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  1. Thats the purpose of noaudies anyway. And it can work good on mobile too
  2. Ok so i have no idea what this could be called but in my opinion having this would make it more fun messing with people around . This could be a feature or a power doesnt matter.I would totally buy it. Clicking on someones name and a sound starts ( 3 secs ) where users could choose from xats sounds or upload their sound ( after being confirmed by staff to avoid abuse ). For example : 1 - https://youtu.be/aLOjzqV8mmI 2 - 3 -
  3. You really took ur time on this o.o
  4. Thanks to everyone that entered the contest . Been 7 days since the contest started and now it ends. I have chosen as a winner " Ethan " but does not mean the rest were not good . Anyway in respect and gratitude for the time you spent i will make a small change where the first place gets 5000 xats ( Ethan) , 2nd place gets 1000 xats ( Five ) and the 3rd place gets 500 xats ( Eleven ). Contact me to recieve the prizes. Thanks.
  5. probably or any other stuff i dont know . Not really any preference
  6. Fine i will post the rules or simply forget about the 4th step if its easier that way!
  7. i have no idea ? the usual ones where users dont go crazy
  8. League of Legends Chat Design Contest The winners prize has been changed to 5000 Xats Contest ends in 7 days starting from the moment this thread was posted. I do not have any specific requests about what you will design except that it will be related to " League of Legends " What i'm looking for is a complete design of a chat : 1 - Inner Background 2 - Outer 3 - Personalized Css and buttons 4 - The rules section ! Not too bright yet not too dark ! You may enter as many times as you want.
  9. Im buying and sell it to you for 500k
  10. Selling 8 Digit ( 10101010 ) reglink ready. Contact me on: xat.com/xat5 xat.com/help xat.com/trade Asus (974100248)
  11. Mario

    Dice Power

    Mains and owners.
  12. Mario

    Dice Power

    Dice power ? Ok so the point is an owner or main could dice someone randomly on the chat. He throws the dice and a random user gets banned or temp mod or temp mem or gamebanned. ( these could be set up on the chat settings ) Could be fun o.o
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