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  1. Not sure who is u but happy bday lol (hippo) 

    1. Bau


      Happy birthday! :d:$

      LAFLeur :$

  2. Olá, Como eu te disse antes, o xat já está trabalhando para fixar isso. Apenas aguarde, brevemente ele estará funcionando normalmente.
  3. As I said, it was fixed <
  4. Gline - Sline etc, so no it seems good as it is now xD
  5. Radio below of chat / xatspace is now working.
  6. Should be updated "Activegroup.php"
  7. Nathan said that ARCbots staff knows this issue already
  8. They were updated to work using https (according to the new xat updates). ARCBOT only: - Also added "arcbot-ecmd.php" API to work on the !ecmd. Just type in your chat !ecmdlink Commands available: !ecmd newpower !ecmd smilies !ecmd pawns !ecmd shortname [ARGS] If you want, you can use !addalias (!ecmd COMMAND_NAME) (!NEW_COMMAND_NAME). - Eg: !addalias (!ecmd shortname) (!shortname)
  9. There are some people who don't have the gall to talk things in front of the person HAHAHAH!

  10. Hello, my name s paulo, sup noobs.
  11. A few months later... hehehe it's finally OK

  12.                   LamingMan



  13. Olá maxsouza1975, Esse é um problema já conhecido e deve ser fixado breve, Apenas aguarde até que as mudanças do xat estejam 100% concluidas.