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  1. Face is expiration because its beauty is perfect.

  2. nothing sorry bro.
  3. @SlOom Are you going to explain?
  4. All in one would be fine but safe. Or trade 100% negotiable @Samu With fear it would be much safer on a purchase. From allpowers @Fiona
  5. It's a good suggestion. Because trade would be safer. We need to check on a allpower purchase with an asim system that would be very efficient and secure.
  6. as well? @IDanny
  7. Hey@muffins check u message please 

    1. muffins



    2. muffins


      I don't have anything in my inbox from you currently..

    3. JOOZ


      Check now 

  8. Okay
  9. @SlOom
  10. @SlOom You use xat in mobille ?
  11. ONE BUG ORIBLE. @LAMING It should be corrected.
  12. This is a simple bug in the xat app on mobbile Bunkercute = Ema / don't is my friend ok. She does not know me and she has me in her friends, it's just a reflection of the noffollow or something of a kind. All users on mobile are you repairing is to see maybe you will have this same type of problem.
  13. Trust in God he'll never leave you.(goo)

  14. is nice congrats for free template boy