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  1. CarlosDesigns

    Custom home box power

    This is a good idea for when HTML5 chat client is finalized. I hope this one stays in the books as a free feature.
  2. CarlosDesigns


    What Leandro said is a solution, obviously, but it's not user friendly. I'm honestly tired of macros and it would make so much more sense to set it as a G-Control setting.
  3. CarlosDesigns

    Gallery - Flake

    You have a very unique style, and I really like it. Keep it going, Flake! I hope you continue to prosper with designing.
  4. CarlosDesigns

    492 SEASONS

    This is actually very creative. Congrats on whoever made it. I and most people on xat always accept something new, unique, and useful.
  5. CarlosDesigns

    xat.me Suggestion

    Lots of room for advertisements that lead to unsafe sites, here. There's also a lot of room for term-breaking games.
  6. CarlosDesigns

    Captcha Issues

    I confirm that this is a problem. Today help was put in protect mode to avoid a raid, and I've done the captcha dozens of times, without exaggeration, and I still couldn't get in. It's something that's made me a bit upset.
  7. CarlosDesigns

    solution for ticket delays?

    xat is a security maniac. To a certain extent it's good, and NOT automating "Account Block/Hold" is an example of such. I believe by putting real people behind these departments until the amount of tickets regulates, is a good idea. I think this way because of what happened a few years back, which caused the large amount of tickets that we have today. The only real solution is to focus more volunteers on the delayed areas, while we have the same amount working on the others. This would call for hiring more volunteers, but I doubt @Admin would do that. The staff system was massively frowned on in 2017 and yet they did nothing. So why would they do it now?
  8. CarlosDesigns

    New power (panda)

    No hard feelings, but people who endorse the lazy repetitive style xat has, like you, is one of the main reasons why it's half dead in its dominant language.
  9. CarlosDesigns

    New power (panda)

    It's about time for the kawaii powers to stop then isn't it?
  10. CarlosDesigns

    Background contest for Cambio

    This is my entry. Inner: https://i.imgur.com/tKA6JAo.png Outer: https://i.imgur.com/VQXGVM3.png
  11. CarlosDesigns

    New power (panda)

    Lmao no. We're not going to update or make another kawaii power. Please make this stop. My suggestion to you @L3OZ1N is to come up with something that is a bit more serious, less kawaii. I believe xat has WAY MORE than enough of those kawaii powers.
  12. CarlosDesigns

    (Hide) Power

    The reason why your namecolor+glow shows is because to use it, we have to write it as a smiley. Ex) (glow#000001#FFFFFF) This is also why there's a space after your name when you use namecolor and/or glow. Once HTML5 becomes the main thing, maybe the edit profile will allow you to set a glow or color without having to type it as a smiley.
  13. CarlosDesigns

    Spotify Connect for xat

    Now, now, now. We're not just going to copy discord, are we?
  14. CarlosDesigns


    iamrewoken (1472576345)
  15. Happy late birthday!