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  1. Sevda

    Yum or Yuck ???

    Yuck Chicken Fajita?
  2. Ok, it may sounds weird from me but such topics irritates me, I cant hear/read it anymore, well of course it is a serious problem so many dieds and affected people of that, but talking and thinking 7/24 about this doesnt help, so please take care of yourself, care of your hygiene and try to be relax.
  3. Sevda

    FAIRYLOVE powers!

    Your suggestion has been sent to the smiley maker Fairies!
  4. Sevda

    579 PUZZLE

    Worth to buy, thanks to the creator.
  5. Sevda

    Win 1500 XATS

    Sevda (190301)
  6. Haha, I know why u dont like it bro Just listen then
  7. Du bist eine Person, die immer das Beste verdient und offensichtlich nichts weniger, für mich bist du nicht nur ein Freund sondern mein Lieblingsmensch. Ich wünsche dir alles gute zum Geburtstag ♥

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    2. Nihal


      Sevdim  (blowkiss) minolien (hug)

    3. Mino1


      Sevda miss u in xat

    4. Sevda


      Mirimmm, güzellik 😘😍

      Minolein, werde am Wochenende wieder kommen 🤗🥰

  8. Congrats and welcome to the team, @Sergio
  9. Happy belated Birthday, Murat 🖤

  10. Sevda

    553 NAT

    Huhu Creator of this power confesses his love to me under this nickname (Natalie) Soooo, impressive 😍😋 Btw, its really a good power after long time, congrats and well done 🥳
  11. Happy Birthday Leo 🥳

    Enjoy this day to the fullest and eat much 🎂s 😋😘🤗

    1. Leandro


      I did eat a lot JAJA, thank you! <3

    2. Sevda


      Haha, well done ❤😋

  12. My warmest wish for the loveliest, brightest and most wonderful sister on her special day. Happy Birthday 

    1. Marya


      My heart sister thank you so much  

      I love you sweet heart <3 

    2. Sevda


      I love you too baby, enjoy your day <333

    3. Marya


      miss uuuuuuuu ty love (blowkiss)

  13. Hab dich ganz doll lieeeeeb ♡ 

    1. Mino1


      Ida (blowkiss) friends love GIF

    2. Sevda


      Woow, alles für mich? :$ (blowkiss)

    3. Mino1
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