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  1. New power (Catastrophe)

    Wtf? Why would xat makes a power based in things like that? This is not funny, or a thing that should be used to sell(powers). I disagree.
  2. A bit of my work

    I don't know a lot of design but, this is really great. I can confirm (ugc)
  3. Mundosmilies Backgrounds

    Just being noob for a bit.
  4. /message PC/PM

    Nice point, It would be great feature to be added, BUT we'll need some protect agains't spammers
  5. My best works / Meus melhores trabalhos.

    It looks nice, Maybe going to contact you then to get a new sign uh Nota: kkk deveria por em inglês não um pedaço em inglês outro em português né mano (primeira linha) N.b: you may put it in english, not only a part(first line) xD
  6. Streaming Power.

    I like your suggest. But I'm not sure it would be a "power", just a feature it's ok.
  7. 459 FIREFX

    Not sure about the wiki but is working here https://blog.mundosmilies.com/powers/firefx/ (GetImage5) E.g. https://s1.xat.com/web_gear/chat/GetStrip5.php?c=S_firefx_50_50_c.png p1 is added autoamtically after Hat name.
  8. 459 FIREFX

    @Admin force update on GetStrip5
  9. New temp hats were enabled: 'hx' => 'Flagmexico', 'he' => 'Flagelsalvador', 'hh' => 'Flaghonduras', 'hg' => 'Flagguatemala', 'hc' => 'Chile', 'hb' => 'Bulgaria' ==> Independence days: Mexico = 16th Sep El Salvador = 15th Sep Honduras = 15th Sep Guatemala = 15th Sep Chile = 12 Feb (but something related to 18 Sep, so it's enabled) Bulgaria = 22th Sep
  10. Por qué SWF de xat se me descargan

    Hola, Eso fue una actualización recente en Google Chrome, Ellos empezaron a probar eso hace unos meses, pero porfin fue cambiado completamente. La unica forma es hacer un "downgrade" en la versión de tu Google Chrome, aunque eso no es seguro. O entonces cambia de navegador como UC Browser, Maxthon, Opera, Firefox, etc.
  11. 459 FIREFX

    ID: 459 Name: Firefx Price: 249 xats Status: Limited Smilies: firefx, fireback, fireexplode, fireflame, firehair, nofire Hats: 'hx' => 'Fireexplode', 'hf' => 'Fireflame', 'hi' => 'Firefx'