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  1. Happy birthday @Spawn

  2.  Baby i need you in my life in, my life :$(blowkiss)

  3. @Chip happy birthday

  4. happy birthday boy 

  5. best friend @Sonhador

  6. we are forgotten when we are excluded from something. This is the reality forever

  7. only one ghost alive in several countries :$:p

  8. xxx <3

  9. the fact is that errors that harm people can not be  forgotthen

  10. i hate you i lvoe you rs <3 

  11. but a star shines in the sky my best friend (l) 

  12. Mujer caliente :$

  13. Happy days are unforgettable.

  14. Thank you, my god, for one more happy day, like yesterday it was my birthday.

  15. 18 years now bday 

    1. Thuk


      I hope you have a good day 8-) 

    2. Mark


      Happy birthday!

    3. JOOZ


      Thanks Thuk. in great day

      Thanks mark (hug)

  16. only 1 day for my  bday 

  17. only 2 day for my bday 

  18. Only 3 day now for my birthday |-)

  19. Only 6 day for my birthday |-):p

    1. 6


      HBD in advance8-)

    2. JOOZ


      Thanks (hug) 


  20. Face is expiration because its beauty is perfect.

  21. Hey@muffins check u message please 

    1. muffins
    2. muffins


      I don't have anything in my inbox from you currently..

    3. JOOZ


      Check now 

  22. Trust in God he'll never leave you.(goo)

  23. This is a great night in Brazil, good night, everyone.

  24. The half of the ballad will be father is another half will be kkkssksks mother

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