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  1. IDIMA


    idima (99078573)
  2. IDIMA


    idima (99078573) - How are the winners picked?!
  3. IDIMA

    New HTML5 Feature: Notifications

    A new good feature I like it, and I have got more ideas for it. 1- In case I want all people to send me private messages not just friends when window is minimized, an easy tip regarding this case is to create a macro to allow me and other people to block spammers! maybe like ($notify=Username,block) if you ever get overwhelmed with annoying messages from unwanted users just block them from only private messages! 2- Showing whether you're (offline, busy or available, don't disturb) statues. ($notify=all,busy) 3- Adding sounds for notifications, or set up to two sounds to differentiate between private messages and main/public messages. [ ($notify=all,sound) for all type of messages | ($notify=pvtmsg,sound) for private only messages.] 4- Showing a brief or a short portion of the message being sent privately to you on your home screen as to see whether it's worth replying to or not! 5- Notification sound when you're (kicked, banned, or disconnected from the chat) 6- The @Admin brought up a good idea here which is what's your say about having your name included as one of the words that you're interested in (list of words or something like that), so that you're informed of anyone that mentions your name or your registered name getting you involved in a discussion whether a pleasant/unwanted discussions! 7- A notification sound when a power gets released so that when I'm not on xat I can set a macro that within for example an hour I should be there to purchase a new power release or something! If you looked down below my post here you will see an idea with regard to this seventh idea, it was a suggestion of a power named (Alarm), where I find this is the right time for this idea to be implemented! Ex ($notify=sound,duration) meaning within the specified duration shoot me the specified sound like a warning sound. The idea of (Alarm) 8- As to another thing that I see it probably is important is get notified about when to promote your chat, there are times you're not recommended to promote the chat at, the times when dozens of other promoted chats are there where a promoted chat around this time won't get much of users compared to different times which there ain't much of chat rooms being promoted along with yours! 9- This feature would work for contests chat groups, just think about it, how can I have the users on my chat notified about when the contest begins also according to each country's timezone, a notification of who's the winner of the contest and stuff like so! That's how far I could think of by now, if I got more ideas I would post them here so, to be continued!
  4. IDIMA

    New Moderator: LaFleur

    Congratulations, LaFleur!
  5. IDIMA


    I like the idea helpful designs gives ideas to smiley makers, and most importantly I like the idea of these ones being drawn, a good way to put your effort into something that people would then view it as appreciated work, instead of those people who just take images off google and paste them here on the forum. any type of work that is carried out with effort should be appreciated!
  6. I'm back and better than ever.(cute)

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    2. Christina


      WB!!! But I told you that in person.

    3. D4NA


      nice back dimooo

    4. oka


      Welcome back Bro <3 

  7. IDIMA

    Congratulations Solange!

  8. IDIMA

    Congratulations to Andre!

    Congratulations, Andre!
  9. Exams are over now, PARTY TIME.

    1. Macho


      Party when you get your scores. :p

    2. IDIMA


      You are right(tired)

    3. D4NA


      enjoy  dima 

  10. Ruzo

    hello idima(hug)

  11. IDIMA

    New Chat Main

  12. IDIMA

    Suggestion (Dominoes game).

    I would like to suggest a new power (Dominoes). Dominoes is one of the most popular board game in the world. Dominoes is perfect for developing logical thinking and memory. Dominoes! set up tables and play with your friends, try to defeat your opponent using strategy, reasoning and a dash of luck. Features: Call your friends to play dominoes with you and set up tables with them play with your friends, alone or face other people You can play with 2 or 3 opponents What's your opinion?
  13. IDIMA

    Congratulations Stah!

    Congratulations, Stah

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