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  1. As I have reported before in somewhere, When you do some updates using same link e.g adding ?v5 ?v6 etc on the end of the URL, for some reason its getting blocked.
  2. It's now available in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and English.
  3. Hello guys, Finally I will tell you who our winners are, despite some delay for personal reasons here they are: @RobFerrari - 10000 xats @Fons - 3000 xats @Parth - 2000 xats Please contact me to get your prize. ( https://xat.com/Mundosmilies ). Congratulations to the winners and everyone who participated! Those who didn't win will be able to win in the next contest!
  4. I don't think it's a good idea. When you look through the eyes of business, you see that you are wasting money because people abuse it.
  5. She was married to OpenBOT account, she did divorce and it wasn't showing the heart on the past versions, On this new release it's showing again (yet she isn't married anymore).
  6. Finally, I'm back.

    1. Anas


      You're 10 years late. 

    2. Bau
  7. Still same, @LaFleur https://prnt.sc/uxo9yg https://prnt.sc/uxoahn
  8. Well, when you guest someone then mod/member it says "member only" but after a !clear everything is fine (before !clear, even with sign out/sign in it was showing this message)
  9. Any public club which I'm member. Club staff cant see me on the "left side members list" so they cant click me/do any action. Private/closed clubs are fine. Also clubs which I have rank (mod, leader etc)
  10. Hello, Would be good "smilies" getting added on sided apps, because xat smilies are the xat identity, and some people don't know that they can click on the black ball and see this. Not a big deal but would be better, instead of opening in-chat pop ups, at least as an alternative way. Example:
  11. Linconl "chat is embedded with a lower resolution"
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