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  1. game

    Hello, xatRadio is now working, the issues were fixed. If you have any problem on adding player, you can ask me here or via PM. Try to use it now, if still not working clear your browsing cache.
  2. game

    Hello, xatRadio is not working now, it is under maintenance but will work soon, Sorry for any inconvenience.
  3. PcBack Shuffle

    Just a suggestion for it... Adding "solid colors" to background e.g WhatsApp, you can solid colors.. not really needed a palette but can be used for example avatar_url#hexcolor (better than open photoshop just to do one background lots of pixel) E.g
  4. Option For More xats Packages on Buy

    Sure it would be determined minimum / maximum as wel... About the price it can be based dollar just like is used to sum price of dollar in other countries
  5. Option For More xats Packages on Buy

    Theres a simple thing that can fix it so ya Try adding 2 inputs one called "xats" and others "days" and one button called Get Price.. So you will be able to buy as much you want to spend. E.g: I've put 20000 xats and 4000 days then clicked on Get Price, so it generated the price 200 usd. I will pay and receive my xats.
  6. Goodbye xat

    Lol manuela bye
  7. Group Power (Adblocker)

    Bot can handle that without new powers.
  8. Did you miss me?!

    1. Thuk
    2. Lunala


      Who are you?

    3. Laming


      Both can call me boss, god or whatever you want to lol

  9. what do you think about the new homepage's design?
  10. Square Smiley.

  11. WIN HalloScroll #5 POWERs

  12. Some of my posts or comments were deleted? uh

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Laming


      I saw... before I had more than 666 posts(I count them) now rolled back to 611 / 612 lol xd

    3. Dann


      It's because the forums are being 'cleaned'.

    4. Stif


      I guess the hidden posts got erased from the content count, maybe the rep points related with them also got erased.

  13. You love somebody??

    Someone else loves the death?
  14. 464 Skull!

    It looks nice, no kawai powers!