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  1. POWER INVISBLE2 because the invisible, could not be for members and moderators ? then simple suggestion, can be created another new power or add an extra function. in power invisible So I hope they all the invisible power to the moderators too, so the xat is staff control, an invisible moderator or an invisible member. can punish the moderator will ban, the member take a photo of the infraction then send it to some supervisor of the staff possibly just allow the moderators to be invisible, as invisible member I think it would not be useful possibly. but this is just a simple suggestion simple So with this power the moderators will stay invisible and see the xat as the owners. invisible Thanks for all credits @JOOZ check @Admin Thanks for all
  2. @Chip happy birthday

  3. then possibly add color name color namegrad, have no in both, footer efect change
  4. enter your name here with id the winner to be announced next Friday in brazil. 20:00 p.m. GOOD LUCK FOR ALL <3
  5. happy birthday boy 

  6. Then again. I bring a simple idea that might be useful soon so I do not want to change anything, it just leaves better, possibly, to change if it gets better. my idea and put possible, same colors of nameglow nameglow namecolor in rodape, this is possibly simple, with a power that could be created scrollglow scrollgrad or other name, if @Admin prefers, in the case the idea and for color, new ones are allowed in footer possibly, to see colors in the style of the namegrad in footer, not that I wanted to change the colors that are allowed but to include more colors, for the footer, thank you all for the attention Credits @JOOZ if this suggestion has already been suggested it is a nice , suggestion thanks for all before someone speaks what colors, they are allowed I say, that I already know that they have both colors allowed but why not add effects in colors asim as the power namegrad does namecolor. @JOOZ thanks for all.
  7. I'll give mon a box of candy and a shirt and a blouse of cold. is nice . What are you going to give? for you mom
  8. JOOZ


    Hey Lafluer, he could have this function too because it would be useful I understood your idea but what he is trying to explain is only a function for him, but it can have useful functions like the one you mentioned.
  9. JOOZ


    be very useful in my opinion because it would help many crowded chat is people who do not like the strange names of the rooms that are generated with crowded chat very nice friend;
  10. JOOZ


    when there are more rooms, in the xat this power will modify the name of both, thus being in the edit or possibly, in the same xat by some Suggested Command.
  11. JOOZ


    is not a bad idea because we were talking about it, my old friend, we can study about this power still possibly be fixed. I understood the idea, for alternative rooms would be a useful utility. namepol
  12. JOOZ


    the total of powers is more specific asim when, everypower or allpowers is complete, in trade can the total of powers for example allpowers 300 powers in trade <we know that it is an allpowers 523 powers we know that it is and an everypower what I mean, and that the total will be more specific
  13. JOOZ


    really, with this option of total powers in trade would be very useful. Thank you, my friend,
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