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  1. @Angelo because hes my drinking buddy and @Solange because shes my croissant buddy
  2. nice suggestion nice drawing/sketches but xat wont do anything copyrighted
  3. Thanks @Eylem although I haven't really been enthusiastic about doing graphics lately, I appreciate the compliment. However I did get bored and do
  4. Danny

    Badboy Power

    Looks good, and compiled in a organized way. Well done.
  5. Interesting power, it works very similar to the way clear works with other smiley backs.
  6. @xLaming people should show examples like this, so people can "rate" it. and you can also see what it is.
  7. Danny

    Music Pawn

    It wouldn't be uncommon for this to be added at some point, to clear up the confusion the idea is original and just as you said "Radio" and "Broadcaster" then why are those seperate powers?
  8. Currently working with EP?
  9. Although I do like the idea, perhaps it could be an addition to "zoom".
  10. Quick and Easy suggestion: New "pawn" code for a everypower colored pawn. (EcC) : Everypower pawn with the cycle power.
  11. If you download please comment.
  12. This can be annoying/misleading when trying to find a friend to private chat them.
  13. The radio and sounds work fine on flash, but do not work at all on html5. As I run my own radio I know this is a issue.
  14. This was a random glitch I found whilst finding other bugs, and can be misleading to users.
  15. I have custom Css/HTML that is not being displayed in my chat on the HTML5 version, but working properly on the flash version of my chat. (The outer background, inner background) - My inner is animated-not sure if that's the issue or not. The top image I chose to display next to "xat" is not shown.
  16. I am not sure if it is step "7" that is causing the issue, but I have noticed my pcback, as well as others have interfered with the background the chat has set. It could also be due to the css I currently have from when I edited the chat on flash, and am not sure if html5 is allowing/working with css/html that has been added to the chat's edit page.
  17. As I was testing glitchs/bugs this one came up, I never use Xavi so I always have it off, however when you type /-Xavi it doesn't "save" as a turned off power properly and sometimes can be bugged, which means Xavi will show for other users, and show as whatever avatar you are actually using. Turning Xavi off/on in your list of powers does not properly save as well, however it seems to work more so then typing /-Xavi
  18. This may be a minor issue, but it is a issue none the less as they are displayed correctly on flash. I have refreshed multiple times, it did not fix it until I completely closed all HTML5 Tabbed chats and opened a brand new tab, however if you repeat the processes, the glitch happens again.
  19. I would like to suggest some form of integration with the forums to be able to be used below a chat if the user wished, as below your chat when you edit the chat, you are able to put individual html/css etc underneath the chat. You have multiple tab's to choose from and when you click on that tab it loads whatever text/css/html is on that tab, I would think it would be an efficient addition to chat's as it would allow easier accessibility for users/volunteers to view the forums while remaining in a said chat without actually having to open up a new tab for the page. Here are the PROS There is less "LAG" which is generated from CPU. If a user is on a laptop or phone, it would use less energy/battery power. It would be more organized, and who doesn't like organization? Volunteers/Chat owners can do their job while still remaining active at the chat, and easily be able to respond quickly to any moderation action needing to be taken. People can find and create topics in the forums while still being able to be at the chat. Here are the CONS THERE AREN'T ANY I COULD FIND!
  20. Yes I agree, they are delicious
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