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  1. xLaming's post in Designar el power Events was marked as the answer   
    En el pasado habia algunos powers que aunque no eran de grupo, era posible activarlos (cuando xat estaba en la versión Flash).
    Con el nuevo HTML5, ya no es posible dar Assign/Un-assign.
    Este problema es un poco más "complejo" porque solo los admins de xat pueden solucionarlo.
    Le recomiendo que envie un ticket en el departamento de "Account Block" explicando su situación, para que el ticket se pueda transferir al departamento correcto (xAdmin), o puede ponerse en contacto con un voluntario a traves de un mensaje privado para abrir tu ticket.
    Recuerda que debes de escribir todo en ingles.
    Voluntario: https://forum.xat.com/staff/
    Ticket: https://util.xat.com/support/open.php
  2. xLaming's post in RevolverMaps was marked as the answer   
    Bom, acabei de testar aqui,
    Realmente é um bug, até amanhã já vai estar corrigido,
    Eu vou te avisar quando estiver funcionando novamente!
  3. xLaming's post in invert power does not work was marked as the answer   
    This isn't a bug,
    When you don't have a power and try to use it, it's automatically replaced by #none.
    If you find any bug, please report them on Bug Tracker.

  4. xLaming's post in setting the fb page to xat was marked as the answer   
    This Issue has been fixed, dots can now be used on the Facebook bbcode.
    You can use this code to your xatspace or chat group: 
    Example ( [box:fbposts:420:270:xat.chats] ):

  5. xLaming's post in xat turkish chat "sohbet" bad background, there is a lot of light was marked as the answer   
    If you have a complaint about a specific chat, you should not create a topic on the forum as per General Guideline #10.
    Instead, you should contact the manager of the chat (Kaul) in private on the chat or via the forum. If Kaul is not online on the chat, you can click "send message" from the menu at the top right above the chat and file a report containing substantive detail and evidence where necessary.
    Alternatively, if you have contacted Kaul and believe they are not taking the appropriate action, you can click "inappropriate" from the same menu above the chat and file a report there with substantive detail and evidence. You may also submit a ticket at xat.com/ticket, again with with substantive detail and evidence. Please note, there is no guarantee any action will be taken.
    If you require further information about this, please contact a volunteer on the forum and they will assist you in private.
  6. xLaming's post in Still requesting recognition was marked as the answer   
    No, it's a international chat for selling IDs, powers and days.
    And you had an appropriate answer in the previous topic, avoid duplicating posts.
  7. xLaming's post in username change request was marked as the answer   
    You can only change it when you reach Advanced Member,
    You can get this rank being active, posting, commenting and helping people.
  8. xLaming's post in Translate was marked as the answer   
    It seems to be fixed.
    Previously caused by caching,
    Can you test now?
    If it still not working, try pressing ctrl + F5
  9. xLaming's post in All Super Collection Problems was marked as the answer   
    This is a known problem. I have already reported this issue, it happens sometimes, not always.
    Next time report on the Bug Tracker.
  10. xLaming's post in Predefined Names in HTML5 embedding was marked as the answer   
    I have tested, and seems that we cannot define default homepage/name anymore.
    Previously it was possible by setting &xh= and &xn=
    Maybe in a near future this feature may get added back, but now you can't.
  11. xLaming's post in Profil players was marked as the answer   
    Well, you can not use players in your profile. At least not HTML players.
    And since Flash players are ended, you can not use them too.
  12. xLaming's post in CANSADOS DE OPENBOT was marked as the answer   
    Como dije hace unos días, traigo una actualización importante en los próximos días, que incluirá la corrección de este y otros problemas. De todos modos, subiré una actualización para solucionar este problema HOY. Debido a que estaba viajando no fue posible corregirlo previamente.
    Gracias por usar OpenBOT, y cualquier pregunta o queja puedes contactar a cualquier usuario de nuestro staff https://openbot.com/staff o desde https://xat.com/OpenBOT. Todos tienen contacto directo conmigo y cualquier problema futuro se puede solucionar más rápidamente.
  13. xLaming's post in Chat Bloqueado o Con Problemas De Conexion was marked as the answer   
    Handshake issue.
    Admins has been emailed with more details.
  14. xLaming's post in ¿Cómo puedo cambiar la IP sin apagar el router? was marked as the answer   
    Esto depende de tu proveedor de internet,
    Cuando tu IP es estatico se cambia cada vez que reinicia tu router/modem, pero hay otros casos que tu IP es dinamico, en este caso es definido por tu proveedor,
    Yo recomiendo que reinicie tu modem/router, si no funcionar debes contactar tu proveedor de internet para que configuren tu DHCP, o liberen esta opción para ti.
  15. xLaming's post in Group xat not in the list page was marked as the answer   
    When your chat have activity enough it will be automatically listed on xat pages if you don't have the icognito mode enabled.
    But remember, you need to have a good activity of users in your chat.
  16. xLaming's post in BB coded videos will not autoplay was marked as the answer   
    Well, you are trying to use width and height less than 10x10, it won't play,
    Not even with autoplay allowed.
    If you want it to play, just use 15x15 or something higher.
    Btw you can use this generator: https://mundosmilies.com/bbcodes/youtube/ 
  17. xLaming's post in Player was marked as the answer   
    I have unblocked it.
    If it does not work try using IP address instead of hostname " "
    Btw just see... Some hosts are blocked by xat internals such as:
    Zapto.org, Sytes.net, No-ip.com etc.
    This is made for users security.
    As I said before, try using the IP instead of hostname.
  18. xLaming's post in Buying from store was marked as the answer   
    We can't do so much,
    Windows XP is very outdated... Chrome, IE, Opera, Firefox and all those browsers based in them is also outdated. Their support has ended in 2015.
    The only way is you upgrading your Windows version, or installing Linux(they are free).
    There is nothing else you can do.
    Well, anyway you can still buying powers on the old URL: http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/GetPowers.php seems that it's not being redirected yet.
  19. xLaming's post in XATRADIO RECHAZA LOS REPRODUCTORES was marked as the answer   
    Ya he revisado tu player,
    Los dos ahora están aprobados.
  20. xLaming's post in Way to be a Reseller was marked as the answer   
    According to what I know so far, you need to buy xats directly from https://xat.com/buy and resell them.
    You need to send a ticket and ask them to be reseller:
    1. Go to https://xat.com/ticket and click "Open"
    2. Fill all fields, and select department "General"
    3. Fill subject with at least 5 words, and in message field explain why you want to be reseller, etc...
    Note: Any message should be written in English.
    Note²: You should be paid user to send a ticket in this department.
  21. xLaming's post in cambiar smiles was marked as the answer   
    Debes usar /o + smiley,
    Ejemplo: /okmonkey
    Asi todos tus smilies saldran con Kmonkey.
  22. xLaming's post in como colocar um player was marked as the answer   
    Acabei de desbloquear seu IP/PORTA,
    Já pode gerar um player HTML5/Flash agora.
  23. xLaming's post in Problem with xat space was marked as the answer   
    Be sure your xatspace doesnt hsve the part body{ and it ends with ;
    Should be:
    (im on phone)
  24. xLaming's post in power was marked as the answer   
    Para que todos los smilies salgan con un codigo debes usar /ocodigo
    /ocycle para (hug#cycle)
    /ogoldb para (hug#goldb)
    No necesitas de ninguno power extra para usar isto, solamente el que quieras agregar automaticamente.
  25. xLaming's post in virus xatradio was marked as the answer   
    We have already fixed this error,
    This was due a player submited, it's already removed from our servers, if you still see this error is because of the cache of your browser, just clear it.
    And not it's not virus.
    Note: this does not affect any other player uploaded.
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