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  2. Some PCBACKS i've made.

    Interesting concept. I like that more people are getting interested in graphics. Always practice to improve.
  3. YouTube Embedder Power

    xat.wiki/sc should give you info on how to embed a youtube video/playlist, and other media. There also is a special code generator for xat out there.
  4. Easier Held Tracker

    It would only appear once. For example, let's say I get a 5 day hold at 12:00 AM on December 20. I enter Help chat at 10:30 AM the same day. I would get the popup, but that would be the only occasion. If I entered Loja, or Cambio, or any other chat afterwards, the popup wouldn't and shouldn't appear. The only exception should be Transfering, Trading, and checking for restrictions in your Edit Profile. Nobody really checks the content in the login page unless it's the big bold text indicating their login has been approved.
  5. Fix Captcha

    You should probably post this in the bug tracker. @Encrypt
  6. xat, it's time for a change

    Why was this wiki page even touched in the first place?
  7. download and upload friends list

    Your friends list shouldn't randomly delete, @otomok The only way some of your friends can delete themselves is if your logging in immediately after adding a friend, and/or if you're adding them from multiple chats at a time. Stay in one chat only if you're attempting to add friends. Also, try to avoid logging in until roughly 5 minutes has passed since your most recent friend addition.
  8. Power Suggestion: Right Click

    I believe you have the wrong idea regarding this suggestion. Toxic explains here the ability to right click on links, like you would be able to on a link in any other page. Nate's post, in summary, is an idea of being able to select/highlight more than one word in a message. I think this should be a feature, if anything, because this is something so basic yet essential. But if I'm not wrong, you are able to right click on links on the HTML5 client.
  9. Easier Held Tracker

    I'm very big on adding good ideas like these straight into HTML5. When you log into a chatroom on HTML5, you can get a popup message saying you're account has been held for x amount of days. All you would have to do is confirm or click away and you wouldn't see the message again, unless you wanted to test through trade/transfer or look at your profile, you could see potential blocks/errors.
  10. Andoid App Inprovement

    Design shouldn't hinder function.

    CarlosDesigns (1472576345)
  12. Easier Smiley Matching

    This is a great suggestion, and I think it's something we've been needing for a long time. There are thousands of smileys and finding just the right one is hard to do. This could improve the creativity of a user when typing a message. I congratulate you for finding the negative in this amazing suggestion . For basically as long as I can remember, if someone does something innovative, everyone else is going to copy. It's been seen before. Snapchat has been home for this feature for a long time. So has Discord been copying from Snapchat, or...? When companies have been rolling out this kind of feature for years now, it won't really matter if xat does it too, because it's an innovative feature. It will probably help us more than it would help Discord or Snap.
  13. 471 XMASSCROLL

    This is most likely the case. I would love to use my snowy pawn.
  14. 471 XMASSCROLL

    This power is unique, I'll definitely use this. Good job to the smiley maker! There will be no pawns, it is mentioned at the top post.
  15. FlashHat

    Not anymore. Thank goodness for this.