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  1. 4 July Auction 2017

    4 July Auction Xat has decided to celebrate USA Independence with an auction! Feel free to suggest Ids that you would like to purchase for yourself or a gift for a friend. So far so good yet please try to avoid random IDs if you are not buying. !Enjoy!
  2. Selling 5 Digit 50005 Selling 8 Digit 10000047 Contact: Asus (974100248) xat.com/help
  3. Ruby Limited

    People still make profit , they just got too greedy getting a lot of profit daily .
  4. Ruby Limited

    What's wrong with powers being down ? More users can afford them now and i highly doubt that making ruby limited would make things better.Powers " could " go up a bit at some point and then what ? You will end up with a 400k xats everypower that people will not be able to afford or be pushed to spend that much on it. Powers being down is a good thing.
  5. Auction 6-7 May 2017

    It's an auction , the higher bidder gets it . That's how to it works.
  6. Auction 6-7 May 2017

    Xat has decided to do an auction this weekend. For everyone that needs to get a new ID for themselves or a friend please put the ID you want here. Ps: Do not post random IDs if you are not buying, also make sure the ID is not taken already. Enjoy!

    It is not people's business to argue how people get picked to become contributor , volunteer or how they get ranked. This thread went from what would be good to make some changes to why some people get rank and some others don't

    This has turned into pointless drama .
  9. Sell 4 Digit / M ID / 8 Digit

    1003 - 3M sold 10000047 ( 8 Digit ) left for sale
  10. Selling 1003 - SOLD 3M - SOLD 10000047 Contact me xat.com/help - xat.com/trade Asus ( 974100248 )
  11. This has been on xat for a while now i suppose for " protection " purposes ( which doesnt really work on raids , they seem to bypass it ) yet it annoys the hell out of me. [ http://prntscr.com/ere58d ] Especially when i use a translator and you get limited with 2 lines of typing or when i am trading . There should probably be some tweaks about this or removed.
  12. St. Patrick Auction

    it's admins who pick tho , since it was delayed for st patrick and people work or study during the week they rescheduled it for saturday.
  13. St. Patrick Auction

    Scheduled for saturday
  14. St. Patrick Auction

    Easier to win!!
  15. St. Patrick Auction

    Admins took their weekend off already i suppose , this could probably be on monday - tuesday -.-