike Mirror Lab? :D


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