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  1. 30 minutes ago, Sydno said:

    Not sure where you heard that? I guess someone asking for professionalism has not been very professional.

    People talk , all over xat , there is nothing new.


    30 minutes ago, Sydno said:

    I'm mature enough not to be controlled by whoever

    I have no doubt about that yet , you lack experience running such a chat compared to " Cupim " .


    31 minutes ago, Sydno said:

    Not disagreeing with someone doesn't mean you are controlled by them, you know that pretty well too.

    You have no idea do you ?


    32 minutes ago, Sydno said:

    Last but not least, being the main owner of such an important chat doesn't mean overseeing things once in a trimester and picking someone to do your job without recognizing them

    What ? make sure you know the facts before talking ?


    32 minutes ago, Sydno said:

    We all have a real life and other issues to deal with, but one should hand over their responsibilities when it becomes apparent they don't have any more time for it.

    You should remember it is called " volunteering " even though she still keeps doing it even after admins recognized she was unable to attend 24/7.
    You cannot expect someone to put their entire life on xat and hide in the shadows.

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  2. I would say this is way too much drama over something that has been going on for a long time.There were threads opened for this before and admins agreed vale was still suitable to run trade even though she would be unable to attend at all times.
    The whole point of having a main owner is to control the staff from abusing their power and ofc decide decent ones to take care of the chat.Being owner it means you had to take care of bans , staff and all that kind of stuff. Yet after months and months deciding you don't like being under control after vale asks to be informed on whats going on and you snap. The funny thing is that you have too much power dragging the entire trade kids down with you to support your case.

    I would suggest for a co main to help run the chat with vale. I've seen Sydno and Echo being suggested a few times and i'll say adding someone inexperienced with running a " trade " chat would make things worse.
    The best option would be adding Cupim ( if he agrees to that ) as he is the most experienced one over the years and doesn't need to proof for that , not to mention he does not get influenced by the circle of friendship.

    Echo and Sydno are way too close to Bryan which makes it easier for him to control everything in trade which would be the same thing as adding him as main.

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  3. 4 July Auction

    Xat has decided to celebrate USA Independence with an auction!
    Feel free to suggest Ids that you would like to purchase for yourself or a gift for a friend.
    So far so good yet please try to avoid random IDs if you are not buying.

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  4. 1 minute ago, 6 said:

    With power's low prices it's getting hard to make profits now in buying and selling powers.

    People still make profit , they just got too greedy getting a lot of profit daily .

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  5. What's wrong with powers being down ?
    More users can afford them now and i highly doubt that making ruby limited would make things better.Powers " could " go up a bit at some point and then what ? You will end up with a 400k xats everypower that people will not be able to afford or be pushed to spend that much on it.

    Powers being down is a good thing.

  6. Xat has decided to do an auction this weekend.
    For everyone that needs to get a new ID for themselves or a friend please put the ID you want here.
    Ps: Do not post random IDs if you are not buying, also make sure the ID is not taken already.

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  7. 1 minute ago, TinkerDoodle said:

    discussing pretty important matters

    It is not people's business to argue how people get picked to become contributor , volunteer or how they get ranked. This thread went from what would be good to make some changes to why some people get rank and some others don't

  8. Whatever you are saying its pointless , nobody can control what people can say or do on online chats .
    Same as in facebook , there are so many crap and useless stuff that people do ilegaly , go get FBI to take down facebook coz of that.
    You should read the terms of service of xat too. 

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  9. https://forum.xat.com/

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