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  1. Scott


    Scot (173691436)
  2. I think there should be more ideas and less criticism. However with some requisitions: Listen to the community Make the number of planned hats Explore a little creativity since it costs me 500xats.
  3. My favorite movie is Mac and devin go to high school. xD
  4. As First Duke of the Forum, I name @oj the new true King!
  5. As first to post after the Lord's post, now I am Duke. I mention @Mystic @JeanTM @xWill @Mermy
  6. We already have the power invisible, foe and status (to inform you that we are busy). Could you suggest anything of the kind.
  7. Scott

    Free Templates

    Nice templates
  8. A .png image is too large to put in the forum It needs to be placed in .jpg
  9. Scott

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    Charlie Sheen (2)
  10. So far I haven't problems with login.
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