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  1. Hey everyone, you may not remember me too well since I've been away from this platform for quite sometime now. Despite this, I have returned with the announcement that I will be resuming the selling of my work. Here is a rundown of my experience and what I can offer you. I have experience with: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Experience Design Here is a general list of what I can make: * Indicates a high level of experience. Logos and Logotypes* Website and Mobile App Designs and Simple Prototypes* Most xat related graphics (Inner, Outers, Rules Banner, Ad Banner, Etc.). Any Twitch related graphics (Stream Overlay, Stream Starting Soon, Stream Offline, Information Banners, Sub badges, etc.). Most YouTube related graphics (Avatar, Header, Static Outro Background, Video Thumbnails) Discord related graphics (Server Avatar, User Avatar, Channel Banners, Custom Emojis, Etc.) So much more... If you wish to learn more or place an order, please contact me via xat, or discord. You also have the option of sending me a message on this forum. xat - iamrewoken (1472576345) You can commonly find me at Help chat. Discord - Carlos#9415
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