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  1. I'm ugly and after compressed image 65% due this weird limit 199kb lul, 8k cam gets 144p 90's style!

    1. oj



    2. Leandro


      No one wants to see your ugly face, remove it!

  2. xLaming

    Chrome and Flash

    It was supposed to be just in July/2019 with the Chrome 76+ and already happened, Flash Support is supposed to be removed with Chrome 87, maybe it can happen in the 80's version, uh? It seems that Chrome / Chromium is not following their own map. Really, admins need to start focusing in the HTML5's chat, fixing bugs and changing things like the pool system, to be working like the Flash's version (everything, it's not hard); Lot of bugs were already fixed, that's great but still having minor issues, bugs and things which can be changed easily and makes xat good; By default xat needs to run HTML5's version without needing to add " ?new ". Remove the current " ?old " (supposed to run AS2's version) and make it load Flash's version for people who likes it.
    1. Maverick


      Can we copystrike Mirror Lab? :D

  3. xLaming

    524 WIGS

    p1Wig is not added in the pow2 @Junior need to be added http://prntscr.com/lpjs5t About (wigs#w1) idk, maybe any coding issue u may fix this Thanks to @Stif for testing with me
  4. xLaming

    xat Facebook - your input/feedback

    xat powers, smilies, gifs, avatar, whatever being related to the xat products, but with "random funny phrases" like "in xat trading chats work like that (money smiley)"
  5. Sometimes it happens randomly. When you are trying to connect to a chat, or when you are online normally, it gets disconnected, Is this fixed?
  6. xLaming


    I like it, But due to copyright issues it cannot be a xat power.
  7. xLaming

    Price of XATs

    It's not racism, because this isn't a "xat fault" bau, It works in this way... xat has some options like... PayPal, well, you go to xat.com/buy and buy xats using this option, its 5 USD (already set by xat on PayPal plans, internal stuff...) Well, you're Portuguese (if i'm not wrong :$), so.. it will be converted from USD to EUROS. "Dollar quotation" is defined by PayPal, according to the local currency. A lot of factors can make this value higher or lower, depending of the country. For us, brazilians, it's a bit higher the price, but for people like americans it's like you buying a "burger" it's not expensive, this is not defined by xat, but the "payment gateways" used by xat.com
  8. xLaming

    Price of XATs

    This is relative, according to the country, e.g for americans it's not expensive.. their economy is fine, 5 USD is a Coca Cola(I think?), for latins (we brazilians) it's expensive (a bit), for countries like Venezuela, Paraguay and others that their economy is not really "very good" this is expensive a lot. So, I think we don't need to have xats price dropped, this is relative and it depends where you live.
  9. Time 2get a new ytb network service (meh)

    1. Leandro


      Fix your profile image please. It's making me unconformable.

    2. xLaming
  10. xLaming

    Why? / Because!

    Because it's already morning, Why do we live?
  11. Actually the only issue are the bugs, and the design of pools, that should be like Flash's version. Rest is ok.
  12. xLaming

    Trade Main

    In good time, congratz to Sydno and Echo, Its great to see that xatTrade is under a new administration!
  13. Happy Birthday! 

  14. Finally 19, I can already get drunk

    1. Shizuo
    2. Bau


      Apenas 19? xD

      Happy birthday 'kid" Criança :$(sman)


      Parabens, Feliz aniversario, tudo de bom e do melhor (hug)


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