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  1. Cyan

    Cyan    James

    Over 10 years on forums! Congrats!

    1. James




      I do actually, it was when subscriptions came out (And I think that was when register also came out, but not sure for certain)


      Instead of stars we all had globes, and I was jealous that this person called Chris (not admin chris) from some emo type chatroom had a globe, so I demanded how to get one.(toj) 

      Eventually the globes were replaced with the Stars we see today, a blue globe was subscriber status and a black globe was registered. 

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  2. If xat users were to have a civil war (Avengers style) who would you want on your team? Except 42, because that's cheating.

    1. James


      Ducks, lots of ducks. No one hates ducks. 

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