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  1. @Angelo because hes my drinking buddy and @Solange because shes my croissant buddy
  2. nice suggestion nice drawing/sketches but xat wont do anything copyrighted
  3. Thanks @Eylem although I haven't really been enthusiastic about doing graphics lately, I appreciate the compliment. However I did get bored and do
  4. Danny

    Badboy Power

    Looks good, and compiled in a organized way. Well done.
  5. Interesting power, it works very similar to the way clear works with other smiley backs.
  6. Happy birthday Danny

    1. Danny


      Thank you

  7. @xLaming people should show examples like this, so people can "rate" it. and you can also see what it is.
  8. Danny

    Music Pawn

    It wouldn't be uncommon for this to be added at some point, to clear up the confusion the idea is original and just as you said "Radio" and "Broadcaster" then why are those seperate powers?
  9. Currently working with EP?
  10. Although I do like the idea, perhaps it could be an addition to "zoom".
  11. Quick and Easy suggestion: New "pawn" code for a everypower colored pawn. (EcC) : Everypower pawn with the cycle power.
  12. If you download please comment.
  13. This can be annoying/misleading when trying to find a friend to private chat them.
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