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  1. CarlosDesigns

    My works♥

    I'm really entranced with some of these designs, I think you did a splendid job. Keep it going :)))))
  2. In all honesty, some of the user base can redesign xat better than its own staff can. With that I'm not saying the design is bad; it's just not right.
  3. I really do hope you're not telling me that the iOS versions of apps like Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, and even Discord are less than 75% similar to the Android version of the app.
  4. What if you wish to login at a different location because of whatever circumstance? The 2FA is there for a reason. In addition, I think the email to confirm your device should be removed from the sign in system and maybe replaced with a "a new device has logged on to your account, see if this is you" type of email because no other site has the need to do this as far as I'm aware. It's ones responsibility to secure a their own account in measures they seem fit, and it's not in the hands of the website to baby you to your security.
  5. In all honesty, the Android app should look just like the iOS version. There's no reason to make the iOS app the sleek and modern client and then have the Android app the odd looking, messy looking client.
  6. Happy birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy birthday bro.

  10. happy bday bro nr 4 the win 

  11. I have this feeling that the font on topic descriptions have changed and I am not so fond of it. Is this a change made by xat or the host? I'd like this changed back if it's a change from xat.

    1. Junior


      This new font is indeed nicer and more readable. If anything, adding the ability to customize the font in every post.

  12. PSA for anyone who wants to suggest powers like these: Stop suggesting this. These types of powers (Pawn/status/text grad/flag/wave) were suggested since 2016 and they were refuted. Duplicates are not necessary are will not make the suggestion any more appealing.
  13. Well, this power has really no use, but the design is nice. Good job.
  14. I like the design an animations, it's a really well crafted suggestion (no surprise coming from you). If only it could be less "weapony" if you can get me. I think it could promote more violence than it needs to.
  15. I actually don't find the point in the dunce power. It's literally just a hat and if you really look at the significance of it, people with incapability of learning are called dunces, which could be insulting. In the late 1950's, Americans used dunce hats as a form of humiliation in schools, which was banned later on.
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