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  1. Gi meg 3 sekunder jeg skal blaeste en champagne 😅

  2. Nice job, Your guys can start the creation of html5 players, flash will get deprecated soon
  3. Just wanna come back to home.

    1. DjCrazy


      I hope you come back home soon(cute)

  4. xLaming

    Automatic message

    Ok. I like your idea, But let's assume something, xat stores your relationship id/type (married/bff'd), xat doesn't store your relationship date, then how it will give you a message each month/year? Since theres no registry about the date you did. Yet xat can store next dates, what about old marriages/bff?
  5. Peruanos llorando (cry) <

  6. xLaming

    553 NAT

    Ok, This time its not facebook's copy, Looks good, I wanna suggest adding something like WhatsApp, that we can make our customs "sticker albums" and upload as Imgur Album, and use our own stickers, if I'm ok I think its being used JS(Canvas/HTML5 maybe?) If this is the current way we cant upload to Imgur, but xat can make any API or something like appbot for us to make customs stickers and share links to ppl, maybe a new stuff on xatRadio? @Cupim @Admin
  7. xLaming

    553 NAT

    Main question:
  8. Just paste here the original embed code, Playlist and single song, separated, Or maybe embed docs?
  9. It's 500, 1000, even more? NOOO ITS JUST NINE NINE 99$

  10. Its better you be on school than waiting on the airport more than 8 hours aka years

  11. I'm already living my dream, Being LAZY ALL THE TIME.
  12. Róe kejo

    1. Stif


      via: do

    2. Luig


      O amor é lindo

    3. Vevrok


      oun, me traindo rapaz (D)

  13. xLaming

    Quotes bug

    "Test" turns: "Test" "test2" "test3" turns: "Test" "Test2 "Test3" turns: When you send messages it's being replaced the second quote for no reason, but why not others? Fix: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1787322/htmlspecialchars-equivalent-in-javascript
  14. 1. I think it's fine if being used as "gif", yeah its easy to implement this, at least on HTML5 this feature is fully possible. We don't really need a team just for allowing/disallowing users uploading their animations. Example of this is BACKGROUNDS, AVATARS, DESCRIPTIONS, NAMES, HOMESPAGES, XATSPACE, CHATS you can always use anything inapp, and can be punished, torched whatever, so, there's no difficult in creating this. 2. Recard and Yellowcard seems related to the football, then, wheres the Bluecard there? Doesn't exist (well, I think) 3. Creating superblueman, superpink etc, won't make Flashrank useless? I think yes 4. Hug prices can be even zero, nobody uses, that's why xat isn't creating more hugs, same about jinx. (I'm sure) Suggestions 1st and 4th are really good. Mainly the 1st suggestion, I see it being added in a near future.
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