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  1. Hatiano Bro♥

    1. Laming


      Haio boliviano :$ 

  2. It is the unique that is always online. I personally don't like others providers because I use postimage since 2012. #thebest.
  3. Olá Pistão, Você deverá usar em opcões o código autoplay=1&loop=1 ele funcionará corretamente. Se ainda assim não funcionar é um problema nos player do YouTube, não é um erro do xat. Também será necessario que você mude os tamanhos 0 por 000. Nota: depois será atualizado esses códigos, leia esta atualizado. UPDATE: Should be moved to "Support in Portuguese" because this is a question zzz.
  4. If it not worked try change your options to autologin-nosound (or some other option). If this is a bug will be fixed on the next updated.
  5. I used it on you can see. My code is [chat:600:500:5:xat_test:autologin] if you still having issues you can try it using [chat:600:500:5:xat_test:autologin-nosound] (or with more strings).
  6. Hello, If you read the page you will see it clean "In addition, you can use different options for further functionality:" that shows autologin will enable autologin by default noradio will disable radio by default nosound will disable sound by default nomessages will not store old messages, exactly like the 'Don't store chat messages' option transparent will load chats in transparent mode using wmode="transparent" Adding more a thing, if you also read the line "To do so, use the following code:" you can see that you must to use [chat:width:height:chat_id:chat_name:options] E.g: [chat:728:486:5:xat_test:autologin] You also need to understand that if you use lower resolutions it will not work, this isn't a fault, according to "Google Chrome Bugs Summary" if you use lower resolutions the SWF file will be stopped automatically, must be more than 400x300. No, it is working. Yesterday 3 or 4 guys asked how to use it, all the SWFs are working and you know that just HTML5 isn't working, maybe you're using it correctly? All the codes are tested by admins, wiki editors(maybe), I personally tested all the codes before and it worked, a lot of others people also tried it. Why just you talking that it isn't working correctly? Maybe you're not use the code correctly. This isn't a fault.
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    2. Laming


      It is just my backup folder contains files saved from my phone :( 


      I'm poor and my MiCloud is full so I decided to save all on pc, with that folder called "XXX" so nobody will access it (cool) 

    3. LaFleur


      xd (sure)



      jk : P


    4. Zed


      i just guessed that this folder will make u famous soon lol

  7. So could be added? any smiley maker? (SWF and FLA files are available, just PM). N.b: I used toadback because toback is used already.
  8. Gm honey, I need the magic kiss of the blue Prince to awaken. I am Sleeping Beauty! LOL ILU<3

    P.S: @Fiona I love you!



    1. Laming


      I'm here!!


      Me too <3


      N.b: Get rekt fiona.

    2. Fiona


      omggg so pretty!!:o


    3. Camila


      Jajaja, Paulo -.- !


  9. A lot of ppl "bought followers" on Twitter or likes on Facebook.


    Go go buy followers and likes 10 xats  each!! Cheap!




    1. Blacky
    2. Paul


      can i buy minus 300 followers? that way you owe me xats

    3. Laming
  10. Hello, If having problems with your image provider you can try another, I actually recommend you to use it works HTTPS and HTTP and have zero compression. You can also look dor others image providers here: If you want to use it on your xat profile or xat chat must be used <img src="IMAGE URL" /> If you want to use it as backgroud must be used .DIVNAME{background:url(IMAGE URL)}
  11. A simple chat CSS that I did for testing only. CSS CODE: background-color:#000000; background:url(; background-size:cover} /* Credits: xLaming */ [name='chat']{-webkit-box-reflect: below 0px -webkit-linear-gradient(bottom, rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.3) 0%, transparent 20%, transparent 100%)} img[height='49'],h1{background:#000000} h1{position:absolute} h1{top:0} h1,img[height='49']{height:50px} table[height='30'],table[height='10'],table[height='51']{background:transparent} h1{width:185px} h1{border-radius: 0px 0px 10px 0px} img[height='32']{border-radius:20px} [name='chat']{background:url(} [name='chat']{opacity:0.9} img[height='32']{background:#000000} table[height='51']{width:60%} img{border:20px} *{text-shadow: -1px 0 black, 0 1px black, 1px 0 black, 0 -1px black} .vbmenu_control,iframe[allowtransparency='true'],.twitter-share-button,[colspan='27']{display:none; Demo: Demo in REAL TIME(LOL): The reason for I did it is Techy's suggestion about "pcback gif" (I did the css for testing only, the background is animated)
  12. Honey, I forget the diet, I am hungry, you want to eat?  Hahah ILU <3 



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    2. DjCrazy


      oo good guten appetid honey:p

    3. Laming


      Get rekt Fiona

      Nice, I want to eat too

    4. Fiona



      why I am getting bullying 24h? lool:'(