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  1. CarlosDesigns

    504 RACCOONS

    I like the design but where are the multitude of functionalities we need on xat...? I reckon smiley powers have been rolling out a lot lately, and as much as I hate putting important functions as a power so only a handful of people could have it, I would much rather have that than releasing useless smiley powers.
  2. CarlosDesigns

    Its time for a app

    I suggested this before, I think. The replies I got back were not as positive because the forum website is mobile friendly on browser, and it makes total sense.
  3. CarlosDesigns

    Tools for xat

    Maybe we can take it to DMs and work out something for the near and far future.
  4. CarlosDesigns

    Update the Sounds

    That's a very rare sight.
  5. CarlosDesigns

    Tools for xat

    Do you think if I make a prototype on XD and share it via an Adobe shareable link would you try to make it work?
  6. CarlosDesigns

    Giveaway #14: Win the NAMEGRAD power!

    iamrewoken (1472576345)
  7. CarlosDesigns

    Tools for xat

    The app is good so far, in the aspect of usefulness. I use an android, but I just dislike how the UI is all Google Material. Hopefully in the future there's a slight or major redesign.
  8. CarlosDesigns

    Update the Sounds

    I remember only using audies when I first joined. When I first started to get the hang of xat and got powers like Noaudies, I stopped using them almost completely. I don't think anyone's going to use, much less remember so many audies available. I also believe that Noaudies is something so basic for someone who has powers, which basically makes audies useless. Removal of audies would also mean removal of such a useless power anyway. I say this because someone could simply mute their noise 3 ways: Mute their tab, mute their computer, or mute sounds from the client itself. I think that all 3 are used pretty often and it's pretty obvious that both audies and Noaudies are pretty useless. I don't think I've seen a single chat use Gsound in probably 3+ years, if ever. That power needs to go, too.
  9. CarlosDesigns

    Friendlist not Syncing

    It's a sync issue between the Flash and HTML5 client that's always happened. It annoys me really, but until HTML5 gets finalized, it's going to be like that.
  10. CarlosDesigns

    Giveaway #14: Win the NAMEGRAD power!

    iamrewoken (1472576345)
  11. CarlosDesigns

    Multiple chatroom

    This is something we've all wanted for a while (at least I wanted this). But I think that it's difficult to do such a thing for the reasons in the replies above. Thank you for your input, Rhea, glad to have you back.
  12. CarlosDesigns

    Contest for Free Graphics

    Excuse my tardiness. I now have the two winners of the contest! Congrats to @iMano and @HelperNate for winning this contest. Message me on xat or on the forums for a one time free graphics request. This topic may now be closed.
  13. CarlosDesigns

    dabbing power

    I think you're stuck in 2016 buddy. Would have been good to have this two years ago.
  14. CarlosDesigns

    Contest for Free Graphics

    Hello xat! I've returned to the community, some of you might not recognize me as I've been gone for a couple of months now. To make this return special, I decided to host a contest. Here is the info: How do I enter the contest? To enter, you must reply to this topic with your Regname and ID. How and what do I win? Two winners will be chosen randomly at the deadline. They will be able to request for graphics for free once. Are there any extra rules to this contest? Yes, here are a list of things you shouldn't do: 1. Do not use multiple accounts. 2. Any reply after the deadline will not be considered. (Exceptions Apply) 3. Follow all xat's TOS (Forum Guidelines Included) How much time do I have to submit my reply? You have until June 24th at Midnight (12 AM EST) to submit your reply. Anything on and after that time will not be considered. How do I know how much time there is left, and how will you determine the winner? You can check the time remaining by clicking here. I will be using RandomResult.com to determine the two winners. There is no "tangible" prize, so I am the prize holder. Good luck!
  15. CarlosDesigns

    Former Volunteer Passed This Morning

    I doubt that I knew him, but these news sadden me. RIP Andy, I pray that the Lord would forgive your sins and that he caught you in repentance. I hope you knew he exists.

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